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Karl Fulves Stop Order variation of "Dial-A-Die"Related to When Psychics Play Poker 57
Karl Fulves Couples match making after riffle shuffle, optionally no-touch, optionally words on cards
- Second Approach
- Third Approach
- Application Note (other objects than playing cards, poker chips)
When Psychics Play Poker 58
Karl Fulves When Psychics Play Poker psychic vs. gambler, spectator riffle shuffles, psychic gets seven cards, gambler five, psychic finds two Aces and moves around some cards and winsAlso published here When Psychics Play Poker 61
Karl Fulves Introduction on the history of rubber bands Under Tension 3
Joseph K. Schmidt, Karl Fulves Tension Trap rubber band tossed to table, sandwich with selection pops outInspired by Under Tension 5
Joseph K. Schmidt, Karl Fulves Power Loading "Impromptu Haunted Deck" Under Tension 6
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [A] types of bands Under Tension 8
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [B] repeat Impromptu Haunted Deck Under Tension 9
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [C] handling detail Under Tension 10
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [F] packets instead of deck Under Tension 12
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [G] - Boxed Set card pops out between two rubber banded cases Under Tension 12
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [G] - Rubber Bands, How Sized chart with sizes Under Tension 13
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [H] - Hof And Hof Under Tension 14
Karl Fulves Bandini QD & KD in banded deck, king penetrates rubber band visually together with butter knife, queen pops out Under Tension 14
Karl Fulves Cardboard Roulette five card cases on table, AS chosen from another deck, all decks removed one by one, face-up AS pops out of one deck and four Jacks from the otherRelated to Under Tension 16
Karl Fulves Luck & Roulette russian roulette presentation of "Cardboard Roulette"Related to Under Tension 19
Karl Fulves Shoot Out backs of different decks transpose, popping out of banded decks, posed as problem Under Tension 19
Karl Fulves Drag & Drop rubber band, transfer from one half to the other, see also p. 73 Under Tension 19
Karl Fulves Peek Performance card peeked at from rubber banded deck, deck tossed to table and selection springs out Under Tension 21
Karl Fulves Banded Peek Force Under Tension 22
Karl Fulves Ace Pop Out aces inserted in rubber banded deck, names ace pops out when deck is tossed to table Under Tension 24
Karl Fulves Seven Sees spectator removes seven cards and signs one, they're inserted in rubber banded deck, selection pops out and has odd back Under Tension 25
Karl Fulves Bouncer card jumps out of rubber banded deck, another is reversed and leads to second selection, four Aces show up Under Tension 28
Karl Fulves Hz/Yrs stranger card shown and placed on table, another card shown (AS), stranger cut into rubber banded deck, it pops out and has changed into AS Under Tension 29
Karl Fulves Banded Braue Reverse with rubber banded deck Under Tension 30
Karl Fulves Color Bands red rubber band around red cards, black around black cards, halves together and bands exchanged, halves change as well, posed as problem Under Tension 31
Karl Fulves The second problem card from black half travels to red half, halves rubber banded, posed as problem Under Tension 31
Karl Fulves Stretching A Straight five unseen cards, spectator decides how many should be removed, banded deck dropped on table and that many cards pop out and complete an ace-high straightInspired by Under Tension 33
Karl Fulves Crooked Straight two straights for performer and spectator, but performer has higher one, performer's hand pops out of banded deckInspired by Under Tension 34
Karl Fulves Future Event chosen card pops out with 4 other cards to complete a full house when rubber banded deck is tossed on table Under Tension 36
Karl Fulves Aces From Where dealing bottoms from rubber banded deck, one aces pops out from center Under Tension 37
Karl Fulves Locket Up Deck dealing bottoms from rubber banded deck, using Dr. Elliott deal Under Tension 40
Karl Fulves Twist Again ways to wrap the deck
- All-Round Twist
- Pre-Show Kink
Under Tension 44
Karl Fulves Rules Of Disengagement - (A) Glider freeing a card from banded deck Under Tension 47
Karl Fulves (B) On The Bias control of inserted card(s) reversed to bottom with rubber banded deck Under Tension 48
Karl Fulves Blockhead card removed from a secretly pre-clocked block is divinedRelated to Card Counting (2005 edition) 16
Karl Fulves Outcast card moved from one third of deck into another is found with (apparently) memory work, clocking and partial red-black separationInspired by Card Counting (2005 edition) 28
Karl Fulves, Ken Beale Ten-Hour Day card chosen in clock-layout with mathematical method, second card removed from rest of deck, both cards are divinedInspired by Card Counting (2005 edition) 40
Karl Fulves Telephone Puzzler expanded text from 1982 editionRelated to Card Counting (2005 edition) 47
Karl Fulves Fake Counting non-clocking method with riffle shuffled stack to name a freely removed card, expanded text from 1982 edition includes a (corner) short card that stay next to a card during riffle shufflesRelated to Card Counting (2005 edition) 58
Karl Fulves And Counting further commentary on card counting ideas Card Counting (2005 edition) 61
Karl Fulves Red-Black Relationship & Clocking red cards in one half clock to same total as black cards in other half, no application, full stack Card Counting (2005 edition) 62
