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Ray Grismer, Bob Hummer Computer Cards cards dealt according to thought-of card, simplified
Inspired byRelated toVariations Dec. 1967 145
Edmund Rowland News Test newspaper folded and edges cut off, number counted to, Koran's binary newspaper
Related toVariations Aug. 1971 440
Al Koran Headline Countdown newspaper torn up and a piece selected, a word is chosen, it has been predicted, binary prediction
Related toVariations 1972 53
Ray Grismer Ring three phases, first in Genii 1971
Variations 1973 18
Harvey Rosenthal Ring Off see p. 608 for comment
Inspired by
  • "Ring" (Ray Grismer, Genii, May 1971)
Mar. 1973 601
Ray Grismer Mind Ray spectator deals card on table according to some instructions
May 1973 620
Lawrence Nudelman Bank Teller bills glues at short ends
Related to 1975-1978 ca. 5
Ray Grismer Computer Mind No. 34
Related to 1976 54
William Zavis Ring Ab! three phases
Inspired byAlso published here
  • New Pentagram, Aug. 1973
June 1976
Intermagic (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Peter Wilker Ring + Schnur - Ein Effekt - Drei Methode ring and string
  • Methode 1 (Tenkai)
  • Methode 2 (Peter Kane)
  • Methode 3 (Ray Grimser)
Also published here 1976
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 37 No. 4)
Bob Ostin, Ray Grismer Ring and Cord variation on Ray Grismer move
Also published here 1976 ca. 7
Fred Robinson Oasis on Bert Graham, Don Lees, Mike Gancia, IV Jornadas de El Escorial , Ray Grismer, Eric Mason
June 1977
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 10)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Ray Grismer Publications - Handy by Ray Grismer
Interlocutor (Issue 27)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Loopy by Ray Grismer
Interlocutor (Issue 27)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Shorty by Ray Grismer
Interlocutor (Issue 27)
Ray Grismer Finger rope penetrates second finger of performer
Also published here
  • Genii, July 1976
Oct. 1978
Intermagic (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Ray Grismer Thirty
1978 1
Ray Grismer Handy - Torn Newspaper Prediction newspaper torn in thirty-two pieces, number counted to, Koran's binary newspaper
Inspired by 1978 1
Obie O'Brien USA Happenings on Fred Robinson, 4F pins, Larry Jennings, Ray Grismer, Eric Mason, Gordon Bruce, Fred Kaps, Pete Biro, Flip, Dick Kornwinder, Eddie Taytelbaum, Howie Schwarzman, Dick Cook, FISM Brussels, Bernard Billis, J.J. Sanvert, Juan Tamariz, Ken Brooke, Dai Vernon
July 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 7)
Fred Robinson Oasis on FISM Brusssels, Ray Grismer, Larry Jennings, Howard Schwarzman, Obie O'Brien, Gordon Bruce, Frank Farrow, Bob Read, Paul Daniels, Tommy Wonder, John Fisher, Ali Bongo, Roy Walton
July 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 7)
Ray Grismer From Ray Grismer on why he won the Lin Searles award
Interlocutor (Issue 35)
Robert Cassidy (reviewer) Torn Newspaper Prediction by Ray Grismer Jan. 1979 5
Ray Grismer HIP ESP - How I Practice ESP naming some cards from shuffled deck
Variations Aug. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 8)
Bob Hummer Mind Reader's Dream cards dealt according to thought-of card, with Dreambook to transfer number to card
VariationsAlso published here 1980 42
Ray Grismer Psychic Poker five hands, cards switch with performer's hand, who still ends up with Royal Flush
Magick (Issue 250)
Ray Grismer Clean-Up method for the clean-up after classic OOTW
Magick (Issue 260)
Ray Grismer Gift of the Illuminati pencil and cards adhere to hand
Magick (Issue 262)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Illuminati, Don Lawton, Sandy Spillman, Ray Grismer, Gordon Hoener, Jack Anderson
Magick (Issue 266)
Ray Grismer Pen Pal automatic writing, scribble is erased and name of selection remains
Magick (Issue 269)
Ray Grismer Knotty ring knotted on rope penetrates it
Arcane (Issue 3)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Ray Grismer Publications - Charts by Ray Grismer 1981
Interlocutor (Issue 45)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Thirty by Ray Grismer 1981
Interlocutor (Issue 45)
Ray Grismer Limey three signed bills to lime wrapped in plastic
1981 1
Ray Grismer Glaces Herbert Milton trick, where Aces appear in front of deck inside glass, briefly covered with handkerchief, ungaffed version
Variations 1981 ca. 1
Ray Grismer, Peter Kane Watch, Look and Listen ring and string routine with ring to card case finish
1982 76
Ray Grismer Olram Variation double Olram, Grismer Count, see reference
Related to 1982 1
Ray Grismer Quickee Cards to Pocket seven cards
Epoptica (Issue Yearbook)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Grismer Lock by Ray Grismer Aug. 1984
Epoptica (Issue 6)
Ray Grismer Foxy impromptu, faros
Winter 1984
West Coast Quarterly (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Ray Grismer Utility Device business card case, to peek or add information for prediction
Aug. 1984
Magick (Issue 336)
Peter Samelson In The Hand-Off
