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Karl Fulves Shoot Out deck is wrapped with a rubber band, deck dropped on the table and the four aces shoot out Milennium Aces 38
Karl Fulves Alter Ego same gaffed case as in "Nightmare in Black" Milennium Aces 39
Karl Fulves Over Pass Milennium Aces 41
Karl Fulves Peek Trap Side Steal 22
Karl Fulves Under Pass while cutting the deck, seated Milennium Aces 43
Karl Fulves Gaffless Brainwave sorted red/black stackRelated to Milennium Aces 44
Karl Fulves Cull Substitute cutting action, ungaffed Milennium Aces 45
Karl Fulves Placement Palm multiple card with cutting action Side Steal 60
Karl Fulves Joker Thot joker is cut face down into the deck and changes into named card, also back changes Milennium Aces 46
Karl Fulves Scoring card game is played, score is predicted printed on a card Milennium Aces 47
Karl Fulves Dice Dexterity Self-Working Table Magic 26
Karl Fulves Pass Key named card is produced with a keyInspired by Milennium Aces 47
Karl Fulves Pass Partout system of notation Milennium Aces 50
Karl Fulves Little Trix eight cards, joker is reversed in the middle, one of the eight cards is named and the joker changes into selection Milennium Aces 52
Karl Fulves Final Effects Milennium Aces 52
Karl Fulves Pass Generators on half passes Milennium Aces 52
Karl Fulves Mind Control handling variation of gaffed deck Side Steal 17
Karl Fulves The Right-Hand Pass with outjogged card Milennium Aces 53
Karl Fulves Half Ambitious Milennium Aces 57
Karl Fulves The Left Hand Pass Milennium Aces 58
Karl Fulves One Hand Half Passes 1. Charlier Cut
2. The Jordan Half Pass
3. Fan Pass
4. Single Card
5. Table Pass
6. One-hand Cut
7. Thru-The-Fist Flourish
Related to Milennium Aces 59
Arthur Carter, Dai Vernon, Karl Fulves The Red Prediction No. 30, invisible die, "you will chose the only red card" Self-Working Table Magic 35
Karl Fulves Conjuror's Collection Self-Working Table Magic 38
Karl Fulves Foolzum with the Neal Elias half pass, variation with twenty-six double backers Milennium Aces 67
Karl Fulves Flip Over openly done Milennium Aces 69
Karl Fulves Side Steal Technique Side Steal 26
Karl Fulves The Apple Monster No. 35, apple thrown on the floor bounces back, behind table, large bite has been taken from apple Self-Working Table Magic 46
Karl Fulves Swindle Steal card is apparently side stealed to impress magicians Side Steal 27
Karl Fulves Free Form Steal left thumb stays at the SIDE of deck Side Steal 28
Karl Fulves Introduction Self-Working Table Magic iv
Karl Fulves The One-Hand Side Steal Side Steal 50
Karl Fulves Money Magic Self-Working Table Magic 1
Karl Fulves Calculated Capital No. 39, result turned over gives city, gag Self-Working Table Magic 49
Karl Fulves Turncolors four reds and four blacks are shuffled and four cards of the same color turn over one at a time Milennium Aces 79
Karl Fulves Instant Aces Milennium Aces 83
Karl Fulves The Cut/Deal Problem three aces and kings are put on top, spectator deals for two players, "self-stacking" Side Steal 48
Karl Fulves Playback Poker two cards from two poker hands turn over and change places Milennium Aces 88
Karl Fulves Psychic Tricks Self-Working Table Magic 54
Dr. Jacob Daley Incomplete Side Steal plus applications
- Variation In Handling
Related to Side Steal 9
Karl Fulves, Royal Vale Heath Left-Handed Thoughts No. 45, different coin in each hand, spectator does quick mental calculation and performer is able to name the result Self-Working Table Magic 55
Karl Fulves Unlisted Numbers No. 47, medium divines which of two credit cards is selected and if it belongs to a man or a woman, test is repeated and as a climax medium names several digits of the card Self-Working Table Magic 57
Karl Fulves Right on Time No. 48, performer pretends to have an accurate mental clock, interval can be stopped precisely Self-Working Table Magic 59
Karl Fulves The Mind Transmitter No. 49, pen code, coin value divined by medium Self-Working Table Magic 60
Karl Fulves The Eight-Object Test No. 51, thought of object is divined, eight object in box, spectator has to spell his, a letter for each object that is taken by the performer Self-Working Table Magic 63
Karl Fulves Behind Closed Doors No. 52, circle / triangle Self-Working Table Magic 63
Karl Fulves, Oscar Weigle, Bob Hummer The Borgia Cup No. 53, three cups, poisoned glass is found Self-Working Table Magic 64
Karl Fulves Applications 3. Side Steal Placement, hole card is placed Side Steal 39
Karl Fulves Elastic Illusions Self-Working Table Magic 67
Karl Fulves Tale Twister No. 55, variation on Elmsley's Twister with two pens Self-Working Table Magic 68
Karl Fulves Slippery Shears No. 56, rubber band on scissors, us freed under handkerchief Self-Working Table Magic 69