Karl Fulves Apex Note another full deck stack method to find out which card is missing from half a deck Card Counting (2005 edition) 63
Karl Fulves Introduction Clockwork 3
Karl Fulves Kid Stuff finding missing card in small packet, for practicingRelated to
  • "Count Of Cards" (Fulves, Charlatan #8)
Clockwork 5
Karl Fulves Introduction on Derek Dingle, Jack Avis, Dover books, Robert Byrne, Kenneth Hense's passing Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 389
Karl Fulves Tri-Out spectator choses large number by chosen seven or eight spot cards, it is predicted that it is divisible by three, and it is, for practicing card countingRelated to Clockwork 6
Karl Fulves Introduction Combo II 3
Karl Fulves Psychic News psychic phenomena in the news Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 392
Karl Fulves Counterfeat spectator removes any card from shuffled deck, performer removes full house and bets that spectator cannot beat him with straight flush that includes his cardRelated to Clockwork 9
Charles T. Jordan, Karl Fulves Reckoning With Jordan commented reprint of "The Pair Detection", spectator removes a pair from a packet, performer finds out which cards, Parallel PrincipleRelated to Clockwork 10
Karl Fulves Binary Basics explaining binary numbers Combo II 5
Karl Fulves Displaceable U deck cut in half, both halves shuffled, spectator removes some cards of named suit and places them in box, another one from other half under box, last one is namedRelated to Clockwork 11
Karl Fulves Age Related four cards chosen, additional card placed in box, medium names hidden card after some of the others are called, inspired by Age Cards trick Combo II 6
Karl Fulves Asides various quotes and jokes Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 396
Karl Fulves Yo, Adrian two spectators take a card from half the deck and place it in the other, both divined, one is a confederate Clockwork 13
Karl Fulves Either-Or how binary principles are used in fishing and codingRelated to Combo II 8
Karl Fulves Stooge's Riffle Shuffle Glimpse stooge can glimpse top card during performer's shuffleInspired by
  • "A Prediction" (Hatton & Plate, Magician's Tricks and how they are done)
Clockwork 13
Karl Fulves The Link To Playing Cards binary features of playing cards, combo system for colorsRelated to Combo II 8
Karl Fulves Crushed filling plastic bottle with hot water, emptying it and capping it, it deforms, variation with special brand Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 398
Karl Fulves Calling Ms. Modulo two poker hands, performer and spectator each decide on a hole card, medium tells hole card after hearing other four cardsInspired by
  • "Telephone Stud" (Wallace Lee, Math Miracles, 1950)
Related to
Clockwork 15
Karl Fulves Why Red Is Zero in combo system Combo II 10
Karl Fulves Domain Theory teaser for next section Clockwork 20
Karl Fulves Method Acting "to create false methods or false impressions by acting" Combo II 10
Karl Fulves Fractional Counts clocking used with only a known section in middle of deckRelated to Clockwork 21
Karl Fulves Simple Memory Tricks chapter intro Combo II 12
Karl Fulves Mix Up adding partial false shuffles to previous trick Clockwork 22
Karl Fulves Dunkin' Digits remembering a row of donuts and spoons as memory stung Combo II 12
Karl Fulves Stopped Clock spectator and performer remove a card, shuffled back in, performer deals and stops at both cards, domain theory Clockwork 23
Karl Fulves The Greek's Game color of twelve cards named by magician, betting presentation, see also p. 99 for further notes Combo II 13
Burling Hull, Karl Fulves Mid-Nite Marvel performer finds a four-of-a-kind below table, those transpose with some card in the deck, changed from dark room effect to below table
- Second Approach (involving the location of a selection)
Inspired by
  • "Mid-Nite Marvel" (Burling Hull, Clever Card Collection of 1932)
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 403
Karl Fulves Sight Deprived distinguishing One and Five dollar bills by touch, memory, presentational idea from Jinx #148, p. 826 (four remaining senses sharpen when one is missing) Combo II 14
Sam Schwartz Simplex Square birthday squareVariations Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 405
Karl Fulves Hoops Knows B-Ball string of 2s and 3s (on cardboard) remembered Combo II 15
Sam Schwartz, Karl Fulves Alphabet Square 5x5 square, numbers are converted to letters to spell out namesInspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 409
Karl Fulves Fractions And Cents heads and tails sequence remembered as memory stunt Combo II 17
Karl Fulves You're A Five spectator choses one of many photos, performer describes it correctly Combo II 17
Karl Fulves Inca Sticks sticks with numbers arranged by spectator, performer predicts total Combo II 19
Karl Fulves Small-Packet Combo chapter intro Combo II 21
Karl Fulves Kinship system for remembering suit order of packet (twelve cards), court cards dealt out in four piles to separate suitsRelated to Combo II 21
Cushing Strout Taking Another Look at the Dead Man's Hand After spelling some words, magician deals the Dead Man's Hand to the spectatorInspired byRelated to On the Other Side of the Mirror 27
Karl Fulves Switched By Thot court cards separated into suits by performer from back (memory) except two named jacks which are transposed, see also p. 100 for further notes Combo II 24
Karl Fulves Suit Codes another system for memorizing suitsRelated to Combo II 25
Karl Fulves Trinary Codes remembering e.g. order of different court cards (jack, queen, king) Combo II 27
