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Karl Fulves Split Image II face-up version of "Pull Apart"Related to Pull Apart Notes 4
Karl Fulves Split Image III two Twos stick perpendicular in a half of the deck each, halves pushed together so Twos are out of sight, the two Twos then change into four AcesInspired byRelated to Pull Apart Notes 5
Karl Fulves Preface Swindle & Cheat 2
Karl Fulves Stretch Note card stretches between two halves of the deck Pull Apart Notes 6
Karl Fulves Sporting Events chapter intro Swindle & Cheat 3
Karl Fulves Spot Check four dice, performer always wins Swindle & Cheat 4
Karl Fulves Rapid Transitive six dice, performer wins Swindle & Cheat 5
Karl Fulves Tri Color six dice, performer and spectator each take 2, performer wins Swindle & Cheat 6
Karl Fulves Shareholder six dice, performer against two spectators, performer wins Swindle & Cheat 6
Karl Fulves Dominant Dice second phase for previous dice game Swindle & Cheat 7
Karl Fulves A Penny Saved coin layout, game with die, performer wins Swindle & Cheat 8
Karl Fulves High Stebbins (A) spectator cuts packet and takes top card, performer next, high card wins
(B) high card wins with 12 card packet, three cards each, performer has better odds
(C) high card wins variation with better odds for performer
(D) high card wins combined with faro shuffle to shift odds to 1st or 2nd player
Swindle & Cheat 10
Karl Fulves Alien Dice nontransitive dice principle with only two dice Swindle & Cheat 14
Karl Fulves Digit Detective two spectators play "high card wins" with a packet, performer divines card value that was added previously Swindle & Cheat 15
Karl Fulves Post Position horse race on paper Swindle & Cheat 16
Karl Fulves Paper Hanger stack of bills is cut, game with top bills, performer has better chances Swindle & Cheat 19
Karl Fulves The Cheshire Cat chips and cups are used for game in which performer has better chances Swindle & Cheat 20
Karl Fulves Crossroader poker chips chosen from two cups, high number wins, audience decides who wins in the long run Swindle & Cheat 23
Karl Fulves Square Numbers columns and rows in magic square as nontransitive set with special properties, applied to chips game
- The Basic Squares
- Alien Numbers
- Twofer
- Advantage Player
Swindle & Cheat 25
Karl Fulves Games Without Numbers chapter intro, Scissors-Rock-Paper Swindle & Cheat 25
Karl Fulves Paper Race four papers sticking out underneath cover, whoever choses the paper that is on top of the other's choice when cover is removed wins Swindle & Cheat 34
Karl Fulves Chain Reaction endless chain as game between two participants Swindle & Cheat 35
Karl Fulves Short Straw percentage game with three straws in three cups each Swindle & Cheat 38
Karl Fulves Playing The Slots box with 4 slots, performer and spectator chose one, more money comes out of performer's slot Swindle & Cheat 39
Karl Fulves Threesome percentage game with chips in cups Swindle & Cheat 41
Karl Fulves The Right Bettor percentage game with picture cards of animals Swindle & Cheat 42
Karl Fulves Road Race Swindle & Cheat 43
Karl Fulves Code Nine nontransitive game with cut-in-half tickets that have half numbers on themRelated to Swindle & Cheat 46
Michael Weber A Better Mousetrap three phases, based on Robert E. Neale's "The Trapdoor Card"Related to
  • Karl Fulves booklet "The Trapdoor Card", 1983 and David Britland's "Parallax" in Jim Sisti's "The Magic Menu"
Life Savers 130
Karl Fulves Markers ideas related to nontransitive games
- Simple Sets (Dualities, Royal Family)
- Unequal Sets
- A Nontransitive Pyramid
- Flat Dice
- Parity Dice (4 Thru 9 Dice, 2 Thru 10 Dice, 1 Thru 12 Dice, 36 Number Dice)
- House Dice
- High Percentage Games
- 3 Blind Dice
- Little Bingo
- Odds On
Swindle & Cheat 52
Karl Fulves Bibliography Nontransivity in print Swindle & Cheat 71
Edward Marlo Simplex Banded Card to Cardcase rubber band around cased deck, it vanishes, spectator removes deck and finds rubber band around selection in deckInspired by
  • "A Case Of A-Band-Ment" (Jim Patton, Riffling the Pasteboards - Again!)