Bob Hummer, Unknown Million-Dollar Mystery No. 9, twelve coins on table, spectator can remove some and coins with heads and tales up are divined, blindfoldedRelated to Self-Working Table Magic 13
Karl Fulves, Jerry K. Hartman, William Zavis, Arthur Schwartz, George Robinson Too Good thoughts on books with secrets that are "too good"Inspired by Interlocutor (Issue 44) 173
Karl Fulves Magic Show in a Matchbox Self-Working Table Magic 15
Karl Fulves Want Ads people looking for Fulves publications Interlocutor (Issue 44) 175
Karl Fulves Mexican IV monte/twist combo with four Ace finaleInspired by Mexican IV 1
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Psychology Of The Psychic by David Marks (written by Richard Kammann) Interlocutor (Issue 44) 175
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magico Magazine Publications - Mainly Mental II by C. L. Boarde Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Chap's Scrapbook by Frank Chapman Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves Feet Notes with credit information on the Through-the-Fist Flourish Mexican IV 7
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Nu Way Book Test by Alain Nu Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves Hanky Panky Self-Working Table Magic 77
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magic On Wry by Jack Paul Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Bobo Lecture No. 2 by J. B. Bobo Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Incredible Secret Money Machine by Don Lancaster Interlocutor (Issue 44) 176
Karl Fulves Transposition No. 65, traveling knot, two handkerchiefs Self-Working Table Magic 79
Karl Fulves A Star Is Born credit information about Richard Kaufman's Stars of Magic TrickRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 45) 177
Karl Fulves Additions to the Second Edition Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 110
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Ray Grismer Publications - Charts by Ray Grismer Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Thirty by Ray Grismer Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Arcane by Jeff Busby Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magico Publications various things Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Paper Magic by Harry Houdini Interlocutor (Issue 45) 180
Karl Fulves Variable History more on Harry Lorayne's credit claimsInspired by Interlocutor (Issue 46) 181
Karl Fulves Linear A Power of Thought variations, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves Hard Core Aces several cards spelled to, then spectator spell to all four Aces, posed as problemRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner Comedy Vanish No. 70, pencil under handkerchief vanishes and appears in mouth Self-Working Table Magic 84
Karl Fulves Everywhere odd-backed version, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves The Gathering Ace through Four in square formation turn over one by one under cover, then change to Aces, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves Midnite Torn Card corner of whole deck missing, corner selected and held to missing-corner of deck, reattaches to correct card, posed as problemVariations Interlocutor (Issue 46) 183
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Creative Card Magic of William P. Miesel by William P. Miesel Interlocutor (Issue 46) 184
Karl Fulves Close-Up Illusions Self-Working Table Magic 91
Karl Fulves (reviewer) That Certain Something by Roy Walton Interlocutor (Issue 46) 184
Karl Fulves (reviewer) With Deck In Hand by Roger Sherman Interlocutor (Issue 46) 184
Martin Gardner, Karl Fulves, R. M. Jamison Looking-Glass Logic No. 78, sentences and letters in reflection of a mirror change meaning Self-Working Table Magic 96
Karl Fulves The Covered Top Palm method for palming the second, third... card from top (even center)
- CTP Notes
Side Steal 45
Mel Stover, Howard Lyons, Karl Fulves The Fifth Dimension No. 80, hyper card routineRelated to Self-Working Table Magic 100
Karl Fulves Further Cover for Fulves' "Covered Top Palm"
- Reference Note
Side Steal 49
Karl Fulves The Linking Pins Self-Working Table Magic 103
Karl Fulves, James G. Thompson Jr. Safety Pin-Up No. 81, classic unlink Self-Working Table Magic 103
Karl Fulves Quick Release No. 86, quickly unlink safety ins as a bar bet Self-Working Table Magic 108
Karl Fulves Pin-A.Tration No. 87, two linked safety pins penetrate handkerchief one by one, MacCarthy fold Self-Working Table Magic 109
Karl Fulves Steal to Place peeked card is placed (for example at twenty-six) Side Steal 58
Karl Fulves Pen-Ultimate Magic Self-Working Table Magic 112