Karl Fulves A Trick Of Memory red-black even-money swindle Combo II 29
Karl Fulves Third Degree two thirds are clocked, one, two or three selections can be removed or returned to different section and found Clockwork 24
Karl Fulves Secrets Out chapter intro Combo II 31
Karl Fulves Suit Solution in Clocking card removed, performer removes four-of-a-kind of same value but originally removed card vanishes as it cannot be there Clockwork 25
Karl Fulves Small Minded variation of Combo system in which unwanted cards are removed to keep numbers small, see also p. 100 for further notes Combo II 31
Karl Fulves From Concentrate clocking only one color or other property Clockwork 26
Karl Fulves Counter Intelligence clocking location with partially divided deck Combo II 33
Karl Fulves Men In Black (and red) two decks separated in red and black, a spectator choses any black card from one deck and any black from the other, they are the only odd-backed card in the deck, two versions, second version makes it a traveling effect form deck to deckVariations Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 418
Karl Fulves Mind's i two piles, two spectators each remove a card and put it in other pile, performer knows both after looking through one of the piles, also over phone Clockwork 27
Karl Fulves One-Way Combo memorizing from the back Combo II 34
Karl Fulves Cue Cards openly removed marker cards help with memorizing Combo numbersRelated toVariations Combo II 35
Karl Fulves Rite Minded card moved from one half to the other, then deck assembled and card found, fast clocking Clockwork 29
Karl Fulves Slick Slate color separation with performer and spectator, lines on slate help remembering Combo numbers, see also p. 102 for further notes Combo II 37
Karl Fulves Final Cut deck immune to cutting, somewhat a presentation for ambitious card Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 420
Karl Fulves Pre-Existing Memory red and black card moved from one half to other, both found, partial clocking Clockwork 30
Karl Fulves Noble Cause twelve court cards memorized by performer who then produces jacks, then queens, then kings from packet, see also p. 102 for further notesRelated to Combo II 39
Karl Fulves Clocking with Objects objects with names that have a certain number of letters in a box, removed object identified by counting letters of others Clockwork 31
Karl Fulves Faced Card Mysteries chapter intro, face-up/face-down mix applied to Combo system Combo II 43
Karl Fulves Eminent Domain strategy in which red cards in bottom half are clocked, and black cards in top half, card moved from half to half can be identified, see also p. 73 Clockwork 32
Karl Fulves Made To Order performer sort face-up/face-down mix below table Combo II 43
Karl Fulves Self-Made Trap card chosen from face-up deck with Ten-Twenty force, turns out to be sandwiched by odd-backed cards Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 424
Karl Fulves Strongest Suit two cards reversed are identified via "eminent domain" card counting Clockwork 33
Karl Fulves Pseudo Hummer fooling magicians who know the Hummer CATO trick Combo II 46
Karl Fulves Thot By Proxy spectator removed queen and any card from same suit, they're divined Clockwork 35
Karl Fulves Meet By Chance twenty cards mixed face-up/face-down, spectator remembers one and turns it over, behind back all are sorted except selections Combo II 47
Karl Fulves Last Place "Problems"
six envelopes, the last one chosen contains $100 note, posed as a problem
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 427
Karl Fulves Max Moe see also p. 67Variations Clockwork 36
Karl Fulves Dual Thinking twenty cards mixed face-up/face-down, two spectators remember one each and turn it over, behind back all are sorted except selections, alternatively one card travels to sealed envelopeVariations Combo II 50
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Wallet/Envelop Load from behind back, reaching up under jacketRelated to Combo II 51
Karl Fulves Counterfeit Call "Problems"
conditions for a medium phone effect, posed as a problem
Related to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 428
Karl Fulves A Game Of Touch suit removed, spectator deals it from top or bottom into pile and retains last card, performer sort suit below table top and divines selection Combo II 52
Karl Fulves Whacked "Problems"
piece of paper is crumpled and thrown on someone, it changes into snowball, posed as a problem
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 428
Karl Fulves Thought Control chapter intro Combo II 55
Joseph K. Schmidt Computer Virus Killer "A Novel Revelation of Two Thought Cards"
two spectators think cards from a five-card and six-card group, involving virus gag card
- The History (credit information and references)
Inspired by
  • "Brain Twister" (Ben Braude, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Oct. 1946)
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 429
Karl Fulves The Russian Test performer guaranteed to get better than average score in color sorting without seeing any faces at all, see also p. 104 for further notes Combo II 55
Karl Fulves Virus Variation Inspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 431
Karl Fulves K Thru 12 kings and queens removed, challenge location from this packet, see also p. 105 for further notesRelated to Combo II 57
Karl Fulves Stretching The Truth word written on wide rubber band when stretched is no longer readable when collapsed, instant stooge applicationRelated to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 432
Karl Fulves Database further comments and credit information on the referenced itemsRelated to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 433
