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Karl Fulves Setting Records idea for speed stacking Interlocutor (Issue 42) 165
Karl Fulves Digital Dollars over the phone game, to win highest value billRelated toVariations Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 68
Karl Fulves Beat The System gag money making schemes
(A) The Post Office
(B) Ultimate Blackjack System
Interlocutor (Issue 42) 165
Karl Fulves Linear Blackjack game of Blackjack over the phone, performer knows which card to select to winAlso published here Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 69
Karl Fulves Ring Of Beauty idea for illusion in which a ring dropped over a person makes her vanish, no method Interlocutor (Issue 42) 166
Karl Fulves Murder in a Matchbox three match boxes, performer's back is turned and a small gun, a bill and a die are put in boxes, performer knows which object is where and what side is on top of the die Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 69
Karl Fulves Endings - 5 card fooler idea, trick in which 5 stepped cards are printed on cardboard the the queen must be paper clipped from other side
- oil & water packet paper clipped and one color becomes free
Color Quik 48
Karl Fulves Play Money magicians getting arrested Interlocutor (Issue 42) 166
Karl Fulves Unpublished Hummer Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 73
Karl Fulves Crazy Eddie on claims by Ed MarloRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 42) 167
Karl Fulves The Ghost Effect card thought of, five cards removed, one of them is the selection and the other the four aces, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 42) 167
Karl Fulves Red Cards Vanish one color vanishesRelated to
  • first method in "Impromptu Holdouts"
Color Quik 49
Karl Fulves The New York Inner Circle past and present Interlocutor (Issue 42) 167
Karl Fulves Color Migration red and black cards mixed, one color travels under other hand on table one by one or at once, posed as problem Color Quik 50
Karl Fulves Notes by Karl Fulves notes on Hummer's Mathematical Shell Game Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 79
Karl Fulves, Thomas Kovachevich, Martin Gardner, Jerry Andrus The Real Thing small paper parts come to life above hot water source, various ideas, see also p. 236 Interlocutor (Issue 43) 169
Karl Fulves The Old 4-Shell Game different bills under four styrofoam coffee cups Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 80
Karl Fulves (E) A Switch Interlock Interlock 32
Karl Fulves More Real more ideas with the paper animation idea, flash paper application, fortune telling fish Interlocutor (Issue 43) 170
Karl Fulves Hummer Effects Hummer effects owned by Glenn Davidson, without explanation
- The Magic Slide Rule
- Geometro
- Black Trick-O-Nometry
Related to Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 82
Karl Fulves Tic Tac Toe Machine problem of winning Interlocutor (Issue 43) 171
Karl Fulves The Next to Last Word Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 84
Karl Fulves Liar's Poker spectator lies about his poker hand, in next deal he gets this hand, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 43) 171
Karl Fulves Chink-A-Slink chink-a-chink with chalk Xs or coins on photograph, posed as problemRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 43) 171
Karl Fulves Computers For Kids idea for a book, Turing Test Interlocutor (Issue 43) 171
Karl Fulves The Hummer Book on the "Bob Hummer Collected Secrets" book and missing pages Interlocutor (Issue 43) 172
Karl Fulves Titles trick titles Interlocutor (Issue 43) 172
Karl Fulves Naming Names on the Interlock principle Interlock 1
Jim Snapp Coin Slide routine with coin slide prop (slide with circular recess is put in and out of drawer)Related to The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1305
Karl Fulves Hummer Chronology Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 100
Karl Fulves Immediate Lock instant method of getting packets in Interlock condition Interlock 8
Karl Fulves Addenda Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 101
Karl Fulves Overhand Shuffle Method getting into Interlock condition Interlock 11
Sam Schwartz All Red 2&2, two reds and two blacks mixed, they all change to black, repeated with another set of red and black cards, then all eight cards change to redInspired byVariations The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1308
Derek Dingle Derek Dingle's Method getting into Interlock condition, with Notes by Karl Fulves Interlock 13
Karl Fulves Alphabetical Index Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 108
Karl Fulves Work Notes on the Interlock principle Interlock 27
