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Floyd G. Thayer Silk Vanish pushed in hand in stages, then stolen out and vanishes
1933 7
Floyd G. Thayer The Visible Pass swivel cut as control, credit in Page Wright's Manuscript
Also published here 1933 26
Floyd G. Thayer Floyd Thayer's Wizzo cut and restored string, in folded paper
1941 ca. 123
Floyd G. Thayer Matchless steel ball through filled match box, angles
Oct. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 71)
Floyd G. Thayer Wizzo
1956 37
Floyd G. Thayer Mysterious Die, Flag and Casket die in crystal casket transposes with a flag in a hat
1976 30
, Floyd G. Thayer Block-Go block penetrates glass, with two tubes
1976 32
Floyd G. Thayer Passe, Passe Jumbo Dies jumbo die travels from one tube to another, then it disappears and can be found in a hat
1976 49
Floyd G. Thayer Vanishing Three Blocks three blocks vanish from a tube, well table
1976 68
, Floyd G. Thayer Mirror Glass Turntable apparatus to turn the glass
1976 144
Floyd G. Thayer Expanding Ball ball visibly expands, on a stand
1976 206
Floyd G. Thayer The Visible Cut-Pass swivel cut as control
Also published here 1991 84
Floyd G. Thayer The Thayer Glimpse No. 1, deck on edge on table, top card jogged
1993 186
The Century - Those Who Impacted The Art In America
  • Max Malini (1873-1942)
  • Lewis Ganson (1913-1980)
  • David Copperfield
  • Charlie Miller (1909-1989)
  • Paul Curry (1917-1986)
  • Eugene Burger
  • Tommy Wonder
  • Larry Jennings (1933-1998)
  • Richard Kaufman
  • Floyd G. Thayer (1877-1959)
  • Karrell Fox (1928-1998)
  • Jack Gwynne (1897-1969)
July 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 11)