Karl Fulves Card Speller credit information on spelling to cards Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 433
Karl Fulves Mirasequel performer separates the mixed pile at the end of Miraskill Combo II 66
Karl Fulves Speed Reading memorizing 40 cards with 5 numbersRelated to Combo II 69
Karl Fulves The Four-Fold Way variation of previous "Speed Reading"Related to Combo II 73
Karl Fulves Clockwork on card counting with "mechanical assistance" Clockwork 38
Karl Fulves Compression Technique Gilbreath & ComboRelated to Combo II 74
Karl Fulves Line of Sight edge marks on twelve cards combined with card counting Clockwork 38
Karl Fulves Contract Player deck first sorted in colors, then suits, by magician Combo II 76
Karl Fulves Light Fingered two cards removed from upper and lower half of deck after riffle shuffles, performer looks through deck and names both Clockwork 40
Karl Fulves Impromptu Compression Combo II 77
Karl Fulves Unique Sums set-up so that two cards removed from a certain part still produce unique clocking value Clockwork 42
Karl Fulves Reflex Action spectator distributes half deck face-up on table, performer deals other half on top and all pairs match color Combo II 78
Karl Fulves Lettra Set two missing cards found with clocking and faro-shuffled set-up Clockwork 43
Karl Fulves Visionary performer sorts half the deck face-down after a riffle shuffle Combo II 80
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Stax Fax stacks that force numbers, see also p. 68 Clockwork 45
Karl Fulves Protractors about the length of trick descriptions Combo II 83
Karl Fulves Latent Ability Miraskill prediction correct even though only part of deck sorted by spectator Combo II 84
Karl Fulves Clockwork deck cut, cut in half and any card removed, performer looks through this pile and names card
- The System
- First case
- Second Case
- Third Case
Clockwork 47
Karl Fulves Phone Detective previous "Clockwork" deck as telephone trick Clockwork 55
Karl Fulves After Moe Combo II 86
Karl Fulves 13 O'Clock two cards chosen with cutting procedure are foundInspired by Clockwork 56
Karl Fulves Jinx Extra eight spectators receive envelope and hide an object Combo II 91
Karl Fulves Modulus Operandi how to practice card counting mod different bases Clockwork 59
Karl Fulves Transliterate medium is called and described spectator and names chosen card Combo II 93
Karl Fulves Booked Up torn and balled-up book pages, one chosen and word on it divined, clocking page numbers Clockwork 60
Karl Fulves Mixology spectator memorizes card and its position, gives riffle shuffle, performer names new position, shuffle tracking presentation Combo II 94
Karl Fulves Grudge Match Miraskill type bet with red-red, black-black and mixed pairs done with about half the shuffled deck, winner still known Clockwork 61
Karl Fulves Shuffle Tracking Combo memorizing riffle shuffle distribution via Combo system in face-down spread of unsquared shuffle Combo II 95
Karl Fulves Cold Case card removed from pile to pile and located, only clocked total of one half known in advance Clockwork 63
Karl Fulves Points After chapter intro Combo II 99
Karl Fulves Counterfeit credits for "Counterfeat" betting game in which spectator and performer construct poker hand from face-up spreadRelated to Clockwork 65
Karl Fulves Penny Machines illustration of "Either-Or" articleRelated to Combo II 99
Karl Fulves Telephone Stud further credits for "Calling Ms. Modulo"Related to Clockwork 66
Karl Fulves Cue Con another cue card idea for Combo systemInspired by Combo II 101
Karl Fulves Moe By Phone and further references for the plot Clockwork 67
Karl Fulves Pictorials clocking other things than the values
- Mid Count
- Corner & Curves
- Line Count (ESP)
- Lines And Curves
Clockwork 69
Karl Fulves Dual Thoughts using Brown-McMillen glimpse idea for only reversed card in deckInspired by Combo II 103
Karl Fulves Royal Flush Clock spectator removes any Royal Flush card, performer quickly goes through deck and removes card from same Royal Flush Clockwork 70
Karl Fulves Gray's Anatomy connection between gray code and binary numbers, application with 24-cards stack, three consecutive cards tell position in stack Combo II 105
Karl Fulves Double Card Count two cards removed, still found with card counting Clockwork 72
Karl Fulves Further References list of card counting tricks in Karl Fulves's output Clockwork 74
Karl Fulves, Robert E. Neale Distant Marker spectator cuts deck, performer names number and a card of that value is at its numerical position from top Combo II 110
Karl Fulves Alpha Numeric further notes on Combo system and number systems
- The Octal System
- The Hexadecimal System
- Binary To Hex
Combo II 112
Karl Fulves Gray Reflections about the color distribution in mirror stack after cuts Combo II 117
Karl Fulves Odd Bits self-similar sequence oddity Combo II 118
Karl Fulves Against The Machine longer article on methods, pre-show, multiple outs, magic on television, David Blaine, announcing Combo III on p. 123 Combo II 119
Karl Fulves On Q&A Combo II 123
Arturo de Ascanio, Frank Garcia A Hunger for Dreaming shown to Ascanio by Garcia, packet cut off and counted, packet shuffled in rest and left outjogged, card chosen from this condition, then original number counted downRelated to The Magic of Ascanio - Studies of Card Magic 307
Karl Fulves Real Secret Stuff Aces removed from deck with an indifferent card, this packet riffle shuffled into deck and left outjogged, two poker hands dealt from outjogged cards alternating with top of deck, Aces end up in other packet Prolix (Issue 1) 62