Karl Fulves The Pop-Switch "Push-Off Packet Switch", Hamman Count from normal gripRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1309
Karl Fulves (A) Lock Limit semantics Interlock 27
Karl Fulves Chronologue on different coin slidesRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1309
Karl Fulves, Larry Jennings (C) Cut To Lock using Jennings' "Bottom Slip Cut" to get into interlock positionRelated to Interlock 28
Karl Fulves (D) Side Stepping side-step instead of upjog for interlock conditionRelated to Interlock 29
Karl Fulves Introduction on mathematical magic Curioser 1
Karl Fulves (F) Side-Steal/Diagonal Shift Interlock Set-up Interlock 32
Paul Curry The Disappearing Rabbit Variations Curioser 2
Karl Fulves Notes By Karl Fulves flick applications
(A) flick to under card
(B) other ideas
The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1312
Karl Fulves Introduction The Children's Magic Kit iii
Karl Fulves The (No Kidding) Final Additional Notes And Variations, Etc. on the Interlock principleRelated to Interlock 40
Karl Fulves Rabbit Reunion Curry's effect with 2 rabbits vanishing one by oneInspired by Curioser 6
Karl Fulves Murder, Inc. a red card in a packet is designated as killer and its position remembered, then black card with same value cut at same position, performer divines it allInspired byRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1314
Karl Fulves Mystic Circles No. 1, optical illusion in which a piece of carton spins on a pencil The Children's Magic Kit 1
Karl Fulves Notes By Karl Fulves on Curry's effectRelated to Curioser 9
Jerry K. Hartman Band in Boston card jumps from one rubber banded packet to anotherInspired byVariations The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1315
Karl Fulves Colors by Mind Reading No. 2, three different-colored paper pieces, one given to performer behind back, he divines color The Children's Magic Kit 2
Karl Fulves More Notes Yet notes on the Interlock principle
(A) No-Break approach
(B) alternate procedure
(C) switch with double card
(D) paper clip addition, paper clip version of Hofzinser problem
(E) connection to Tilt
(F) allusion to Haunted Pack set-up with Interlock
Related to Interlock 59
Karl Fulves The Moving Pip pip missing on card that is cut in pieces, when re-arranged pip movedRelated to Curioser 9
Karl Fulves Boston Notes more ideas for the rubber band ideasInspired by The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1318
Karl Fulves Fooled & Fooled Again No. 3, three different-colored cards under handkerchief, two removed, last one transforms, sucker element The Children's Magic Kit 3
Karl Fulves Powerdox rectangle puzzle, two pieces one by one removed but still a rectangleInspired by Curioser 10
Karl Fulves Other Applications Inspired byRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1318
Karl Fulves Acrobatic Cards No. 4, a red an a white card transpose The Children's Magic Kit 4
Martin Gardner Euclid's Vanish number of objects drawn on a slate changes from seven to six, sliding partVariations Curioser 11
Karl Fulves Back Bay Blues two rubber banded sandwiches, the sandwich cards themselves transpose The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1319
Karl Fulves Satan's Hammer No. 5, cardboard hammer breaks pencil The Children's Magic Kit 5
Karl Fulves The Geometric Slate three-way multiple out predictionInspired by Curioser 12
Bob Evans Tap II coins jump around in box and make clink sounds by themselvesInspired by
  • "Taps" (L. Vosburgh Lyons, Linking Ring & New Phoenix)
Related to
The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1320
Karl Fulves The Magic Spell No. 6, spelling divination with animal cards The Children's Magic Kit 6
Karl Fulves Dice on Slate idea in which dice drawn on slate become real Curioser 12
Karl Fulves, Bertram Forer The Forer Personality Sketch "Curiosities"
personality profile that applies to anyone
The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1321
Karl Fulves The Demon's Ring Release No. 7, using cardboard rings The Children's Magic Kit 7
Karl Fulves Chronologue Magick, Mexican Monte reinventions The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1322
Karl Fulves Pocket Computer No. 8, number from one to sixteen thought of, found with number cards The Children's Magic Kit 8
Karl Fulves Impromptu Haunted Deck Presentation Inspired by The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1322
Karl Fulves Easy as ABC No. 9, two cards chosen from word cards, they are foundRelated to The Children's Magic Kit 9
Nick van Setten Swindle Box four coins penetrate box and table, secret extra box
- Notes By Karl Fulves
The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1324