Related to
Banded Deck Effects 28
Alex Elmsley Penny Plain performer brings card to special position corresponding with cut-off packet behind back, principle similar to Penelope PrincipleRelated toVariationsAlso published here The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 1 374
Karl Fulves "X" Card to Wallet Card to Wallet 26
Philip T. Goldstein Zenvelopes ten ESP cards in envelopes are sorted in pairs by spectatorInspired by Music City Conclave 1992 Notes 8
Karl Fulves Introduction 28 Card Tricks 1
Karl Fulves Ask the Cards a Question card to wallet with off-beat presentation involving blank cards with messages, card parked in jacket pocket before loaded 28 Card Tricks 2
Karl Fulves S and L "Satan and Lucifer", spectator choses mate of card in box 28 Card Tricks 4
Karl Fulves Box Spread Force card loaded under case, case dropped on tabled spread where spectator calls stop 28 Card Tricks 4
Karl Fulves No Fault folded paper in middle of deck is pulled and a four-of-a-kind jumps outRelated to 28 Card Tricks 6
Karl Fulves Switchback any card switched out via spread strip-out 28 Card Tricks 9
Karl Fulves Upwardly Mobile named ace jumps from bottom of deck to top 28 Card Tricks 11
Karl Fulves X-pert aces lost, then dealt off the top againInspired by
  • "X Marks the Plot" (Fulves, Cheat Sheet #2)
28 Card Tricks 11
Karl Fulves Good News Bad News card that remains outjogged transforms 28 Card Tricks 13
Karl Fulves Smear Center Double Lift 28 Card Tricks 13
Karl Fulves Procrastination Card Trick performer wants to find card, but other trick with Kings gets in the way 28 Card Tricks 16
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles O-Verse overhand shuffle reverse 28 Card Tricks 18
Karl Fulves Subplot spectator faces deck 28 Card Tricks 19
Karl Fulves Auto Gambler spectator gets four-of-a-kind after weird matching selection procedure, self-working 28 Card Tricks 20
Karl Fulves Autopilot Inspired by 28 Card Tricks 21
Karl Fulves Jiminy sandwich slides through deck and picks up selectionRelated to 28 Card Tricks 22
John Bannon The Ace-Man Cometh matching the cards with transformation after every phaseInspired by Smoke and Mirrors 92
Karl Fulves Daley Deal - Gaffed card addenda (with optional transformation climax) 28 Card Tricks 24
Karl Fulves Fotostatic Memory indifferent card inserted in card case changes into selection, case as instant camera 28 Card Tricks 26
Karl Fulves Two-Umff separating the revelation and the righteningVariations 28 Card Tricks 28
Karl Fulves Optimum Opener: Annexed Aces using "Riffle Shuffle Control" to control a selection and cull the aces from shuffled deck, negative cull 28 Card Tricks 30
Karl Fulves Trickonometry signed card in case transposes with signed card reversed in deck
- Cased Card Note (what to do with card left in case)
28 Card Tricks 33
Karl Fulves Semi Circular Reasoning semi-circular cut-out at flap of case disappears or restores or travels next to selection, posed as problem 28 Card Tricks 34
Karl Fulves The Usual Suspects spectator choses three cards which transform into cards to complete a four-of-a-kind 28 Card Tricks 35
Karl Fulves Biddle Stop Force spectator says stop, "Force Feed" 28 Card Tricks 36
Karl Fulves Ace Apparent one-handed cutting to aces, they're levered over one by one and left outjogged in different positions 28 Card Tricks 37
Karl Fulves Hideout selection vanishes from packet, the reappears again 28 Card Tricks 38
Karl Fulves Triumphant with transposition finaleInspired by 28 Card Tricks 39
Karl Fulves Random Stud stud version with randomly mixed face-up/face-down cards, dealer wins with royal flush 28 Card Tricks 40
Karl Fulves Steal and Deal spectator stops performer's deal at selection 28 Card Tricks 41
Karl Fulves Feedback / Force Feed card in center sandwiched, as sandwich is pulled out it is switched for top card, see next page for face-up versionRelated to 28 Card Tricks 42
Jerry K. Hartman Force Four card sandwiched in middle switched as sandwich is pulled out of deck, also with four cards sandwichedInspired by 28 Card Tricks 43
Karl Fulves Upcount four black cards removed, but selection was red, still found in packet, false count with upjogged cards 28 Card Tricks 45
Karl Fulves No Get-Ready Triple Lift running cut followed by multiple lift, initial break from bottom 28 Card Tricks 48
Karl Fulves Immersed Related to 28 Card Tricks 49
Karl Fulves Outfoxed apparent stacking with outjogged aces as demo, when dealt aces are openly dealt from center to spectator, yet performer gets aces, two methodsRelated to 28 Card Tricks 51
Karl Fulves Dime a Dozen 28 Card Tricks 54
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Eric F. Impey, Karl Fulves One-Hand Cut Production card dragged out with thumbRelated to
  • Secret Session, p. 47
28 Card Tricks 57
Karl Fulves DIY Double Drop Effect two cards from different decks match The Collected Almanac (Issue ) xxxiv