Karl Fulves Switchback Variation Inspired by Prolix (Issue 1) 62
Karl Fulves Ultra Marked Cards comment on microscopic differences in any deck, picked up by high-resolution cameras Prolix (Issue 1) 64
Karl Fulves Crook's Book three cards taken from shuffled deck and added, word on this page thought-of, performer does the same, spectator divines performer's word and performer the spectator's page number Prolix (Issue 1) 65
Karl Fulves Little Black Book page number chosen with playing cards, index of possible page numbers Prolix (Issue 1) 66
Karl Fulves Cooked Book page number chosen via calculation method, can only be one of two numbers Prolix (Issue 1) 66
Karl Fulves Back Page on this magazine, passage of time Prolix (Issue 1) 68
Martin Gardner Gardner's Gambit row of cards, taking cards from either end alternately with spectator, whose cards add up higher wins, forced outcome, parity
- Final Game (Royal Flush ending)
Inspired by
  • coin item in "Mathematical Puzzles" (Peter Winkler)
Related toVariations
Prolix (Issue 2) 69
Karl Fulves Notes on MG's Game explanation of the parity principle at work and further applications, see following itemsInspired by Prolix (Issue 2) 71
Karl Fulves Accouterments using other items an non-playing cards for the parity row force Prolix (Issue 2) 71
Karl Fulves You Go First the spectator can make the first choice Prolix (Issue 2) 72
Karl Fulves Last Card Standing cards taken from either end of tabled row alternately, remaining card predicted Prolix (Issue 2) 73
Karl Fulves Predict-A-Bill cards taken from either end of tabled row, values added, prediction in dollar bills Prolix (Issue 2) 74
Karl Fulves A Perfect System millionaire making coin toss idea by Warren Buffet from a 1984 speech Prolix (Issue 2) 74
Jack Avis Double Cross Transpo black Aces placed aside, red Aces catch two cards, they are the black Aces and apparent Aces are selectionsInspired by Rara Avis 50
Karl Fulves Pre-Poker parity poker with number prediction, then Jonah card principle in second phase Prolix (Issue 2) 75
Karl Fulves Sure Thing Roy Baker's PATEO force to get Jonah card to spectator Prolix (Issue 2) 76
Karl Fulves Blind Chance cards taken from either end of tabled row, values added, outcome predicted by spectator Prolix (Issue 2) 76
Karl Fulves Robo-Con cards taken from either end of tabled row, values added, outcome predicted, two-way out
- Wallet idea (Himber wallet with slit in middle)
- Double cut (two-way out prediction from Fulves's "The Magic Book")
Prolix (Issue 2) 78
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves Chump Change Ten to Ace straight in mixed red suits, one freely chosen and put in deck, found again face-up and value of bottom card after dealing top four card face-down on table, those cards are Royal Flush in Spades except for the chosen value which changes to Spades
- For The Expert (different finish)
Prolix (Issue 2) 81
Karl Fulves Off The Wall puzzle how to attach a candle to the wall from "Reader's Digest" Prolix (Issue 2) 82
Karl Fulves Knotornot Inspired by
  • "To Tie a Knot on the Left Wrist Without Letting the Right Hand Approach it" (The Magician's Own Book, 1857)
Prolix (Issue 2) 84
Jack Avis Isaac's Law - Avis Handling for Fulves favorite hour and least favorite hour used to make selection, found at one of those hours, milk build placement under tableInspired by
  • "Isaac's Law" (Karl Fulves, Magic and Spells Quarterly)
Rara Avis 82
Karl Fulves Auto Kinetic blank cards with street names, spectator writes his street on one, arranged in face-down row on table, ungaffed toy car moves towards spectator's card with rubber band held motionless aboveInspired by
  • "Pendulum" (Bob Ostin, marketed effect)
Related to
Prolix (Issue 1) 1
Karl Fulves Card Kinetic cards in row on table, Ace of Spades next to row, rubber band stretched over it and used to move Ace along row, suddenly it moves towards selection and back and they transposeInspired by
  • "Pendulum" (Bob Ostin, marketed effect)
Prolix (Issue 1) 4
Karl Fulves The Pecking Bird credit information, Howard Albright's "Herman, The Gilagloo Bird" (1930s) Prolix (Issue 1) 2
Karl Fulves Loco-Motion follow-up for "Auto Kinetic", toy car replaced in card case, then full deck removed from it, case balances on edge of one-handed fan, signed card to caseInspired by Prolix (Issue 1) 5
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves Uplifting red Ace "rises" plunger like from deck, then other red Ace, they sandwich selection in center Prolix (Issue 1) 8
Karl Fulves Dai Vernon - Two Unpublished Tricks introductory comments Prolix (Issue 1) 10
Karl Fulves Urban Legends four urban legends and their opposite on cards along with eight numbers, some cards are turned over and numbers added, force for 47
- Second Method
- Background
Inspired byRelated to Prolix (Issue 1) 14
Karl Fulves Simple Binary simple way to get comfortable with binary numbersRelated to Prolix (Issue 1) 20
Karl Fulves Mystery Card "An Unsolved Problem"
two sandwiches, one with mystery card, named card put in other sandwich, named card vanishes and mystery card is named card, posed as a problem
Variations Prolix (Issue 1) 21
Karl Fulves Card Tricks Gone Wrong four anecdotes, two of them have been published in Magicol
1. card on forehead
2. Frank Lane's "I.Q. Test"
3. "wolf pack" gag with suggestive images on cards
4. Derek Dingle drops the super ball
Related to Prolix (Issue 1) 22
Karl Fulves Adams + Erdnase intro to Howard Adams related tricks Prolix (Issue 1) 30
Karl Fulves Seven-Card Secret cards taken from two piles randomly, a seven-card straight is the result Prolix (Issue 1) 31