Karl Fulves Twogether two eleven-card packets with Ace through Jack from two decks are dealt, predicted value matches in position and backs transpose The Chronicles (Issue 29) 1352
Karl Fulves Switch Out Braue Reversal as switch The Chronicles (Issue 29) 1352
Karl Fulves Loophole Logic No. 90, pen with looped string through handle of mug, puzzle Self-Working Table Magic 114
Karl Fulves Synchro red-blue double backer The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1357
Karl Fulves Write Off No. 95, pen transforms into pencil Self-Working Table Magic 118
Jack Avis Optical Notes variationsInspired by The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1360
Karl Fulves Card Popper "Two Tricks"Inspired by The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1362
Karl Fulves Checkers "Two Tricks"
three reds and three blacks alternated, dealing procedure to separate colors or turn every other card over
The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1363
Karl Fulves Chronologue last issue, Doug Henning special The Chronicles (Issue 30) 1363
Karl Fulves Learning To Steal Side Steal 1
Karl Fulves OH - The Preliminaries intro for one-handed side steal Side Steal 44
Karl Fulves New For 1960 essays dates 1960 and earlier Origins 1
Karl Fulves Film To Life filming tricks Origins 3
Karl Fulves Art And Magic comparing magic to jokes and art Origins 3
Karl Fulves Improvements Origins 5
Karl Fulves Buckle Buckle Side Steal 7
Karl Fulves The Filmed Version objectivity Origins 5
Karl Fulves Peek Control quick running cut Side Steal 22
Karl Fulves Anatomy Of The Effect on definition of effect Origins 6
Karl Fulves White Line Problem not crossing a line during performance, no-touch conditionRelated to Origins 8
Karl Fulves Block Analysis finding opportunity for method Origins 9
Karl Fulves Traveling Sticker spectator sticks sticker on card, vanishes from card and reappears in case, no-touch conditionsRelated to Origins 9
Karl Fulves Suicide Structure "all tricks are self-revealing" Origins 11
Karl Fulves Boundary Value Problems counting interaction with spectators Origins 11
Karl Fulves What's The Method? Origins 12
Karl Fulves The Law Of Stupid Audiences spectators are not stupid Origins 13
Karl Fulves Art Imitating Art magic doesn't imitate life Origins 13
Karl Fulves Anatomy Of Method Origins 14
Karl Fulves Mindreader's Dream can a real mindreader be fooled? Origins 15
Karl Fulves Effect = Method Origins 16
Karl Fulves ESP and Dice con bet with dice rolls Origins 16
Karl Fulves Method Times Five one of five predicted, on multiple out principle Origins 17
Karl Fulves Shadow vs. Substance Origins 17
Karl Fulves Almost Card To Wallet spectator choses card and puts stamp on it, stamp disappears and travels to spectator's own walletRelated to Origins 19
Karl Fulves The Word Machine on letter and word frequencies Origins 23
Karl Fulves Four-Letter Words Origins 24
Karl Fulves Loose Marbles Origins 24
Karl Fulves The Frequent E Origins 24
Karl Fulves Like English words that look like they belong to a language Origins 25
Dan MacMillan The Educated Poker Hand card travels from Royal Flush packet to deckInspired by Cards - With a Different Touch 49
Karl Fulves The King's English predicting a word that starts with y, indexRelated to Origins 26
Dan MacMillan Lottery three cards face-down on table, spectator puts ace on the right one to complete a blackjack handInspired byVariations Cards - With a Different Touch 50
Karl Fulves Crypto Books thought on book tests and random numbers Origins 27
Karl Fulves Crossed Words on probabilistic word divination Origins 28
Karl Fulves The PERFECT Book Test description of conditions Origins 29
Karl Fulves True Test Conditions progressive anagrams applied to book testInspired byVariations Origins 30
Karl Fulves Addenda Origins 32
Karl Fulves Self-Duplicating Set-Ups Origins 33
Karl Fulves Double Thrusts behind the back stab of two cards Side Steal 59
Karl Fulves Infinite Regress word play Origins 35
Karl Fulves Real To Reel tape that records itself Origins 39
Karl Fulves Super Sentences paradox sentencesRelated to Origins 40
Karl Fulves Self-Reproducing Machines Related to
  • L. S. Penrose in Scientific American (June 1959)
Origins 41
Karl Fulves Hindsight Origins 44
Karl Fulves Well Stacked self-duplicating set-up intro Origins 45
Karl Fulves The Puritan Ethic self-duplicating set-up intro Origins 48
Karl Fulves A New Genetic Code self-duplicating set-up intro Origins 49
Karl Fulves What If... on mentalism with cards Fourcast 1
Karl Fulves Like Father self-duplicating set-up Origins 50
Karl Fulves Shuffling Off To Eden self-duplicating set-up Origins 52
