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Sid Lorraine, Bert Douglas Watch the Lemon lemon is supposed to travel into glas, only skin remains, lemonade in glass
Inspired by
  • "The 'Lemon Crush' Mystery" (Sid Lorraine, Linking Ring Vol. 2 No. 11, 1924)
Related toVariations
1948/27 75
Norman Houghton Stranger of Another Colour "Stranger of Another Color", blue-backed card fuses to the face of a red-backed selection, no signatures
Related toVariations Apr. 1956
Ibidem (Issue 5)
Art Spring 11 & 1 Aces & Jacks removed and Jacks given to spectator, he suddenly holds Aces, see p. 288 for suggestions by Peter McDonald
Variations Apr. 1969 253
Art Spring Matched Cards top and bottom cards are initialed, they fuse into one after deck has been cut, see p. 308 for reference
Related toVariations Aug. 1969 278
Roy Walton They Match initials on different card come together on one card
Inspired by July 1970
Epilogue (Issue 9)
Art Spring Crushed orange is supposed to travel into glas, only skin remains, orange juice in glass, simplified, see p. 337 for Sid Lorraine reference
Inspired by Mar. 1970 325
Art Spring Divining Cup numbered slips with information written by spectators in cup, performer divines contents, slips secretly burned via flash paper
Oct. 1970 367
Karl Fulves Formula Four four Jacks put in the pocket, named four-of-a-kind removed, one of those transposes with a Jack in the pocket
Inspired by 2000
Discoverie (Issue 2)
Roy Walton Art Spring Again Aces & Kings removed, they transpose after some handling
Inspired by 2016 139