Karl Fulves Doubling Box two royal flushes "mixed", dealt in unison, only Aces match, Ace predictedVariations Prolix (Issue 1) 32
Karl Fulves Casino I.Q. two five-card piles, cards turned up simultaneously, when both add up to sixteen the cards are predicted Prolix (Issue 1) 32
Karl Fulves Reverse Jonah person with Jonah card wins Prolix (Issue 1) 34
Karl Fulves Comedy Central presentation of Doubling Box with cards that have punchlines and jokes on them, only a specific joke matches its punchline when cards are turned up simultaneouslyInspired by Prolix (Issue 1) 34
Karl Fulves Joke Department two pages of short jokes Prolix (Issue 1) 36
Tony Kardyro Copper-Silver coin on spectators hand is covered with matchbox and transposes with coin inside matchboxRelated toVariations Prolix (Issue 1) 41
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control two selections made in incomplete riffle shuffle condition Prolix (Issue 1) 42
Karl Fulves Chip Shot poker chips and counting used to get to a Royal FlushInspired by Prolix (Issue 1) 45
Karl Fulves Mock Memory a selection is named, then two cards are moved, performer apparently memorizes cards, spectators name the two cards and performer their positions, using Riffle Shuffle Control Prolix (Issue 1) 46
Jack Avis Riffle Shuffle Control - St. Regis Sleight card selected from incomplete riffle shuffleInspired by Rara Avis 180
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control as Cull upjogging all cards of one group instead of doing a riffle shuffle, also from the back with one-way backs Prolix (Issue 1) 46
Karl Fulves In The Money switch of a single card with bills Prolix (Issue 1) 47
Karl Fulves From X's to Bullets switch of a single card with bills Prolix (Issue 1) 50
Karl Fulves Darndest Things several spectators receive letters to God by children and put them in an envelope, performer assigns them to spectators correctly Prolix (Issue 2) 88
Karl Fulves Monte Cardo switch with bills as climax Prolix (Issue 1) 50
Karl Fulves Automatic 10 intro for unusual ten-hand deal ideas, see following items Prolix (Issue 2) 90
Karl Fulves The Expert Returns spectator stacks two cards himself by repeated dealing (overhand shuffle single run substitute)Inspired by Prolix (Issue 2) 90
Karl Fulves The Ten-Hand Deal five piles, spectator assigns numbers from five to nine to them and deals that many cards to the bottom in each case, put together, ten-hand double duke Prolix (Issue 2) 91
Karl Fulves Drawing Blanks penny, nickel, dime and quarter in matchbox, three coins removed and combined to form a number, fourth coin's value added, spectator lets performer know the number of digits, coins taken out are divined Prolix (Issue 1) 50
Karl Fulves Casino Connection five piles, spectator assigns numbers from five to nine to them via a lucky straight from a casino deck and deals that many cards to the bottom in each case, put together, ten-hand double duke Prolix (Issue 2) 93
Karl Fulves The X-Hand Deal five piles, dealing for "randomisation", spectator decides on number of players Prolix (Issue 2) 93
Karl Fulves Match Maker layout puzzle about making words out of matches Prolix (Issue 2) 94
Jerry K. Hartman Hunt For Red five red cards in black half, spectator finds them from the back, solutionInspired by Prolix (Issue 2) 98
Karl Fulves The Road To Ruin spectator and performer switch one card of their poker hands, three cards each are shown, spectator can switch or not, he loses, cards removed from the deck
- The Basic Set-Up
- The Road To Ruin
- 10-Card Note
Related to Prolix (Issue 1) 56
Karl Fulves On the Count-Spell Principle credit information Prolix (Issue 2) 99
Karl Fulves Switchback any card switched out via spread strip-outAlso published here Prolix (Issue 1) 56
Karl Fulves Speller Notes A. on locating previous trick
B. Instanto Deck and any card spelling
C. short routine to spell any named card impromptu, face-up counting and turnover pass
D. cutting as deck is dumped from case
Related to Prolix (Issue 2) 100
Karl Fulves Beat The Bookies point spread, betting against the spread Prolix (Issue 1) 59
Karl Fulves Quicken Rope Trick "Unexplained"
cut rope, ends join themselves in knot, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 1) 60
Karl Fulves Flip Switch strip-out switch handling, with repeat Prolix (Issue 2) 102
Karl Fulves A Few Good Cards "Unexplained"
five red cards in black half, spectator finds them from the back, posed as a problem, with effect variations
Variations Prolix (Issue 1) 60
Karl Fulves Unjust Chance "Unexplained"
presentational idea for banknight plot, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 1) 61
Karl Fulves The Glass Half Full "Unexplained"
glass half-filled with liquid, turned over, liquid suspended, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 1) 61
Mel Bennett Easy As Abc calculator option for simplifying task to spectators in division tricksInspired by
  • Zangbar Zackleback Problem (Genii, June 1952, Oct. 1958, Ibidem #12-14)
Related to
Prolix (Issue 2) 109
Karl Fulves Circle Lift "Unexplained"
one bracelet or ring or rubber band picket up with another one, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 2) 110
Karl Fulves Pencil With Memory "Unexplained"
old pencil with memory idea, now really available as transmission pen, posed as a problem
Related to Prolix (Issue 2) 111
Karl Fulves Shred A Bill "Unexplained"
electric shredder that does not shred a bill, application search, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 2) 111
Karl Fulves The Gypsy Switch discussion of the switch of a small item with a handkerchief, see following itemsRelated to Prolix (Issue 2) 112