Karl Fulves Gremlins No. 10, ten red-green double-faced paper cards, spectator shuffles, performer separates the cards behind his back so that the same number of green cards is in both pilesInspired by The Children's Magic Kit 10
Tom Gagnon Educated Dollar Bill bill crawls underneath wallet in tent configuration, then under ashtray and back
- The Bill and Wallet
- Gaining Slack In The Thread
- Himber Plus Cardini
- The Bill and the Ashtray
- Notes by Karl Fulves
Inspired by The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1325
Karl Fulves Stop & Go No. 11, paper card with holes slides down a string and stops on command The Children's Magic Kit 11
Stephen Clark Mira-kil face-up/face-downInspired byVariations The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1329
Karl Fulves Three-Card Monte No. 12, up-down arrows on cards used The Children's Magic Kit 12
Karl Fulves Chronologue Bob Read, J. C. Doty The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1330
Karl Fulves Daffy Dominoes No. 13, dominoes with letters, one pocketed by spectator, letters on it divined The Children's Magic Kit 13
John Cornelius Meta-More eidetic type, dated to 1973Inspired byVariations The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1331
Karl Fulves Siberian Chain No. 14, paper strips link and unlink with paper ring The Children's Magic Kit 14
Karl Fulves Metal Version coin covered with face-down card, card changes instead of coin as promisedInspired by The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1331
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner Hat or Rabbit No. 15, three cards with hats on one sides and rabbits on other, spectator turns them to instructions with the performer's back turned, in the end all are the same way, also with coins or over phoneRelated to The Children's Magic Kit 15
Karl Fulves Meta Metal tabled card with coin on top changes, tosheroon, two handlingsInspired by The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1332
Jeff Busby Klondike & Down/Under Formula see NotesRelated to Curioser 27
Unknown Quik Control method to backjog card above selection, sliding blocksRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1332
Jeff Busby No Commercial Potential Klondike Shuffle and Down/Under DealInspired by
  • "Isaac's Law" (Karl Fulves, Magic and Spells Quarterly)
Related to
Curioser 28
Karl Fulves (B) Named Ace Rise Interlock 27
Karl Fulves There Was a Crooked House card house built from three folded cards, selection ends up folded inside
- Unreal Estate
The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1334
Roy Walton Border Crossing two cards in two decks transposeInspired by The Chronicles (Issue 28) 1335
Alex Elmsley, Colin Lewry Pack Of Lies Liar's Matrix, spectator selects card column and reads out their colors, lying on one of them, different methods:
- Mnemonic Method
- No Memory
- And Again
- Lewry's Lie Detector
Related to Curioser 33
Karl Fulves Quarter Finals coin snatching stunt in which spectator cannot trap coin balanced on performer's finger, in the end the coin ends up underneath coin in spectator's handInspired by The Chronicles (Issue 28) 1340
Jerry K. Hartman Memorease "Curiosities"
ten cards with letters, spectator is able to memorize their order
Inspired byAlso published here The Chronicles (Issue 28) 1341
Karl Fulves Blackgammon "Believed to be the simplest approach in the published literature to the effect where the spectator guesses the colors."Also published here The Chronicles (Issue 28) 1342
Karl Fulves Chronologue on Dover's "Self-Working Card Tricks" and how it came to be The Chronicles (Issue 28) 1343
Karl Fulves Gray Codes Curioser 39
Gene Finnell Pop Up deck stands on edge, card pops upVariations The Chronicles (Issue 28) 1344
Karl Fulves No Tables, No Charts binary numbers & gray code Curioser 42
Karl Fulves Notes By Karl Fulves camera card presentation, blank card or joker "develops" into selectionInspired by The Chronicles (Issue 28) 1343
Karl Fulves A Four-Bit Trick card in square layout of face-up/face-down cards turned over and divinedRelated to Curioser 43
Karl Fulves Hex Squared 4x4 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force cardAlso published here Curioser 44
Karl Fulves Kreskin's Lost $20,000 Challenge Curioser 44
Karl Fulves Auto Abacus gray code on one way backsInspired by Curioser 46
Karl Fulves The Auto Abacus Trick gray code on one way backs, "The 52-Card Deck"Inspired by Curioser 49
Karl Fulves Reflection stay stack & gray code Curioser 50
Karl Fulves Red Less Black spectator separates colors from back, number of errors are called, performer then names all cards Curioser 51
Karl Fulves Bottom Double Lift Interlock 21
Karl Fulves A Gray Code Problem turning blocks over followed by faro shuffles, four-card-groups examined regarding uniqueness of face-up/down distribution Curioser 52