Karl Fulves Introduction Deceptive Practices 2
Karl Fulves Change X Change two chosen numbers via dice are counted down and a value of the other number is found in each case, selection found as wellInspired byRelated to Deceptive Practices 3
Karl Fulves Don't Ask repeat poker deal for two players, spectator wins and loses in final round Deceptive Practices 5
Karl Fulves Wire Room packet placed in case, selection paper clipped to top of case, cards removed until stopped, this card is forced and matches clipped selection, two methodsRelated to Deceptive Practices 7
Karl Fulves Bottom Deal from Case Deceptive Practices 9
Karl Fulves Gnomenclature with some references for the plotRelated to Deceptive Practices 11
Karl Fulves Juliet packet trick in which a card is signed with heart, it vanishes, card changes back and heart reappears Deceptive Practices 14
Karl Fulves Fly by Wire card paper clipped to case as prediction, card chosen from cased cards matches prediction, clip vanishes an reappears at mates with other color Deceptive Practices 17
Karl Fulves Median card predicted by 2 other cards - its value must be between the prediction cards, in second phase one of the prediction cards vanishes to make it fit Deceptive Practices 19
Karl Fulves Letter of Intent one of three envelopes chosen by exchanging number cards and adding some, number range force Deceptive Practices 20
Karl Fulves Bar Room Bingo cards distributed in six glasses, two glasses selected, aim is to get near 14 but not over Deceptive Practices 22
Karl Fulves The Parallel Police spectator choses card from 8-card packet and mixes the Jacks into packet with procedure, performer finds card without looking at any faces Deceptive Practices 24
Karl Fulves Face Value cards shuffled face-up/face-down, cards dealt into performers hand until he calls stop, number of face-down cards then equals face-up cardsInspired by Deceptive Practices 25
Karl Fulves A trick fragment predicting that all pairs come off with a red and a black card after riffle shuffle in off-beat way Deceptive Practices 26
Karl Fulves Push Thru Poker two Twos and an Ace shown in spread, Twos pushed through other two cards one by one, then change into AcesInspired by
  • coin idea from Dr. E. G. Ervin ("One From Two", Self-Working Coin Magic)
Deceptive Practices 27
Jack Carpenter Four at Once aces are produced one by one, then all at once with Freeman DisplayRelated to Modus Operandi 3
Karl Fulves AKA card selected, then pages in a dictionary are selected with card values, words are encircled on the pages and with those the performer divines the selection Deceptive Practices 30
Karl Fulves Wire Copy paper-clipped AS in center changes into selection Deceptive Practices 32
Karl Fulves Baby Grand Piano Trick, with red and black packet Deceptive Practices 34
Karl Fulves Blue Note Piano Trick, with red and black packet and odd-packet traveling card Deceptive Practices 35
Karl Fulves Red Shift count forcing a Two, jokers from beginning change in Twos to indicate value and position (22) of selection Deceptive Practices 36
William P. Miesel Right Here Is Your Card revelation of a selected card by spelling Your Card Is Right Here and forming na arrow with the packetsInspired byVariations The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 43) 772
Karl Fulves Future Glimpsed spectator choses two cards, they're aces, other aces are face-up in deck Deceptive Practices 37
Karl Fulves Diamond Jack Jr. selection in one half is at same position as detective card in other half, story really improvised with eight cards Deceptive Practices 39
Karl Fulves Background Deceptive Practices 41
Karl Fulves Overhand Shuffle Placement card under x cards Deceptive Practices 41
Karl Fulves A Trap Cut sandwiched card in deck turns out to be later selection Deceptive Practices 42
Karl Fulves Transfer of Power Aces cut into deck, rubber band around deck, it disappears and traps aces in centerRelated to Deceptive Practices 44
Karl Fulves Yumpin' Yake jacks cut into packet, rubber band around packet vanishes and traps jacks with previous selection Deceptive Practices 46
Karl Fulves A-B-C-D four piles, pile A dealt to A-B-C-D position, same with the others, problem about distribution after dealRelated to Deceptive Practices 47
Karl Fulves Counterfeit seven high red and one low black cards shuffled, performer claims to weigh out the odd card in several stages, it's red and all other cards changed to black Deceptive Practices 48
Karl Fulves Balancing Act spectator places some blacks in pocket, performer places some more there, number of pocketed blacks equals number of reds in a packet, varied repeat Deceptive Practices 50
Karl Fulves Second Approach Miraskill-type effect, but repeat has different outcome with same make-up of cardsInspired byRelated to Deceptive Practices 51
