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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Dr. Edward G. Ervin An Invisible Card Shiner painting lacquer nail polish on hand
Related to June 1938
The Jinx (Issue 45)
Jack Posetary The Fifty Minute Hour Q&A with answers given via spirit writing on slates
Oct. 1967 125
Jack Posetary Silk & Ball Transposition hollow extra ball
Related to
  • suggestion by George de Ghetto on p. 230
July 1968 189
Jack Posetary Last Aces black Aces in case, selection travels into the sandwich, double facer, see also p. 283 & 289 for reference, p. 306 for presentation by Murry Graham
Related toVariations Sep. 1969 279
Edward Marlo Repeat Signed Card to Case black Aces in case, selection travels in between them, three methods
Inspired by Spring 1970
Hierophant (Issue 3)
Jack Posetary Gremlin Glass coin in glass, ball on top, second glass moved in and out and ball jumps to other glass
May 1970 337
Jack Posetary No Mirror reading colors of cards, whet thumbnail as shiner, see also p. 411
Related to Dec. 1970 389
Allan Ackerman Next to Last Ace into case
Inspired by 1971 17
Karl Fulves Technicolor Thought divided deck location, then set-up for "No Mirror"
Related to 1971 16
Justin Higham Sandwich Case black Aces in case, selection travels into the sandwich
Inspired by Oct. 1989
Inside Out (Issue 7)
Karl Fulves Intervention unknown card in case, signed card appears in sandwich, then sandwich cards put in case, unknown card there then is selection
Related to 2012
Prolix (Issue 10)