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Fan Optics from a fanned deck, thought of card has different back color Fourcast 9
Karl Fulves By Two And Two one riffle shuffle, then pairs turned up, when odd-colored, the next pair is also odd-colored, when match, then the next is match Origins 54
Karl Fulves Centering one riffle shuffle, five cards considered, center card named when seeing some of the othersRelated to Origins 55
Karl Fulves Side Steal Reverse as deck is turned over Side Steal 17
Karl Fulves Past Performance sandwiched card Side Steal 43
Karl Fulves Trapped in the Past sandwiched card Side Steal 40
Karl Fulves, Charles T. Jordan, Joseph Ovette, U. F. Grant The Buddha Bet "can you see your suit/value... here?", set-upInspired byRelated to Fourcast 12
Karl Fulves 4-Ever spectator cuts, remembers card and replaces, faroRelated to Fourcast 16
Karl Fulves 4-More quicker version of 4-Ever Fourcast 17
Karl Fulves 4-See performer's card is found next to selection Fourcast 18
Karl Fulves 4-Bidden Fourcast 19
Alex Elmsley Mental Boxer six cards are divined after cards are mixed face-up face-down, gray codeRelated to Fourcast 22
Karl Fulves Psychic Option method for finding out the suit or position of a cut to card, three variationsVariations Fourcast 25
Karl Fulves Sorting the Suits locating a card Fourcast 32
Karl Fulves Other Peek Techniques letting a spectator peek at a card Side Steal 23
Karl Fulves The Crooked Clue Related to Fourcast 36
Karl Fulves Peek Technique Side Steal 20
Karl Fulves For Openers on gambling tricks Octet 1
Karl Fulves Hokum Notes variations on the impromptu stacking method Octet 7
Karl Fulves Kannibal Draw Poker Problem #1, poker hand with jacks, added cards vanish, transformation into Royal Flush, posed as a problem Octet 8
Karl Fulves Simple Side Steal with shuffle Side Steal 3
Karl Fulves Steal and Shuffle Side Steal 13
Bruce Cervon, Karl Fulves Pivot Production Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4, No. 7) 506
Karl Fulves Clip Position Side Steal 15
Karl Fulves Notes by Karl Fulves "Poker Triumph" variation, with color changing back kicker for four-of-a-kind Octet 12
Karl Fulves Throw Steal card is retained in Clip Position Side Steal 39
Karl Fulves Recursive Draw spectator repeatedly gets aces, then changes for a royal flush, funny presentationRelated to Octet 13
Karl Fulves 5 As 5 while hiding one, as stackingRelated to Octet 15
Karl Fulves Mental Stud Poker Problem #1, spectator names any card which turns out to be hole card Octet 17
Karl Fulves Shirt Pocket side steal application Side Steal 34
Karl Fulves Quant Notes notes on preceding "Quant Quirk" Octet 21
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner Rubik Cube Swindles - solving cube by touch with marked colors
- divining thought-of colors with cube ("can you see your color on this side?")
- mis-colored cube as practical joke
Octet 23
Karl Fulves I. Q. Poker after some guessing game performer receives four-of-a-kind from shuffled deck, stacking as other cards are removed from deck Octet 26
Karl Fulves The Buckle Steal method for pushing out card Side Steal 5
Karl Fulves Modified Side Steal card is transfered to tabled packet Side Steal 14
Karl Fulves Elliott's Run-Ups Poker Problem #3, on the incomplete notes in "Elliott's Last Legacy" Octet 31
Karl Fulves Cut and Steal card is transfered to tabled packet Side Steal 18
Karl Fulves Cut and Double Steal card is transfered to tabled packet Side Steal 20
Karl Fulves, Gene Maze Basic Black Poker Problem #4, black jack handed to spectator and five cards dealt into face-down row, spectator finds Ace to make Black Jack, other four cards are deuces Octet 34
Karl Fulves Control to the Bottom Side Steal 38
Karl Fulves Fourth of Habit four indifferent cards put on table, one changes into selection, then four Kings are dealt, first tricks sets up second Octet 35
Harvey Rosenthal Another Technicolor Oddity with five red and five black cardsInspired byRelated to Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. 20) 387
Reinhard Müller Progressive 'Quick as a Wink' aces turnover, sandwichInspired by Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. Special #1 (Summer)) 42
Karl Fulves Imprompqu's "As the title indicates, at least 6 of the tricks in this manuscript are impromptu. Almost all of the material is from the late 50's/early 60's." Six Impromptu Card Tricks 1
Karl Fulves Hocus Focus on using gaffed cards, content dated to 1968 Hocus Poker 1
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker four fours with face-down card in middle shown, packet turned over to show "hole card" which is also a four, then other four cards change to aces, using diagonally divided cardsRelated to Hocus Poker 3