Karl Fulves An anti-Miraskil card problem Miraskill-Gilbreath-combination posed as problem Deceptive Practices 52
Karl Fulves Breakaway Palm top card palmed either in right hand, or held in unusual clip position between left fingers for color change application Deceptive Practices 53
Karl Fulves Wire Service paper clip transferred from AS to other card which then changes into AS Deceptive Practices 56
Karl Fulves Switchblade case held with deck in kind of switchblade knife position, selection travels into case, posed as problem Deceptive Practices 58
Karl Fulves Blindfold Aces aces arranged into a ten-card-packet by spectator, performer deals three hands and gets three Aces, three methodsRelated to Deceptive Practices 59
Karl Fulves Wrong Way William named ace should turn over, but instead three kings turn over and named ace is only card left face-down, two methods Deceptive Practices 62
Karl Fulves Background credit information Deceptive Practices 64
Karl Fulves Legal Tender card found by spelling words on dollar bill Deceptive Practices 65
Karl Fulves, Charles T. Jordan The Jordan Double Cut Inspired by Deceptive Practices 67
Karl Fulves By Proxy prediction card reversed on top of face-up deck turns out to be later selection Deceptive Practices 68
Karl Fulves Self Cutting Deck getting the deck to cut itself when wrapped with rubber band, posed as problemRelated to Deceptive Practices 69
Karl Fulves Zodiac Sell card chosen in spectator's hands, another card turns face-up, ZODIAC is spelled to find selection Deceptive Practices 70
Karl Fulves Turnover Draw two cards chosen by spectator, AH sandwiched and sandwich cut in deck, with cards on either side it forms a Royal Flush, Henry Christ Force handling Deceptive Practices 73
Karl Fulves A Martian Chronicle Deceptive Practices 75
Karl Fulves Mira, Mira Miraskill variations and problems, final pair's condition named Deceptive Practices 76
Karl Fulves Etaoin Shrdlu card divined via messy words typed on typewriterInspired byRelated to Deceptive Practices 77
Karl Fulves Witness six spectators with cards and pens, one of them writes an X on his card behind performers back, those with red cards must speak truth, black must lie, performer finds murdererInspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Deceptive Practices 78
Sam Schwartz Partner in Crime version of "Witness" in which criminal has a partnerInspired byRelated to Deceptive Practices 80
Karl Fulves Gnomenclature further commentsRelated to Supplement To Deceptive Practices 84
Karl Fulves Balancing Act - Second Approach further commentsRelated to Supplement To Deceptive Practices 84
Karl Fulves You Go First without adding or taking cards Supplement To Deceptive Practices 85
Karl Fulves Black List without adding or taking cards Supplement To Deceptive Practices 86
Karl Fulves Mirage riffle shuffle, after each matching pair next pair is placed aside unseen, one pile is all red the other all black Supplement To Deceptive Practices 87
Karl Fulves Witness further commentsRelated to Supplement To Deceptive Practices 88
Karl Fulves Etaoin Shrdlu further ideasRelated to Supplement To Deceptive Practices 88
Karl Fulves Transpo of Power transferring rubber band from one group of cards to anotherRelated to Supplement To Deceptive Practices 90
Karl Fulves Transfer Routine card travels from sandwich to sandwich with one rubber banded Supplement To Deceptive Practices 91
Karl Fulves Transfer Routine II substitution trunk routine with two cases, queens, kings and rubber band, no handling details Supplement To Deceptive Practices 92
Karl Fulves Reverse Power reversing one or more cards in rubber banded packet Supplement To Deceptive Practices 92
Karl Fulves Typecast word list printed from automatic typewriter with memory, chosen word predictedRelated to Typecast 93
Karl Fulves White Out spectator type something in typewriter without typing ribbon, duplicated by performer Typecast 98
Karl Fulves Pitch Control explaining a setting for typewriters Typecast 99
Karl Fulves Scared Sacred 50/50 word prediction with typewriter Typecast 99
Karl Fulves Number Force number from one to ten forced with typewriter Typecast 101
Karl Fulves Moving Marker one of five cards selected, predicted in memory function of typewriter Typecast 102
Karl Fulves Smiley Faces Typecast 105
Karl Fulves Fax To The Future one of five smiley faced predicted, typewriter has predicted it in memory function Typecast 105
Karl Fulves Digital Dating one of five choices predicted with typewriter Typecast 107
Karl Fulves Other Possibilities with automatic typewriter Typecast 107
Thomas Alan Waters Albertest prediction of a word is written and signed by performer and finally put in the book, first published in "New Invocation" No. 54, 1989Inspired by Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Magazine Miscellanea) 443