Karl Fulves Introduction Color Quik 1
Karl Fulves Not Reflected Ace-Five of hearts and diamonds shuffled and dealt, pairs removed, all other cards match, elaboration of red-black-relationship principleRelated to Curioser 53
Karl Fulves Center Double Lift Interlock 23
Karl Fulves Part One introduction to "instant, visual color separations" Color Quik 2
Sam Schwartz Forced March 4x4 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force cardInspired by Curioser 54
Karl Fulves Six Quik 3&3, reds face-up and blacks face-down, could be odd-backed, separation in stages, then at once Color Quik 3
Sam Schwartz, Karl Fulves The Square Ring 4x4 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force card, only three instructionsInspired byAlso published here Curioser 55
Karl Fulves Quik Ending alternate procedure for "Six Quik"Related to Color Quik 6
Karl Fulves Push-Push 6-as-6 countRelated to Color Quik 7
Karl Fulves That's Impossible! card appears at chosen number (chosen by cut-off packet), using a variation of Fulves' Exclusive Card Miracles 37
Karl Fulves Buried Alive Interlock 10
Karl Fulves Not By The Book introduction and credit information on clocking the deck mod 10 Parallel Lines 1
Karl Fulves Clock Arithmetic how to clock the deck Parallel Lines 4
Karl Fulves Zero Equals Zero why the Parallel Principle always worksRelated to Parallel Lines 6
Karl Fulves Deuce Notes removing or ignoring a two so that deck totals to zero, further notesRelated to Parallel Lines 7
Karl Fulves The Packets Adjusted parallel principle in practice Parallel Lines 8
Karl Fulves Parallel Lines "Leverage" over phone, medium is called and divines spectator's and performer's card, parallel principle, see also p. 17Related to Parallel Lines 9
Karl Fulves Principle Prism 4&4, reds and blacks are mixed and they still alternate, weird effect, two phasesInspired by Parallel Lines 13
Karl Fulves The Advantage Gained packet trick as pretense to reduce the number of cards in clocking tricks Parallel Lines 16
Karl Fulves The Ad note on previous trick "Parallel Lines" Parallel Lines 17
Karl Fulves Color Coding over phone Parallel Lines 18
Karl Fulves The King Speaks "Parallel Lines" with suit coding via a King of wanted suit Parallel Lines 19
Karl Fulves Parity Check "Parallel Lines" with color coding Parallel Lines 21
Karl Fulves The General Suit Code clocking the deck for value and suit Parallel Lines 23
Karl Fulves Kings Encoded further strategies when clocking the deck for value and suit Parallel Lines 24
Karl Fulves Real World Considerations medium uses calculator to simplify math Parallel Lines 26
Karl Fulves Foreword Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets iv
Karl Fulves Bridge Note coding information in bridge game via bidding Parallel Lines 27
Karl Fulves Quint four cards removed by spectator, fifth one by performer, any card selected, other four read over phone, medium names selection Parallel Lines 28
Karl Fulves Name-O-Quint spectator pockets any card, then any three cards, performer adds fourth card, those are read to medium in any order who then names pocketed card Parallel Lines 31
Karl Fulves Five Card Stud four cards code fifth oneRelated to Parallel Lines 32
Karl Fulves Fill The Blank three cards removed by spectator, fourth by performer, fifth by spectator and signed, read off to medium in any order which names the fifth card Parallel Lines 33
Karl Fulves From The Table Interlock Applications Interlock 30
Karl Fulves Selectrik four cards outjogged by spectator, one by performer, any card is turned over, assistant comes in the room and names selected cardRelated to Parallel Lines 34
Karl Fulves Cubic Coding any five cards removed by spectator, then one chosen, other four cards read to medium over phone which names selection Parallel Lines 35
Karl Fulves Inter-Silver Coin is tossed in deck of cards and vanishes Interlock 31
Richard Kaufman The Ultimate Invisible Assembly using only the four Aces and a blank card, at the end all Aces turn blank, different handlings, see reference for credit informationRelated to New Stars of Magic (Vol. 1 No. 12) 1
John Northern Hilliard Hilliard's Side Steal - Notes By Karl Fulves Side Steal 51
Karl Fulves Fake Shuffles fake faro shuffle and fake false shuffle with gaffed red/blue decks Octet 38
Roy Walton Snap Royalty five cards change into Royal Flush, using Snap-Over ChangeVariations Octet 39
Karl Fulves Incomplete Notes application of Daley's Incomplete Side StealRelated to Side Steal 18
Karl Fulves Royal Flash Poker Problem #5
variation of the Card Puzzle with Poker theme, and Ace transposition with poker theme
Octet 44
Karl Fulves Fast Flush five cards change into Royal FlushInspired by Octet 45