Stephen Tucker Poker Logic with two poker dice, card predictionInspired by Spell-Binder (Vol. 1, No. 12) 219
Philip T. Goldstein, Stewart James Ice Dice chosen values lie at chosen numbers, imaginary diceRelated toAlso published here shuffled lecture 6
Karl Fulves Gaffed Card Note divided card that neither vertical nor diagonal but in between Hocus Poker 7
Karl Fulves Color Focus "Hocus Poker" in which hole card changes back color Hocus Poker 8
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker IV Hocus Poker 11
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker - Simple Hocus Poker 14
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker V Hocus Poker 16
Karl Fulves Hocus Notus note on previous trick Hocus Poker 19
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker - Again using step gaff with four indices, including variation "With A Borrowed Deck" Hocus Poker 20
Karl Fulves Impromptu Stud ungaffed method of "Hocus Poker", using deck Hocus Poker 22
Karl Fulves Discard Draw two pairs change into the acesInspired by
  • "Double Deland" (J. W. Sarles)
Hocus Poker 24
Karl Fulves Mechanical Cards notes on the history of, among others,
- Princess Card Trick
- Mene Tekel Deck
- Svengali
- Monte Cristo Cards
- Ever Ready Forcing Pack
- Brainwave
Hocus Poker 29
Karl Fulves Card Counting introduction and credit information Card Counting 1
Karl Fulves Digital Diamonds Ace, Two and Jack mixed according to rules over phoneInspired byRelated to Six Impromptu Card Tricks 3
Reinhard Müller Telefon Trick coin, key and pen on table and distributed into pockets by spectator, performer names locationInspired by Six Impromptu Card Tricks 5
Karl Fulves Ices and Kings four Aces, four Kings, two cards exchanged, stay separated, and so on, credit claimRelated toVariations Six Impromptu Card Tricks 6
Karl Fulves Indexed Poker spectator removes any straight flush, performer names it after looking through deck Card Counting 4
Karl Fulves Iced Notes comments on previous trick and presentational ideas Six Impromptu Card Tricks 10
Karl Fulves Digital Version spectator removes any straight flush, performer names it after looking through deck, optional edge-mark helps Card Counting 5
Karl Fulves One-Deck Card Trick two halves, performer moves card to spectator's half and vice versa, after looking through spectator's packet performer names selection, parallel principle Six Impromptu Card Tricks 12
Karl Fulves Snap Count hiding center card of 5 Pabular (Vol. 7, No. 5) 1043
Karl Fulves Lateral Leap chosen black card ends up in red packet at same positionRelated to Six Impromptu Card Tricks 15
Karl Fulves Time Sharing strategy to buy time for head work in card countingInspired by Card Counting 9
Karl Fulves 3-Handed Clock strategy to buy time for head work in card counting by playing a made-up three-handed game Card Counting 11
Roy Walton, Karl Fulves 31 Plus Ace through Six used, spectator choses three and performer takes other three, they call their numbers and whoever adds to 31 winsRelated toVariations Six Impromptu Card Tricks 17
Karl Fulves Parallex II fair conditions, apparently not all cards are seen to count them, "Parallax II" misspelledRelated to Card Counting 12
Karl Fulves Spectator Aces spectator deals cards on aces, then deals out whole packet, aces are gathered in one packet and placed in spectator's pocket where they change into indifferent cards, aces reproduced from performer's pocket, spectator does almost everything Six Impromptu Card Tricks 20
Karl Fulves Commitment cards apparently memorized, spectator exchanged two cards and those are found Card Counting 15
Karl Fulves Dollar Dodge diamond cut diamonds with Ace through Five, a bill is used in the handling Six Impromptu Card Tricks 23
J. W. Sarles, John Scarne An Amazing Memory card removed from half a deck is divined
- Not The Method
- How It's Done
Inspired by
  • a trick from "Scarne on Card Tricks"
Related toVariations
Card Counting 16
Karl Fulves 5-as-5 Count with bill openly between cards Six Impromptu Card Tricks 23
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Octet by Karl Fulves Epoptica (Issue 1) 48
Karl Fulves Three Packet Memory card removed from a third of the deck is named Card Counting 22
Karl Fulves Dextral Dollar diamond cut diamonds with Ace through Five, a bill is used in the handling, variation of previous trick Six Impromptu Card Tricks 25
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Fourcast by Karl Fulves Epoptica (Issue 1) 49
Karl Fulves Pointed Reminder small packet is cut in half with scissors, two matching halves are exchanged, performer divines which halves Card Counting 25
Karl Fulves Consumed four Kings placed on a dollar, all on top of deck, a King vanishes, when deck is cut, underneath dollar the King reappears Six Impromptu Card Tricks 25