Ernest Earick The Case of the Inconstant Player adjusting five player stack if up to three leave or two arriveRelated to By Forces Unseen 192
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Center Control getting angle jog from step By Forces Unseen 160
Scott Robinson Riding the Wave mentally selected card is found reversed in the deck, three different handlingsRelated to The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 47) 842
Karl Fulves Introduction The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Issue )
Karl Fulves Day One date chosen by choosing some face-up and face-down cards from grid layout, looked up in diary, card noted there predicted, tapestry Crooked Tales 35
Karl Fulves Triumph With Math tapestry layout and foldover Crooked Tales 39
Karl Fulves Foldover Notes Related to Crooked Tales 40
Karl Fulves Techni-Trap duplicate sandwich card, also with odd-backed sandwich cards Crooked Tales 41
Karl Fulves Trapped By Strangers odd-backed sandwich cards Crooked Tales 43
Karl Fulves Strangers Call odd-backed sandwich cards, two selections Crooked Tales 45
Marty Kane Simplex Lie Speller Variations Facsimile (Issue 2) 32
Karl Fulves Rome and Juliet Theme making drawing over two cards, presentation idea Crooked Tales 46
Karl Fulves In Captivity signed card trapped by odd-backed sandwich cards, then the sandwich cards have regular back and selection an odd back Crooked Tales 47
Karl Fulves Red Square guessing color of next card, spectator has chance score, performer all correct Crooked Tales 51
Karl Fulves Dextral Draw spectator thinks of card in five-card-packet Crooked Tales 53
Karl Fulves Odd Number Theory five odd-valued cards, one thought of and performer removes four cards from pocket that are missing thought-of card to complete straight flush Crooked Tales 54
Karl Fulves Isolation Add packet a bit isolated during add on Crooked Tales 56
Karl Fulves Isolationist Poker five random card change into 5 (!) kings Crooked Tales 58
Karl Fulves Remember This shuffled deck apparently memorized, one riffle shuffle, performer checks and then names cards at 3 different positions, "Spread Correction"Inspired by Crooked Tales 59
Karl Fulves Cutting Corners two decks, pocketed by performer and spectator, each removes a card, corners torn off, rest exchanged in decks, cards and corners matchInspired by Crooked Tales 64
Dr. Stanley Jaks, Karl Fulves Jaks Two Deck Trick commentary by FulvesRelated to Crooked Tales 65
Karl Fulves Escapist king and queen packets, a card travels over Crooked Tales 66
Karl Fulves Astral Aces four odd-backed aces cut into deck, suddenly they're together in deck, they change into 5-card royal flush Crooked Tales 68
Karl Fulves Sub Text dealing procedure with cut-off part of envelope resulting in a card transposing with a card inside envelope part à la sub trunk, posed as problem, Tantalizer Crooked Tales 70
Karl Fulves No Pre-set four random cards, one turns over, it changes into selection Crooked Tales 71
Karl Fulves Add-On Reverse strip-out addition in which added cards are reversedRelated to Crooked Tales 71
Karl Fulves Up & About two cards selected and lost, then four random cards indicated, two of them change into selections Crooked Tales 72
Karl Fulves Alpha Matrix 6x5 grid of cards, rows and columns selected via values from other deck until 1 card remains, it's odd-backed Crooked Tales 73
Karl Fulves Matrix Notes Crooked Tales 74
Karl Fulves Unthought cards chosen by spectator in 4x4 layout find color-matches, other cards don't Crooked Tales 76
Karl Fulves Unpaired Poker value matchings in 4x4 layout Crooked Tales 77
Karl Fulves Erdnase's Envelope signed cards, in nested envelope is odd-backed prediction which then has signature Crooked Tales 78
Karl Fulves Bottom Deal Load loading card under envelopeRelated to Crooked Tales 80
Karl Fulves Thelma Thelma & Louise story trick with QC and QS and "stolen" diamonds Crooked Tales 82
Karl Fulves Jury Rigged card to cereal box, "cereal killer" patterRelated to Crooked Tales 84
Karl Fulves Covered Top Palm second from top, "Nottop Palm"Related to Crooked Tales 84
Karl Fulves Add-On Move very short bibliography for Vernon's move Crooked Tales 72
Karl Fulves Gambler's Switch Method simplified "Jury Rigged", card to cereal boxRelated to Crooked Tales 86
Karl Fulves Pendax one of five cards selected is divined, marks for long distance reading, three marking methods Crooked Tales 87
Karl Fulves Top Secret aces lost via tabled shuffles without crimps, then back on top Crooked Tales 90
Karl Fulves Red/Black Shuffles red-black order which unmixes with faro combination, posed as problem Crooked Tales 95
Karl Fulves Trapper Keeper two cards reversed at end that sandwich selection Crooked Tales 96
Karl Fulves Speed Counts clocking with stacked deck, posed as problem Crooked Tales 98