Karl Fulves "I Found A Ring..." street cons with ring or rolex Prolix (Issue 2) 112
Karl Fulves While You Sleep gypsy con in which money is sealed in envelope and apparently will multiply Prolix (Issue 2) 113
Karl Fulves The Gypsy's Secret Gypsy Switch of item as it is wrapped in handkerchief
- Basics In Brief
- Robert-Houdin
- Professor Hoffmann
Related to
  • "Reverse Thinking" (Discoverie #8)
Prolix (Issue 2) 113
Karl Fulves You Have Three Seconds bet in which spectator has to reach under handkerchief and get out a valuable coin, he only gets a worthless chip Prolix (Issue 2) 118
Karl Fulves New Principles, New Tricks new tricks by Howard A. Adams, intro, see following items Prolix (Issue 2) 119
Karl Fulves Slow-Motion Roll spectator turns die according to rules, performer duplicates final orientation Prolix (Issue 3) 150
Karl Fulves Headstrong ungaffed coin always comes up heads, then is shown as two-headed Prolix (Issue 3) 152
Karl Fulves Squarersville layout puzzle Prolix (Issue 3) 153
Karl Fulves Maximo Inspired by Prolix (Issue 3) 154
Karl Fulves Near Future four random digits written by spectator, then in different order, subtraction, one digit of result chosen, other digits dealt out in packet, then chosen digit shows up as card value Prolix (Issue 3) 155
Karl Fulves Stevenz Stevens Control combined with Zarrow Shuffle Prolix (Issue 3) 155
Karl Fulves Hop Skip avoiding upward movement of right packet in Zarrow Shuffle Prolix (Issue 3) 157
J. W. Sarles A Rope Tale several knots tied in rope vanish, then cut & restoredRelated to Prolix (Issue 3) 159
Karl Fulves Down/Underhanded false down-under deal, order remains, value divination application Prolix (Issue 3) 162
Karl Fulves First To Tenth spelling any value to get to sixth card, two-card prediction application Prolix (Issue 3) 166
Karl Fulves The Gypsy Switch - Part Two article intro
- A Secret From Scott
- Edwin Sachs
Related to Prolix (Issue 3) 167
Karl Fulves Introduction on memory work with cards Word Play 3
Karl Fulves A Versatile Move Gypsy Switch to set up penetration of object through handkerchief Prolix (Issue 3) 170
Karl Fulves Newmonics memorizing a string of numbers Word Play 5
Karl Fulves Cross Colors deck separated in colors, unknown black card pocketed by spectator, guessed by spectator, then red card pocketed by performer and guessed by him, both matchInspired by
  • Number Four in Joe Berg's Private Card Problems
Related to
Prolix (Issue 3) 172
Karl Fulves The Narrative Word Play 6
Karl Fulves Eureka deck separated in colors, unknown black card pocketed by spectator, guessed by spectator, then red card pocketed by performer and guessed by him, both matchRelated to Prolix (Issue 3) 173
Karl Fulves The Expert Memorizes Cards on memorizing a string of cards Word Play 7
Karl Fulves Newmismatics memorizing a long row of objects Word Play 8
Roy Walton Orderly Suits four packets, each with one card of each suit, one of each suit removed, spectator pushed the cards back without looking in any order, again one of each suit in every packetRelated to Prolix (Issue 3) 175
Karl Fulves Erdnase Cheats memorizing short sequence of cards Word Play 10
Karl Fulves Not Unsolved Royal Flush version of Walton's trickRelated to Prolix (Issue 3) 176
Karl Fulves Word Play system for memorizing twelve cards
- The Suit System
- Coding For Value
- Naming The Jacks
- Verbs For Jacks
- Objects For Jacks
- The system thus far
- The System For Kings
- The System For Queens
- How To Practice
Inspired byRelated to Word Play 13
Karl Fulves Unexplained introRelated to Prolix (Issue 3) 177
Karl Fulves All In A Row exercise for memorizing twelve cards Word Play 22
Karl Fulves Sticker Shock "Unexplained"
tabled odd-backed card turns out to be later signed selection, certain conditions and a solution, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 3) 177
Karl Fulves Kings Over Here twelve picture cards memorized, then sorted from backRelated to Word Play 22
Karl Fulves Science Class "Unexplained"
looking through glass of water on upright court card, head turns, with second glass, then card travels in glass, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 3) 178
Karl Fulves Royal Wedding all court cards named from back, chosen card found Word Play 23
Karl Fulves Year With Meaning "Unexplained"
overhand stacking the values that combine to a year, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 3) 179
Karl Fulves Four Way Memory twelve picture cards memorized, then sorted into suits from backRelated to Word Play 24
Karl Fulves 3-Blank Monte "Unexplained"
three blank cards and an Ace, all change to Kings as climax, posed as a problem
Variations Prolix (Issue 3) 180
Karl Fulves Pyramid Poker twelve card layout on table, named type of poker hand build at the end Word Play 24
Karl Fulves The Money Card "Unexplained"
obvious one-way backs, money card "accidentally" gets turned around, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 3) 180
Karl Fulves You Must Remember This commentary on the memory system Word Play 25
Karl Fulves Memory Tricks chapter intro Word Play 27
Karl Fulves Rise In Value "Unexplained"
elevator variation with four quarters, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 3) 181
Karl Fulves Match Game twelve cards laid out face-down in matrix, match game played (turning up two cards and finding matches), performer winsRelated to Word Play 27
Karl Fulves Three-Card Blackjack all Sixes, Sevens, Eights used for blackjack type game, performer gives everyone twenty-one Word Play 29
Karl Fulves Pseudo Poker eight cards, four envelopes, two random cards placed in an envelope each, performer divines content Word Play 29