Karl Fulves Draw Play two royal flushes shuffled, one turns face-up and when dealt is dealt to performer, except previously value which is transposed, optional color-changing back kicker Octet 49
Karl Fulves The Right-Hand Pass briefRelated to Octet 50
Karl Fulves Notebook Notes on the Daley/Diaconis Poker Plot and packet variations Octet 52
Karl Fulves, Paul LePaul Small Packet Spread Pass brief Octet 53
Karl Fulves Notes on Knockout spectator shuffles and gives half the cards to performer, both construct strong poker hand, performer winsInspired by Octet 55
Karl Fulves Fifty Dollar Deal Poker Problem #6
spectator constructs any hand from five face-up piles, one card from each pile, magician names this hand
Octet 56
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker four fours with face-down card in middle shown, packet turned over to show "hole card" which is also a four, then other four cards change to acesRelated to Octet 57
Karl Fulves Packet Poker no-deck version of "Hocus Poker"Related to Octet 59
Karl Fulves 7-as-5 Count Octet 59
Karl Fulves Hokus Poker Jr. AC to 4C shown with fifth face-down card, spectator names one of the clubs and when packet is turned over the face-down card is the named one, it changes back color and the other cards to aces, posed as problemRelated to Octet 61
Jack Avis Impromptu Mexican monte/twist combo with black aces and black five, then all change to red aces and red five, then all four acesInspired by Octet 62
Karl Fulves Pentacle Poker Poker Problem #7
stud poker situation and hole card changes several times and then vanishes, rest changes into Aces
Related to Octet 64
Karl Fulves The Hired Hand aces exchanged with other poker hand one by one, but still remain in original hand, with weird poker variation presentation Octet 72
Karl Fulves Automatic Cheat ten shuffled cards dealt out for two players, performer or spectator always know whether a hand is a full house or not Octet 73
Karl Fulves Baby Face Poker Problem #8
five indifferent cards change into miniature Royal Flush, or jumbo size poker hand, no method
Octet 75
Karl Fulves Push Out simple ribbon spread hide-out application Side Steal 8
Karl Fulves Death and Taxes booklet on the half pass Milennium Aces 1
Karl Fulves The Masked Pass Milennium Aces 3
Karl Fulves The Concept of Cover cover techniques for the masked pass Milennium Aces 8
Karl Fulves Applying the Move Milennium Aces 14
Karl Fulves Frontorback Milennium Aces 14
Karl Fulves Establishing Shots enhancing the initial conditions Milennium Aces 16
Karl Fulves Negative Side Steal into left hand Side Steal 31
Karl Fulves Snap Shots convincer condition that all cards are face down Milennium Aces 17
Karl Fulves The Peek at the Princess one of five in pack Side Steal 56
Karl Fulves Spread Variations LePaul Spread variationRelated to Milennium Aces 19
Karl Fulves Choice Triumph with two selections, duplicate Milennium Aces 20
Karl Fulves Feet Notes additional ideas for the Choice Triumph Milennium Aces 22
Karl Fulves The Masking Effect two cards turn over in the deck Milennium Aces 22
Karl Fulves Milennium Aces aces turn over one by one in the deck Milennium Aces 25
Karl Fulves Technical Knockout two selections, first becomes reversed and trapped between two twos, the other between the other twos, then selections change places between the twosVariations Milennium Aces 31
Richard Kaufman, Ken Krenzel Kaufman and Krenzel on Cryptology card placed between two card cases vanishes, reappears in center of one of the decksInspired by Cardworks 13
Karl Fulves Workshop Methods Milennium Aces 36
Karl Fulves Touched Heart hearts are face up in the center of the deck, named card vanishes Milennium Aces 36
Karl Fulves Shoot Out deck is wrapped with a rubber band, deck dropped on the table and the four aces shoot out Milennium Aces 38
Karl Fulves Alter Ego same gaffed case as in "Nightmare in Black" Milennium Aces 39
Karl Fulves Over Pass Milennium Aces 41
Karl Fulves Peek Trap Side Steal 22
Karl Fulves Under Pass while cutting the deck, seated Milennium Aces 43
Karl Fulves Gaffless Brainwave sorted red/black stackRelated to Milennium Aces 44
Karl Fulves Cull Substitute cutting action, ungaffed Milennium Aces 45
Karl Fulves Placement Palm multiple card with cutting action Side Steal 60
Karl Fulves Joker Thot joker is cut face down into the deck and changes into named card, also back changes Milennium Aces 46
Karl Fulves Scoring card game is played, score is predicted printed on a card Milennium Aces 47
Karl Fulves Dice Dexterity chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 26
Karl Fulves Pass Key named card is produced with a keyInspired by Milennium Aces 47
Karl Fulves Pass Partout system of notation Milennium Aces 50
Karl Fulves Little Trix eight cards, joker is reversed in the middle, one of the eight cards is named and the joker changes into selection Milennium Aces 52