Karl Fulves Sub Plot card in case transposes with sandwich card in deck, "Sub Trunk Info", two methodsInspired by Crooked Tales 99
Karl Fulves Transpo Info credit information on "double cut used in conjunction with a transposition effect" Crooked Tales 101
Karl Fulves Vertical Addition deck held verticallyInspired by Crooked Tales 102
Karl Fulves Mitts card to glove Crooked Tales 102
Karl Fulves Who Calls? face-up/face-down mixed cards called to medium over phone who then names selection Crooked Tales 105
Karl Fulves Jonah & Jaws card placed in rubber banded deck vanishes and is brought in from waiter, card shoots away secretly Crooked Tales 106
Karl Fulves Auto Predict application of "Self Cutting Deck" problem to business card prophecy predictionRelated to Crooked Tales 108
Karl Fulves Repossessed Inspired by Crooked Tales 110
Karl Fulves Black Widow background notes on effectRelated to Crooked Tales 111
Karl Fulves Transport Palm from deck to wallet Crooked Tales 112
Karl Fulves Hofzinser's Wallet odd-backed aces from wallet placed on deck, one changes into signed selection (now odd-backed) Crooked Tales 114
Karl Fulves Count & Aces false count when removing from wallet one by oneInspired by
  • "Short Count" (S-C Contemporary Money Magic, 1985, p. 43)
Crooked Tales 115
Karl Fulves Logical Links starting and ending position is logical and what comes in between falls under the radarRelated to Crooked Tales 116
Karl Fulves Interior Logic explanation of term Crooked Tales 117
Karl Fulves Transgression Pass "false-false cut", interrupted Crooked Tales 118
Karl Fulves Open Ended with transposition angleInspired by Crooked Tales 119
Philip T. Goldstein, Karl Fulves Yada pack with ten arrow cardsInspired by Thabbatical 59
Karl Fulves Double Lift from Center Related to Crooked Tales 120
Philip T. Goldstein Duprediction arrangement of symbol cards predictedInspired by Thabbatical 62
Karl Fulves, Dai Vernon Devious Inspired by Crooked Tales 121
Philip T. Goldstein Duplex alphabet cardsInspired by Thabbatical 67
Philip T. Goldstein Dupacetic four cards of each suitInspired by Thabbatical 69
Karl Fulves Parallel Offset automatic rear jog claim Crooked Tales 123
Philip T. Goldstein Duploma spectator removes Ace through Five in some order, performer matches the orderInspired by Thabbatical 71
Karl Fulves Pile-Up 6-card pyramid layout, top card switch consecutively downwards to base, total of bottom row predicted "with reasonable accuracy", inspired by Drop Case carnival con game Crooked Tales 124
Karl Fulves Passe Partout after seemingly fair cut & shuffle procedure spectator ends up with some face-up cards, this number is used to count down in second odd-backed deck, there is a card from first deck and its duplicate is found in original deckRelated to Crooked Tales 127
Karl Fulves Passe Part Two notes on Passe Partout, like retaining a stackRelated to Crooked Tales 128
Karl Fulves Overload variation of Vernon Strip-Out Addition Crooked Tales 129
Karl Fulves Top and Bottom Keys getting known cards to top and bottom Crooked Tales 121
Philip T. Goldstein, Karl Fulves Menu Pause price of imaginary dinner predictedInspired byAlso published here Thabbatical 126
Bob Farmer The Game of 31 Ace through Six on table, numbers added until in turn until 31 is reached, performer always winsRelated to Beat 'em, Cheat 'em, Leave 'em Bleedin' 18
Alex Elmsley Deck Preparation for Faro Shuffles sanding cornersRelated to The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 295
Alex Elmsley The Restacking Pack stack whose value distribution is not affected by faro shufflesRelated toVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 309
Karl Fulves Psychology 101 on spectators who wouldn't suspend disbelieve Crooked Tales 4
Karl Fulves You, Babe after counting procedure with birthday a card with value Nine is selected, ninth item on a list matches spectator in humorous wayRelated to
  • The Chronicles #32, Rigmarole #2, Verbatim #2
Crooked Tales 5
Karl Fulves One Of Us Is Lying counting location Crooked Tales 6
Karl Fulves DU/Process thirteen-card packet distributed via down/under deal, two four-of-a-kinds and a royal flush come out Crooked Tales 7
Karl Fulves Sacked deck sprung into paper bag and cards removed singly unter stopped, that card matches predictionRelated to Crooked Tales 8
Karl Fulves Sacked Notes multiple cards variation of "Sacked", problem of having named card in paper back with odd backRelated to Crooked Tales 12
Karl Fulves Centralism black aces put on piles, AS is on pile it is not expected and AC between red aces Crooked Tales 13
Karl Fulves Center Pull-Out Related to Crooked Tales 13
Karl Fulves Practicing Push-Off Count see box Crooked Tales 14
Karl Fulves Strip Search paper strip folded and cut into deck and used to locate selection when pulledRelated to Crooked Tales 15
