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Robert A. Nelson The Amazing Maurice short bio
1961 17
The Amazing Maurice Mental Currency one of four bills is put in an envelope, performer divines which, olfactory method
1961 17
The Amazing Maurice ESP Tumblers chip is placed under any cup, performer divines where
1961 18
The Amazing Maurice A Spectator Performs Telepathy spectator divines number from a bill by looking into a glass of water
1961 19
The Amazing Maurice Maurice's Handy Andy impression method with envelopes and a note pad, carbon paper
Related to 1961 20
The Amazing Maurice Newspaper Ad Test five ads are cut from a newspaper and put on a board, one is selected and divined by performer
1961 23
The Amazing Maurice ESP Card Effect with cards and envelopes
1961 24
The Amazing Maurice Mental Telephone Telepathy stranger names selected card, probability method
1961 24
The Amazing Maurice License Plate Numbers cards with license plate numbers and states, one is selected and performer divines ten digit number and state
1961 25
Ben Christopher Satan's Seal coins predicted, then date
Variations Apr. 1966 27
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther, Bob Hemple, The Amazing Maurice Etcetera bullet catching by Roland Hill
Oct. 1966 61
The Amazing Maurice on Satan's Seal one of four coins chosen, predicted
Inspired by Oct. 1966 61
Karl Fulves Clocks spectator sets his watch to any time, time duplicated on performer's watch
Related to Nov. 1966 66
The Amazing Maurice, Fred Higgens, Sandy Vogel, Robert Parrish Etcetera
Feb. 1967 82
The Amazing Maurice Time Force
Related to Feb. 1967 82
Al Mann The Deluxe Jupiter Gimmick impression gimmick falls in performer's hand
Related to 1982 4
The Amazing Maurice, Gene Nielsen Psychic Rising Cards cards chosen from zip loc bag in pre-show, then "thought-of" cards rise during performance
1985 5