Karl Fulves Final Effects Milennium Aces 52
Karl Fulves Pass Generators on half passes Milennium Aces 52
Karl Fulves Mind Control handling variation of gaffed deck Side Steal 17
Karl Fulves The Right-Hand Pass with outjogged card Milennium Aces 53
Karl Fulves Half Ambitious Milennium Aces 57
Karl Fulves The Left Hand Pass Milennium Aces 58
Karl Fulves Logic Dice No. 29, divining chosen number, quarter turn instructionsRelated to Self-Working Table Magic 34
Karl Fulves One Hand Half Passes 1. Charlier Cut
2. The Jordan Half Pass
3. Fan Pass
4. Single Card
5. Table Pass
6. One-hand Cut
7. Thru-The-Fist Flourish
Related to Milennium Aces 59
Arthur Carter, Dai Vernon, Karl Fulves The Red Prediction No. 30, invisible die, "you will chose the only red card" Self-Working Table Magic 35
Karl Fulves Conjuror's Collection chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 38
Karl Fulves Foolzum with the Neal Elias half pass, variation with twenty-six double backers Milennium Aces 67
Karl Fulves Flip Over openly done Milennium Aces 69
Karl Fulves Side Steal Technique Side Steal 26
Karl Fulves The Apple Monster No. 35, apple thrown on the floor bounces back, behind table, large bite has been taken from apple Self-Working Table Magic 46
Karl Fulves Swindle Steal card is apparently side stealed to impress magicians Side Steal 27
Stephen Tucker Hypno spectator stops dealing at his card because he sees a line drawn it, hypnosis presentationVariations Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 5) 80
Karl Fulves Free Form Steal left thumb stays at the SIDE of deck Side Steal 28
Karl Fulves Introduction Self-Working Table Magic iv
Karl Fulves The One-Hand Side Steal Side Steal 50
Karl Fulves Money Magic chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 1
Karl Fulves Calculated Capital No. 39, result turned over gives city, gag Self-Working Table Magic 49
Karl Fulves Turncolors four reds and four blacks are shuffled and four cards of the same color turn over one at a time Milennium Aces 79
Karl Fulves Instant Aces Milennium Aces 83
Karl Fulves The Cut/Deal Problem three aces and kings are put on top, spectator deals for two players, "self-stacking" Side Steal 48
Karl Fulves Playback Poker two cards from two poker hands turn over and change places Milennium Aces 88
Karl Fulves Psychic Tricks chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 54
Dr. Jacob Daley Incomplete Side Steal plus applications
- Variation In Handling
Related to Side Steal 9
Karl Fulves, Royal Vale Heath Left-Handed Thoughts No. 45, different coin in each hand, spectator does quick mental calculation and performer is able to name the result Self-Working Table Magic 55
Karl Fulves Unlisted Numbers No. 47, medium divines which of two credit cards is selected and if it belongs to a man or a woman, test is repeated and as a climax medium names several digits of the card Self-Working Table Magic 57
Karl Fulves Right on Time No. 48, performer pretends to have an accurate mental clock, interval can be stopped precisely Self-Working Table Magic 59
Karl Fulves The Mind Transmitter No. 49, pen code, coin value divined by medium Self-Working Table Magic 60
Karl Fulves The Eight-Object Test No. 51, thought of object is divined, eight object in box, spectator has to spell his, a letter for each object that is taken by the performer Self-Working Table Magic 63
Karl Fulves Behind Closed Doors No. 52, circle / triangle Self-Working Table Magic 63
Karl Fulves, Oscar Weigle, Bob Hummer The Borgia Cup No. 53, three cups, poisoned glass is found Self-Working Table Magic 64
Karl Fulves Applications 3. Side Steal Placement, hole card is placed Side Steal 39
Karl Fulves Elastic Illusions chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 67
Karl Fulves Tale Twister No. 55, variation on Elmsley's Twister with two pensInspired by Self-Working Table Magic 68
Karl Fulves Slippery Shears No. 56, rubber band on scissors, us freed under handkerchief Self-Working Table Magic 69
Bob Hummer, Unknown Million-Dollar Mystery No. 9, twelve coins on table, spectator can remove some and coins with heads and tales up are divined, blindfoldedRelated to Self-Working Table Magic 13
Karl Fulves, Jerry K. Hartman, William Zavis, Arthur Schwartz, George Robinson Too Good thoughts on books with secrets that are "too good"Inspired by Interlocutor (Issue 44) 173
Karl Fulves Magic Show in a Matchbox chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 15
Karl Fulves Want Ads people looking for Fulves publications Interlocutor (Issue 44) 175
Karl Fulves Mexican IV monte/twist combo with four Ace finaleInspired by Mexican IV 1