Karl Fulves Power Eject packet moves out of banded deck, mate foundRelated to Crooked Tales 18
Karl Fulves Cleaver performer removes red and black cards, performer forms two packets behind back with same number of reds and blacks each Crooked Tales 21
Karl Fulves No Fidget Add handling of the Vernon Strip-Out Addition Crooked Tales 22
Karl Fulves Bug Holdout Load bug holdout below table Crooked Tales 23
Karl Fulves X's Are Aces four random cards are openly stacked for two and then become aces when dealt Crooked Tales 24
Karl Fulves Blue Moon blackjacks chosen despite random cuts and then counting to twenty-sixth card, spectator's blackjack changes back color Crooked Tales 25
Karl Fulves Double Time riffle shuffle control, shuffled and two piles formed and top cards named Crooked Tales 28
Karl Fulves Sandbagged blue- and red-backed deck sprung in paper bag and shaken, performer then reaches in an produces one color until all are separatedInspired byRelated to Crooked Tales 31
Karl Fulves Psychic Self Crooked Tales 33
Karl Fulves Psychic Triumph weird procedure, two-step revelation, first all face-down, then selection Crooked Tales 34
Karl Fulves Casino Cheating anecdote Setting Up Exercises 49
Karl Fulves Thumb Tips Setting Up Exercises 51
Karl Fulves Drop Offs chapter 6 intro Setting Up Exercises 52
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #4 exercise with card case, tape recorder suggestion for sound control Setting Up Exercises 52
Karl Fulves Quick Release drop off exercise, with additional "Conditions" Setting Up Exercises 54
Karl Fulves Larger Blocks drop off exercise Setting Up Exercises 57
Karl Fulves Blackjack For Three riffle stacking Setting Up Exercises 59
Karl Fulves The Poker Cheat three card stacking with short-cutInspired by Setting Up Exercises 61
Karl Fulves It Won't Work on the nature of riffle shuffle work Setting Up Exercises 62
Karl Fulves Two Card Stud riffle shuffle handling of Bruce Elliott overhand shuffle effect Setting Up Exercises 63
Karl Fulves Running Up Three with note by Judson Cameron from "Cheating At Bridge" (1933) Setting Up Exercises 64
Karl Fulves, Jack Merlin Running Up Four "The first appearance in the magical literature of a four-card run-up was Jack Merlin's"Related to Setting Up Exercises 65
Purvis W. Miller, Karl Fulves Miller Lite running up two poker hands, "See also The Downs-McGuire Letters."Inspired by Setting Up Exercises 67
Karl Fulves Pre-Established Breaks chapter 7 intro Setting Up Exercises 69
Karl Fulves Pick Ups - Inside Pick-Up
- Center Pick Up
- Outside Pick Up
- Technical Points
- Double Pick Up
- 3- and 4-Card Pick-Ups
- Mastering Pick-Ups
Setting Up Exercises 69
Karl Fulves Pick-Up Poker stacking with pick-up technique Setting Up Exercises 72
Karl Fulves Multiple Breaks - The Triple Break
- Mastering Triple Breaks
- Large Blocks
Setting Up Exercises 73
Karl Fulves Rock 'n Riffle riffling with fingers and transferring break to thumb Setting Up Exercises 76
Karl Fulves Double Break actually page 76A Setting Up Exercises 76
Karl Fulves Heavyset holding back large blocks Setting Up Exercises 77
Karl Fulves Center Breaks Setting Up Exercises 78
Karl Fulves Three?Four?Five? "quick one-shuffle run-up that can be used for any number of hands" Setting Up Exercises 79
Karl Fulves Bottom Breaks Setting Up Exercises 80
Karl Fulves Break Offs hit double lift applied to riffle shuffle break techniqueInspired by Setting Up Exercises 81
Karl Fulves Practicing Break Offs without a table Setting Up Exercises 82
Karl Fulves Speed Stacking Inspired by Setting Up Exercises 83
Karl Fulves More Shuffle Controls chapter 8 intro Setting Up Exercises 85
Karl Fulves Re-Riffle "easy way to correct an error" Setting Up Exercises 85
Darwin Ortiz Bottom Deal Load loading card under walletRelated to Cardshark 72
Karl Fulves Stripper Controls Related to Setting Up Exercises 86
Karl Fulves Equal Riffle on the timing of riffling both packets Setting Up Exercises 87
Karl Fulves Crimp Work short comment Setting Up Exercises 87
Karl Fulves Cheat Shuffle simplification Setting Up Exercises 87
Karl Fulves Putting Up Threes with slick aces, illustrated Maskelyne's textInspired by
  • "Sharps and Flats" (1894)
Setting Up Exercises 89
Karl Fulves Double Duke In One Setting Up Exercises 91
Karl Fulves Faro Riffle Shuffle Setting Up Exercises 92
Karl Fulves Under Tension Setting Up Exercises 94
Karl Fulves Perfect Riffle Shuffle actual riffle shuffle, includes banded deck exercise Setting Up Exercises 96
Karl Fulves Zarrow Faro Shuffle partial faro under cover blocksInspired by Setting Up Exercises 100
Karl Fulves Non Fiction chapter 9 intro Setting Up Exercises 102
Karl Fulves Securing Threes cull-stack combination
- The Underlying System
- Adjustments
Setting Up Exercises 102
Karl Fulves Prelude music analogy Setting Up Exercises 107
Karl Fulves Much Into Little exercise for one-shuffle riffle stack Setting Up Exercises 109