Karl Fulves Notes For A Dollar doing false counts with bill between cards and other uses for billsRelated to Six Impromptu Card Tricks 27
Karl Fulves The Parallel Principle shuffled deck split in two halves, performer and spectator remove card and put it in other half, divined in illogical way with both selections being the same Card Counting 33
Karl Fulves Card Production from Bills two cards are produced from four bills Six Impromptu Card Tricks 28
Karl Fulves Telephone Puzzler impractical card counting over the phoneRelated to Card Counting 37
Karl Fulves Magna Match performer places prediction card down, then spectator chooses card, repeated a few times, book as impromptu easel Six Impromptu Card Tricks 29
Satya Ranjan Roy Novel Memory Trick with Cards non-mod card counting with negative numbers, for value and suit simultaneously, reprinted from Stanyon's, with "Notes by Karl Fulves"Related to
  • "27. Another Method" (Stanyon's Magic, Vol. 13 No. 4, Jan. 1913, p. 30)
Card Counting 40
Karl Fulves Magna II using book as impromptu easelInspired by Six Impromptu Card Tricks 32
Karl Fulves SRR + Stebbins missing card named by looking only through half the shuffled deck Card Counting 41
Karl Fulves Opus Pocus short routine with card transformations Six Impromptu Card Tricks 35
Karl Fulves Indian Poker spectator removes any card and a four-of-a-kind from shuffled deck, performer removes mate of first card, renamed "Roy-al Poker" in 2005 edition Card Counting 44
Karl Fulves Zenergy get-ready for Jaks routine Six Impromptu Card Tricks 38
Karl Fulves Fake Counting non-clocking method with riffle shuffled stack to name a freely removed cardRelated to Card Counting 46
Karl Fulves Drag Transfer from one deck to anotherRelated to Six Impromptu Card Tricks 39
Sam Schwartz Las Vegas Straight hole card Nine of Hearts, other cards almost make it a straight flush in hearts, other cards change to Clubs, then hole card to Ace of Clubs
effect by Fulves, method by Schwartz
Variations Las Vegas Straight 1
Karl Fulves Chaser card that spectator removes from half a deck is apparently predicted Card Counting 47
Karl Fulves Reference Notes credit information on previous trick Las Vegas Straight 2
Karl Fulves And Counting further thoughts on card counting, also with non-card items like divining date on removed coin from pile Card Counting 48
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles The Higher Elevation two methodsRelated to Six Impromptu Card Tricks 42
Karl Fulves Atlantic City Stud handling variationInspired by Las Vegas Straight 4
Ken Beale A Clock Trick rotating stack application, card in clock layout chosen by value of card chosen from restVariations Card Counting 31
Karl Fulves Bounce Black 4&4, all cards end with same color Six Impromptu Card Tricks 46
Karl Fulves Tactics four spot cards & four picture cards, "Pair Poker", spot cards transform into kings Six Impromptu Card Tricks 47
Karl Fulves Pointer Cards & Clocking Ideas Related to Card Counting 48
Thomas Alan Waters Decideal outcome is predictedInspired byRelated toAlso published here Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Deckalogue) 206
Jerry Andrus, Derek Dingle Super Floating Card rubber ball and card with holeRelated to The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 120
Michael Skinner, Karl Fulves, Al Flosso The Wonderful Coin Trick Revisited coin disappears and reappears, sucker trick with openly visible elastic thread, hook coin Intimate Magic 12
Karl Fulves Without Wires Wireless II 1
Karl Fulves General Rise Inspired by Wireless II 3
Karl Fulves Elevation with transparent handkerchief, wrong card rises, transform into selection Wireless II 4
Derek Dingle Illusion Aces Aces reverse between two Tens and change to Kings
- The Practical Handling
- The Purist Handling
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 79
Karl Fulves Rerun twenty cards, incomplete faro, two cards are selected and a third card is put into the back of the deck and flicked, first card flies out then the same on the table with the second card Wireless II 7
Karl Fulves Rocket Trap card is inserted in incomplete faro packet, red deuces as well and flicked, black deuces spring out with the selection in between Wireless II 11
Karl Fulves The Smaller Group four aces, named aces rises, posed as problem Wireless II 12
Karl Fulves Threadless DeKolta three selections, cards in case, handkerchiefInspired by Wireless II 13
Karl Fulves Roto-Rise selection jumps in perpendicular position in the middle of the deck, posed as problem Wireless II 16
Karl Fulves Sidereal Jump deck is tapped on the table and selection pops out Wireless II 17