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Psychology Of The Psychic by David Marks (written by Richard Kammann) Interlocutor (Issue 44) 175
Danny Nelson Sign of the Tarot prediction of two cards of the Major Arcana, in concept similar to Fulves' Gemini TwinsRelated to The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 282) 1407
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magico Magazine Publications - Mainly Mental II by C. L. Boarde Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Chap's Scrapbook by Frank Chapman Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves Feet Notes with credit information on the Through-the-Fist Flourish Mexican IV 7
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Nu Way Book Test by Alain Nu Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves Hanky Panky chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 77
David Smith Coin Cuff coin vanish, balanced on elbow and apparently caught with handVariations Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 7) 129
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magic On Wry by Jack Paul Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Bobo Lecture No. 2 by J. B. Bobo Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Incredible Secret Money Machine by Don Lancaster Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves Transposition No. 65, traveling knot, two handkerchiefs Self-Working Table Magic 79
Karl Fulves A Star Is Born credit information about Richard Kaufman's Stars of Magic TrickRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 45) 177
Karl Fulves Additions to the Second Edition Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 110
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Ray Grismer Publications - Charts by Ray Grismer Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Thirty by Ray Grismer Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Arcane by Jeff Busby Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magico Publications various things Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Paper Magic by Harry Houdini Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves Variable History more on Harry Lorayne's credit claimsInspired by Interlocutor (Issue 46) 181
Karl Fulves Linear A Power of Thought variations, posed as problemRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves Hard Core Aces several cards spelled to, then spectator spell to all four Aces, posed as problemRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner Comedy Vanish No. 70, pencil under handkerchief vanishes and appears in mouth Self-Working Table Magic 84
Karl Fulves Everywhere odd-backed version, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves The Gathering Ace through Four in square formation turn over one by one under cover, then change to Aces, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves Midnite Torn Card corner of whole deck missing, corner selected and held to missing-corner of deck, reattaches to correct card, posed as problemVariations Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Creative Card Magic of William P. Miesel by William P. Miesel Interlocutor (Issue 46) 184
Karl Fulves Close-Up Illusions chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 91
Karl Fulves (reviewer) That Certain Something by Roy Walton Interlocutor (Issue 46) 184
Karl Fulves (reviewer) With Deck In Hand by Roger Sherman Interlocutor (Issue 46) 184
Martin Gardner, Karl Fulves, R. M. Jamison Looking-Glass Logic No. 78, sentences and letters in reflection of a mirror change meaning Self-Working Table Magic 96
Karl Fulves The Covered Top Palm method for palming the second, third... card from top (even center)
- CTP Notes
Side Steal 45
Mel Stover, Howard Lyons, Karl Fulves The Fifth Dimension No. 80, hyper card routineRelated to Self-Working Table Magic 100
Karl Fulves Further Cover for Fulves' "Covered Top Palm"
- Reference Note
Side Steal 49
Karl Fulves The Linking Pins chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 103
Karl Fulves, James G. Thompson Jr. Safety Pin-Up No. 81, classic unlink Self-Working Table Magic 103
Karl Fulves Quick Release No. 86, quickly unlink safety ins as a bar bet Self-Working Table Magic 108
Karl Fulves Pin-A.Tration No. 87, two linked safety pins penetrate handkerchief one by one, MacCarthy fold Self-Working Table Magic 109
Karl Fulves Steal to Place peeked card is placed (for example at twenty-six) Side Steal 58
Karl Fulves Pen-Ultimate Magic chapter intro Self-Working Table Magic 112
Karl Fulves Twogether two eleven-card packets with Ace through Jack from two decks are dealt, predicted value matches in position and backs transpose The Chronicles (Issue 29) 1352
Karl Fulves Switch Out Braue Reversal as switch The Chronicles (Issue 29) 1352