Karl Fulves Scales of Justice card pocketed from twelve-card straight is divined Word Play 32
Karl Fulves Nu Two Deck picture cards from two decks mated Word Play 34
Karl Fulves When It Started twelve picture cards laid out face-down to symbolize months, spectator exchanges one with the joker, performer divines month and card Word Play 35
Karl Fulves Dice and Dates three named four-of-a-kinds laid out, spectator choses one with two dice, card and rolled number divined Word Play 36
Karl Fulves Blind Key card chosen from 12-card layout predicted Word Play 37
Karl Fulves The Rank And File chosen red card ends up in black packet and vice versa
- Memory 101
Word Play 38
Karl Fulves Coloratura sixteen cups in three different colors and paper balls of the same colors, random balls put under cups, performer memorizes all Word Play 40
Howard A. Adams TripleThreeTrio Principles six-card packet tricks with spelling, ESP pairs or mates
- King Tut Principle
- Lady Man Principle
- Miracle Fifteen - Wedding Principle
Variations Prolix (Issue 3) 182
Karl Fulves Shifty two cards selected by performer and spectator match Word Play 41
Karl Fulves KF Note three spectators write their cell phone number on a card, cut in two, dealing and spelling procedure, the matching halves come out together againInspired byRelated to Prolix (Issue 3) 185
Karl Fulves Time Of Day mates in clock layout Word Play 44
Karl Fulves Booking Agent performer sticks card in upright standing book, chosen card next to it, repeated, both match Prolix (Issue 3) 186
Karl Fulves Mutus Mnemonic Word Play 44
Karl Fulves Arranging A Force seven cards stuck in upright standing book in random order, book opened, some cards are now facing front and some back, forcing total Prolix (Issue 3) 188
Karl Fulves Sort By Thought $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, three each, order memorized by performer Word Play 45
Karl Fulves Joseph K. Schmidt Prolix (Issue 3) 189
Karl Fulves Not About Counting twelve court cards, one or two removed, performer divines them Word Play 47
Karl Fulves Dice Tracking memorizing string of numbers rolled by dice Word Play 48
Karl Fulves Mechanical Switch Actions are almost identical to an Elmsley Count 52 Memories 30
Sam Schwartz 3-Blank Monte three blank cards and an Ace, all change to Kings as climaxInspired by Prolix (Issue 3) 194
Karl Fulves Digit Daze memorizing digits Word Play 49
Karl Fulves Big Time Game Show on the game show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader", packet trick with that theme Prolix (Issue 3) 195
Karl Fulves Ace - Deuce - Blackjack with twelve card packet Word Play 50
Martin Gardner Band Through Hand or string, rubber band penetrates finger and vanishes (if rubber band is used)Related to Prolix (Issue 3) 196
Karl Fulves Missing Link card removed from twelve-card packet is divinedRelated to Word Play 51
Karl Fulves Learning To Count three cards chosen one by one and cards counted on them until sixteen is reached, starting with the chosen card's value, Aces are next to chosen card and at sum of all valuesInspired byVariations Prolix (Issue 3) 198
Karl Fulves Moe-mentous two cards exchanged in twelve-card packetRelated to Word Play 53
Jerry K. Hartman On Tinterhooks five red cards put in black halves, spectator choses five cards from face-down spread, they are black but the halves changed placesInspired by Prolix (Issue 3) 199
Karl Fulves No-Touch Card Location spectator cuts near center and remembers card Word Play 57
Karl Fulves Definition of "Move" Word Play 58
Karl Fulves Moment's Notice Word Play 60
Karl Fulves Intelligent Design ten ESP cards (or other cards, items) mixed and put in a row in a stand, a few turned over, medium enters room and divines all the hidden ones
- Picture Perfect
- Conditions of Note
- Behind the Scenes
- Up & Down
- The Routine
- With Playing Cards
Prolix (Issue 3) 203
Karl Fulves And Don't Forget... non-card situations for the Word Play memory system Word Play 64
Karl Fulves The Automatic Mind on memory systems, also for ESP cards Word Play 65
Karl Fulves Practitioner practice tips Word Play 67
Tony Bartolotta, Karl Fulves High School Hijinks using school textbooks Prolix (Issue 3) 208
Karl Fulves Suit Pictures practice tips Word Play 68
Karl Fulves Back Story further comments and credit information on the referenced items, sliding shell, Werry's Matchbox IllusionRelated to Prolix (Issue 3) 209
Karl Fulves Learn While You Sleep practice tips Word Play 68
Karl Fulves The Even Couple match game problemRelated to Word Play 69
Karl Fulves Final Thoughts Word Play 70
Karl Fulves Trick File on doing tricks only once and never repeating them, see following items Prolix (Issue 3) 149
Karl Fulves X Files Ace through Five of all suits match eventually Prolix (Issue 5) 324
Karl Fulves David Lame? commentary on David Blaine's stunts, excerpt from "Page Six Magazine" Prolix (Issue 5) 325
Karl Fulves One-Hand Bottom Deals intro Prolix (Issue 5) 326
Karl Fulves One-Hand Erdnase Inspired byRelated to Prolix (Issue 5) 326
Victor Comello, Unknown Fearless Force card outjogged from spread, deck squared, outjogged card moved to top and switched for top card, used for mating trickVariations Prolix (Issue 5) 328
Karl Fulves Fearless Twice two outjogged cards switchedInspired byRelated to Prolix (Issue 5) 330
Karl Fulves 2Crds2Dcks two cards chosen from red deck, blue deck spread and same two cards are reversed, both transpose and have the back color from the other deckRelated to Prolix (Issue 5) 330
Karl Fulves 1Crd2Wllts selection signed on back, two wallets, half the card travels to each wallet, restored Prolix (Issue 5) 332
Karl Fulves