Karl Fulves Divino devano deck to switch cards Wireless II 19
Karl Fulves Slide Out card is slid out, no break methodInspired by Wireless II 20
Karl Fulves Wireless II - Setting the Plunger
- Block Alignment
- Arise
- The Cheap Asrah Phase
Related to Wireless II 22
Karl Fulves Wireless Notes ideas on Wireless II Wireless II 28
Tan Hock Chuan, Karl Fulves After Tan pinky rise, credit claimRelated to Wireless II 33
Karl Fulves Rise and Fall two decks in glasses, card is pushed down in one deck and card rises in other deck, red backed card the appears in blue backed deck, posed as problem Wireless II 35
Karl Fulves Close-Up Zombie folded handkerchief is held in front of the deck, selection rises and floats behind the handkerchief à la Zombie Wireless II 36
Daryl Martinez, Karl Fulves Center Spin-Out Cut Variation in-the-hands method For Your Entertainment Pleasure 37
Karl Fulves Zombie Match book of matches rises behind a handkerchief and floats, in the end one of the matches lights spontaneously Wireless II 38
Karl Fulves Dollar Deck dollar bill is pulled through the deck and selection rises up Wireless II 43
Karl Fulves Card Problems - Clock Rise (joker inserted as as a handle of a clock, it jumps to next hours and transforms)
- Paradex (selection rises under handkerchief from glass, deck vanishes)
- Multiplex ( different possibilities of multiple rises)
Wireless II 46
Karl Fulves Fast Buck selection jumps from the deck, with a bill Wireless II 47
Karl Fulves A Few Uplifting Words T.V. Card Rise 1
Tommy Wonder, Karl Fulves Center Control Production similar to Cervon's Pivot Production without table Pabular (Vol. 7, No. 1) 980
Karl Fulves Lock Up cards in incomplete faro condition are sprung, springing stops at selected card T.V. Card Rise 15
Karl Fulves Aviator Aces named ace rises from card case, posed as problemVariations T.V. Card Rise 25
Tom Gagnon Electrostatic Recall card pivots outwards from incomplete faro condition, pin as gimmick, with "Notes by Karl Fulves" T.V. Card Rise 26
Karl Fulves Pinpoint Aces four aces out-jogged, deck on table on side, named ace pivots outInspired by T.V. Card Rise 31
Karl Fulves Needle Gimmick hiding needle gimmick in wallet T.V. Card Rise 32
Karl Fulves Out Pivot incomplete faro condition, cards pushed together and selection pivots outRelated to T.V. Card Rise 34
Karl Fulves Hardcore Aces borrowed deck, performer spells to four random cards in various languages, then spectator to all four acesRelated to Hardcore Aces 1
Karl Fulves Anytime Poker aces run up from shuffled deck, two-handed gameRelated toVariations Hardcore Aces 3
Karl Fulves Pseudo Pswitch poker hand transforms into Aces with pseudo move Hardcore Aces 4
Karl Fulves Linear A two halves, a card in one half reversed, when counted down a mate is in same position in other half, multiple methods
- L-A #1 to L-A #8
- Linear B
- Linear C
Related to Hardcore Aces 5
Karl Fulves Wrist Turn Misdirection Palm top card palmed as inserted card is shown again with turn of left hand Hardcore Aces 6
Karl Fulves The Breaks Ten of Spades to King of Spades placed under case, spectator choses random card, placed under box as well, changes into Ace of Spades to complete Royal Flush Hardcore Aces 9
Karl Fulves Sole Cannibal single cannibal card on top of one half, another card put on top vanishes Hardcore Aces 12
Karl Fulves Introduction about the Magic Square effect and some sources Instant Magic Square 1
Karl Fulves Comments on the Instant Magic Square Instant Magic Square 4
Karl Fulves Further Comments on the Magic Square 4x4 and 5x5 Instant Magic Square 5
Karl Fulves Ace Machine "No attempt was made to refine the handling; what is to follow is a first approximation to the solution." - true for all items Ace Machine 1
Karl Fulves Aces Over ace turns over between jokers, repeated with other aces
- The Fifth Ace (variation)
Ace Machine 1
Karl Fulves Illusion Aces ace turns over between jokers and changes to king, repeated with other aces Ace Machine 2
Karl Fulves Illusion Notes effect variations of Illusion Aces without methods, aces travel from envelope to sandwich Ace Machine 4
Karl Fulves Opposite Illusion aces produced between jokers one by one, without method Ace Machine 4
Karl Fulves Envelopus empty envelope placed between four aces, named ace travels inside Ace Machine 5
Karl Fulves And Then odd-backed blank card in envelope with hole transposes with named ace in hands Ace Machine 5
Karl Fulves Variation blank card in envelope against glass, ace in hand, suddenly envelope travels to hand and ace is inside, against glass only blank card Ace Machine 5
Karl Fulves Overthrow two kings turn over between jokers, then three Kings, then four Kings, they change to Aces Ace Machine 6