Karl Fulves Synchro red-blue double backer The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1357
Karl Fulves Write Off No. 95, pen transforms into pencil Self-Working Table Magic 118
Jack Avis Optical Notes variationsInspired by The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1360
Karl Fulves Card Popper "Two Tricks"Inspired by The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1362
Karl Fulves Checkers "Two Tricks"
three reds and three blacks alternated, dealing procedure to separate colors or turn every other card over
The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1363
Karl Fulves Chronologue last issue, Doug Henning special The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1363
Karl Fulves Learning To Steal Side Steal 1
Karl Fulves OH - The Preliminaries intro for one-handed side steal Side Steal 44
Karl Fulves New For 1960 essays dates 1960 and earlier Origins 1
Karl Fulves Film To Life filming tricks Origins 3
Karl Fulves Art And Magic comparing magic to jokes and art Origins 3
Karl Fulves Improvements Origins 5
Karl Fulves Buckle Buckle Side Steal 7
Karl Fulves The Filmed Version objectivity Origins 5
Karl Fulves Peek Control quick running cut Side Steal 22
Karl Fulves Anatomy Of The Effect on definition of effect Origins 6
Karl Fulves White Line Problem not crossing a line during performance, no-touch conditionRelated to Origins 8
Karl Fulves Block Analysis finding opportunity for method Origins 9
Karl Fulves Traveling Sticker spectator sticks sticker on card, vanishes from card and reappears in case, no-touch conditionsRelated to Origins 9
Karl Fulves Suicide Structure "all tricks are self-revealing" Origins 11
Karl Fulves Boundary Value Problems counting interaction with spectators Origins 11
Karl Fulves What's The Method? Origins 12
Karl Fulves The Law Of Stupid Audiences spectators are not stupid Origins 13
Karl Fulves Art Imitating Art magic doesn't imitate life Origins 13
Karl Fulves Anatomy Of Method Origins 14
Karl Fulves Mindreader's Dream can a real mindreader be fooled? Origins 15
Karl Fulves Effect = Method Origins 16
Karl Fulves ESP and Dice con bet with dice rolls Origins 16
Karl Fulves Method Times Five one of five predicted, on multiple out principle Origins 17
Karl Fulves Shadow vs. Substance Origins 17
Karl Fulves Almost Card To Wallet spectator choses card and puts stamp on it, stamp disappears and travels to spectator's own walletRelated to Origins 19
Karl Fulves The Word Machine on letter and word frequencies Origins 23
Karl Fulves Four-Letter Words Origins 24
Karl Fulves Loose Marbles Origins 24
Karl Fulves The Frequent E Origins 24
Karl Fulves Like English words that look like they belong to a language Origins 25
Dan MacMillan The Educated Poker Hand card travels from Royal Flush packet to deckInspired by Cards - With a Different Touch 49
Karl Fulves The King's English predicting a word that starts with y, indexRelated to Origins 26
Dan MacMillan Lottery three cards face-down on table, spectator puts ace on the right one to complete a blackjack handInspired byVariations Cards - With a Different Touch 50
Karl Fulves Crypto Books thought on book tests and random numbers Origins 27
Karl Fulves Crossed Words on probabilistic word divination Origins 28
Karl Fulves The PERFECT Book Test description of conditions Origins 29
Karl Fulves True Test Conditions progressive anagrams applied to book testInspired byRelated toVariations Origins 30
Karl Fulves Addenda Origins 32
Karl Fulves Self-Duplicating Set-Ups Origins 33
Karl Fulves Double Thrusts behind the back stab of two cards Side Steal 59
Karl Fulves Infinite Regress word play Origins 35
Karl Fulves Real To Reel tape that records itself Origins 39
Karl Fulves Super Sentences paradox sentencesRelated to Origins 40
Karl Fulves Self-Reproducing Machines Related to
  • L. S. Penrose in Scientific American (June 1959)
Origins 41
Karl Fulves Hindsight Origins 44
Karl Fulves Well Stacked self-duplicating set-up intro Origins 45
Karl Fulves The Puritan Ethic self-duplicating set-up intro Origins 48
Karl Fulves A New Genetic Code self-duplicating set-up intro Origins 49
Karl Fulves What If... on mentalism with cards Fourcast 1
Karl Fulves Like Father self-duplicating set-up Origins 50
Karl Fulves Shuffling Off To Eden self-duplicating set-up Origins 52
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Fan Optics from a fanned deck, thought of card has different back color Fourcast 9
Karl Fulves By Two And Two one riffle shuffle, then pairs turned up, when odd-colored, the next pair is also odd-colored, when match, then the next is match Origins 54
Karl Fulves Centering one riffle shuffle, five cards considered, center card named when seeing some of the othersRelated to Origins 55
Karl Fulves