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1984 15
Ray Grismer Erratic Digits number revelation, using digital writing
Jan. 1985
Magick (Issue 345)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Spongey by Ray Grismer July 1987
Epoptica (Issue 9)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Foxiest by Ray Grismer July 1987
Epoptica (Issue 9)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Limey by Ray Grismer July 1987
Epoptica (Issue 9)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Glaces by Ray Grismer July 1987
Epoptica (Issue 9)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Impromptu Mentalism by Ray Grismer July 1987
Epoptica (Issue 9)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) What's Your Sign by Ray Grismer July 1987
Epoptica (Issue 9)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Shorty by Ray Grismer July 1987
Epoptica (Issue 9)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Cicardi, Richard Osterlind, Ray Grismer
Oct. 1987
Magick (Issue 397)
Ray Grismer Shorty! five one-dollar bills and one five-dollar bill, a one-dollar bill vanishes and reappears, then the five-dollar bill vanishes
  • The Gimmick (two bills glues at short ends)
  • Making the Set with Real Bills
  • A Special Note to Foreign Magicians
  • Preparation
  • Performance and Patter
  • Simplified Handling
  • Notes and Comments
Related to 1987 1
Ray Grismer What's Your Sign? divination of zodiac, branching anagram
  • How It's Done
  • Let's Practice
  • Before Performing
Related toVariations 1987 1
Ray Grismer Two-Named names written on back of cards
July 1988
Apocalypse (Vol. 11 No. 7)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Ray Grismer, Orville Meyer
Nov. 1988
Magick (Issue 413)
David Britland, Ray Grismer An Evening at the Marlborough with Ray Grismer
Sep. 1988
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 1)
David Britland Another Column magic on television, Richard Kaufman's Genii column, Paul Harris, Tommy Wonder, Ray Grismer
Nov. 1988
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Ray Grismer Introduction everything is written in letter form to the reader
1988 1
Ray Grismer Pricked Cards collection of historical references for punch work, credit information
1988 2
Ray Grismer How to Use the Punch Prop
1988 4
Ray Grismer Gambling Expose vs. Gambling Demonstration
1988 5
Ray Grismer Magician's Bridge Demo with Aces and Faces that end up in two hands
1988 6
Ray Grismer Punch Tip making three or four punch marks instead of one for security (Charlie Miller?)
1988 6
Ray Grismer No-Punch Bridge Deal counting through the cards once before the deal
1988 7
Ray Grismer Bridge-Deal Follow-Up re-using the set-up, faro
1988 8
Ray Grismer Quick Poker Demonstration Aces and Faces punched
1988 9
Ray Grismer A Blackjack Demo Aces and Faces punched
1988 9
Ray Grismer Three to One Blackjack Aces and Faces punched
1988 9
Ray Grismer Three Out of Four Hi-Lo Aces and Faces punched
1988 10
Ray Grismer Hi-Lo Even Money Aces and Faces punched
1988 10
Ray Grismer Another Hi-Lo Bet Aces and Faces punched
1988 11
Ray Grismer On On-the-Fly Punching
1988 12
Ray Grismer Fully Punch-Marked Deck discarded systems
1988 12
Ray Grismer Separation by Weight separating high and low, or red and black cards, apparently by weight
1988 15
Ray Grismer Grismer Code binary type punch-marked deck
1988 16
Ray Grismer The Killer card chosen and lost (impromptu) or pocketed (with stack), performer divines card with deck behind his back, punch-marked deck
1988 18
Ray Grismer A Very Good False Shuffle simple face-up consecutive cuts, brief
1988 19
Ray Grismer Business Card Name Divination spectator writes name on business card which is lost among other cards, performer finds it, punch mark
1988 19
Ray Grismer Fixing Mis-Punch fixing mistake in punch preparation
1988 19
Ray Grismer Pseudo-Psychometry punch-marked envelopes
1988 20
Ray Grismer Multiple Card Divination cards chosen and lost one by one, then divined with deck behind the performer's back the whole time (punch-marked deck) or only between naming the cards (impromptu)
1988 20
Ray Grismer Last Words
1988 21
Ray Grismer Jokes & Funny Lines two pages
1988 22
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Perfected Professional Punch by Ray Grismer Sep. 1989
Epoptica (Issue 12)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Punch Letters by Ray Grismer Sep. 1989
Epoptica (Issue 12)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) What's My Sign/Choose A Planet/Think of a Sign or Planet by Ray Grismer Sep. 1989
Epoptica (Issue 12)
Marc DeSouza Dead Ringer ring on string move
Inspired by 1989 479
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Just Testing using Grismer's "What's Your Sign" for pre-show work
Related to Aug. 1989
Magick (Issue 427)
Ray Grismer The Janus Prediction three phases, two-sided coin
1990 135
Stephen Minch On Ray Grismer short biography
1990 135
Rudy T. Hunter Body Double doppelgänger presentation, zodiac sign and question are divined, using Grismer's What's Your Sign?