Karl Fulves Undercover Work aces separate on table, covered with cardboard, they turn over one by one on table Ace Machine 6
Karl Fulves Two Faced face of picture card changes direction in envelope with cut-out hole for face Ace Machine 6
Karl Fulves Sharpening Pencil in Card Case "the old pencil-sharpener in thumb tip gag" Ace Machine 6
Karl Fulves After Jordan "This material was compiled in 1963 but never published." After Jordan 1
Karl Fulves Known Unknown chosen card in black packet vanishes and appears in red packet at same positionInspired by After Jordan 1
Karl Fulves Curvature different coins and cards removed and remembered by spectators and shuffled back, performer blindfolded, all cards located and coins as well, coins leaves circular impressionInspired by After Jordan 2
Karl Fulves Nail Punch Location one or more cards, punched with fingers in different places After Jordan 2
Karl Fulves Trackinback NDO deck dealt into four piles, spectator removes a value pair from any pile which is divined by performer, riffle shuffle connectionInspired by After Jordan 3
Karl Fulves Submarine Ace Ace sinks down next to chosen cardInspired by After Jordan 4
Philip T. Goldstein Hof-Ace odd back color of acesInspired by Spell-Binder (Vol. 3, No. Special #3) 13
Karl Fulves Non-Sight Location performer names several cards from shuffled deck, using a card with torn-off cornerInspired by
  • "New Card Reading" (Charles Jordan)
After Jordan 5
Karl Fulves Late Arrival two decks with same back, random selection buried in one deck appears on top of other deck, impromptu duplicate from other deckInspired by After Jordan 6
Karl Fulves Open Switch one deck in each hand, when performer turns around they're switched After Jordan 6
Karl Fulves, Charles T. Jordan The Up-Down System out-of-room four spectators seal cards in envelope, performer divines them in dark room, featuring stacking systemInspired by After Jordan 7
Karl Fulves Girl Thots two spectators think of a card from a half-deck each, they're found in indirect way by removing a card and showing that the card is missing, two siamesa decksInspired by After Jordan 8
Karl Fulves Twist and Break a card breaks into two pieces as finale After Jordan 10
Karl Fulves Shuffle Off page by page commentary on claims in The Shank ShuffleRelated toVariations Shuffle Off 1
Karl Fulves Zarrow Transfer "using center pull-out as starting point" Shuffle Off 6
Philip T. Goldstein Oddment four aces and jack change to four jacks and aceInspired by Pabular (Vol. 7, No. 10) 1117
Karl Fulves Named Stranger Triumph effect mentioned, for method see referenceRelated to Shuffle Off 9
Karl Fulves Pre-Established Breaks credit informationRelated to Shuffle Off 10
Karl Fulves Center Transfer definition and credit information Shuffle Off 10
Karl Fulves Shuffle Matters on various riffle shuffle credits Shuffle Off 15
David Britland Tearing a Lady in Two two cards folded along two different axis and put in Card Warp configuration, torn in two, inner piece restoresInspired by Tearing a Lady in Two 1
Karl Fulves Red Magic No. 18, spectator places some red cards in his left and right jacket pockets, performer divines numbersAlso published here More Self-Working Card Tricks 26
Karl Fulves Odd Color Out No. 19, cards shuffled face-up/face-down via CATO by spectator, two selections made, performer handles cards and all face-up cards are red with a black selection and vice versaVariations More Self-Working Card Tricks 27
Karl Fulves Telephone Tricks chapter intro More Self-Working Card Tricks 31
John Northern Hilliard Twentieth-Century Telepathy No. 21, name codeVariations More Self-Working Card Tricks 31
Karl Fulves Introduction Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 109
Karl Fulves The Percival Code No. 22, alternate code systemsInspired by More Self-Working Card Tricks 33
Karl Fulves Controlled Shuffles chapter intro Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 112
Karl Fulves Run Up Systems chapter intro Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 128
Karl Fulves Overhand Shuffle Systems chapter intro Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 151
Karl Fulves The Restacking Problem chapter intro Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 191
Karl Fulves Shylock's Card No. 27, one of three Kings selected and divined over phoneInspired byAlso published here More Self-Working Card Tricks 37
Unknown The Connection No. 29, any card chosen, medium phoned instantly names it, ringing recordedAlso published here More Self-Working Card Tricks 39
Karl Fulves Linear Blackjack No. 30, game of Blackjack over the phone, performer knows which card to select to winAlso published here More Self-Working Card Tricks 41
Karl Fulves