Related toVariations Jan. 1990
Magick (Issue 434)
Charles "Cicardi" Scott The Phoenix Concept carbon clipboard impression device
  • The Device
  • The Approach
  • Choosing a Spectator
  • Introducing the Clipboard (Ray Grismer's Whats Your Sign?, no details)
  • The Next Step (mathematical number divination, see Annemann reference)
  • And the Real Work
Related to Feb. 1990
Magick (Issue 435)
Marco Fida Whizzer written name and Zodiac divined, using Grismer's What's Your Sign?
Inspired byRelated to Nov. 1990
Magick (Issue 447)
Alexander de Cova Glaces II deck in glass, four cards appear at face of deck on at a time with silk cover
Inspired byAlso published here 1991 12
Ray Grismer Off
1991 3
Alexander de Cova Glaces II deck in glass, four cards appear at face of deck on at a time with silk cover
Inspired byAlso published here 1992 96
Michael Weber (reviewer) R.R.R.R. - Ray's Ring and Rope Routines by Ray Grismer Sep. 1992
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Steven Hamilton Editor's Bit on Piet Forton, The Crimp #17, new books, Ray Grismer
Oct. 1993
Profile (Issue 16)
Ray Grismer Focal Point spectator removes odd number of cards and remembers center one, packet replaced, performer can name card
Feb. 1994
Profile (Issue 18)
Ray Grismer Foxiest with five to twenty spectators thinking of cards in ten-card groups
1995 1
Ray Grismer Gambler's Recall removed cards are divined, memory presentation
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Dave Arch Double Divination zodiac sheet for Center Tear and with mnemonic aid for Grismer's "What's Your Sign?"
Related to 1996
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Lee Earle Editor's Desk: The New Year Bodes Well on Herb Dewey, Roy Miller, Paul Alberstat, Scott Shoemaker, Larry Becker, James Randi, Ray Hyman, Bob Cassidy, Banachek, Ray Grismer
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Ray Grismer Off
1997 5
Ray Grismer, Jas Jakutsch What's My Sign
Inspired by 1999 16
Ray Grismer The Grismer Cull
Related to
  • Revelations, p. ix
2000 897
Ray Grismer Ring Move #1
2001 74
Alain Nu Signagram zodiac divination, verbal
Related to 2003 31
Juan Tamariz Cards to Pocket bringing four-of-a-kind together in memorized deck, travel to pocket as example
Other Methods
  • A. With Ray Grismer's Shuffle
  • B. With the Zarrow Shuffle
2004 104
Barrie Richardson Synergistic Memory Demonstration first phase is "HIP ESP" (color sequence called off), then a number is named and performer names card at that position (faced deck)
Inspired by 2005 308
Bob Ostin Ring And Cord variation of first phase of Grismer's ring and string routine
Inspired byAlso published here 2005 89
Allan Ackerman, George Jenness, Ray Grismer Fingertip Rhythm credit information
2012 33
Ray Grismer Thru
Also published here
  • Genii, Aug. 1975
Nov./Dec. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 11 & 12)
Howard Hamburg Anécdotarío sobre Vernon y otros - parte I various anecdotes of Vernon, Ray Grismer, Larry Jennings, Tony Giorgio and others
  • El resbalón del profesor
  • Eso me lo enseño Max Malini
  • La desaparición de la moneda
  • How ar
  • ¡Nunca fallo, nunca fallo!
  • ¿Qué opinan acerca de est?
  • Carte en el baño
El Manuscrito (Vol. 6 No. 24)
Ray Grismer The Grismer Count Rhythm Count precursor, double Olram count
Related to 2020 279
George McBride Computer Cards count-spell of a thought-of cards from
Inspired by 2022 32