Karl Fulves Red-Blue Timing player joins game, restacking problem, with exercise with odd-backed cards Setting Up Exercises 110
Darwin Ortiz From the Cellar bottom deal demonstration with sucker elementRelated to Cardshark 175
Karl Fulves Prediction Deal New Card Control Systems 80
Karl Fulves Introduction Self-Working Close-up Card Magic
Karl Fulves Openers chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 1
Karl Fulves, Aldo Colombini Magic by Design No. 1, design chosen from chart, triangle, rubber banded deck animates into triangle configuration Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 1
Karl Fulves Addition to Blockbuster No. 1 New Card Control Systems 63
John Scarne, Bill Simon, Karl Fulves True Colors No. 2, cards shuffled face-up/face-down, all of one color face-up, except two selections Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 3
Karl Fulves Additions to "Last Word" Technique New Card Control Systems 68
Karl Fulves The Almanac Deck No. 7, talking about twelve months, fifty-two weeks, and so on, card spelled to in the end with phrase "daylight saving" Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 12
Karl Fulves Crime Does not Pay chapter intro on detective themed card tricks Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 15
Karl Fulves Another Word on "Last Word" overhand New Card Control Systems 60
Karl Fulves The Three Burglars No. 9, updated version with a coin Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 15
Karl Fulves The Three - Er, Four King Deal stacking two hands, overhand New Card Control Systems 62
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Go to Jail No. 11, two cards, one found by detective card, the other travels between two detective cards into case Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 18
Karl Fulves Pack of Lies No. 12, three red and black cards, spectators with red cards tell the truth, performer finds out who hides the Ace of DiamondsAlso published here Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 20
Karl Fulves Memory Tricks chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 22
Karl Fulves Super Count No. 13, clocking with only ten cards Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 22
Karl Fulves Mind Mirror No. 15, card from a third is removed after performer memorized the pile, he names missing card, key card placement after riffle shuffle Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 25
Karl Fulves, Bob King The Memory Expert No. 16, number thought of, card at this position remembered, cut, performer memorizes deck, new position of selection named and card at original position as well Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 27
Karl Fulves The Four Aces chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 29
Karl Fulves Tap Reverse No. 18, card chosen and tapped on deck, an Ace turns over and the selection is also an Ace, repeated Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 32
Karl Fulves Dealer's Choice No. 20, eight-card poker with Kings and Aces, performer gets Aces Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 35
Karl Fulves No-Clue Discoveries chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 38
Karl Fulves Gambling Tricks chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 48
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Beat the Cheat No. 26, stacking apparently explained but Aces end up in another hand Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 48
Karl Fulves Added Notes added to revised addition (ca. 1995?) Shuffle Off 17
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves The Lazy Gambler No. 29, spectator cuts and two poker hands are dealt out, performer's cards are face-up and the Royal Flush Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 52
Karl Fulves The Wizard of Odds No. 31, nine cards used for "three-card poker", hand with Ace of Spades wins, includes spelling of names, inspired by the Copperfield/Steinmeyer television trick Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 55
Karl Fulves Gimmicked Cards chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 58
Karl Fulves Mona Lisa No. 32, King of Spades changes into Queen of HeartsInspired by Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 58
Karl Fulves Missing Corner Glide corner missing for self-working glide Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 61
Clayton Rawson, Karl Fulves Simon Says No. 34, five cards each, spectator cannot follow Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 64
Karl Fulves The Three-Jacks Deal chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 75
Karl Fulves, Walter B. Gibson Progressive Poker No. 41, multiple deal-outs with various hands Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 80
Karl Fulves Novelty Card Tricks chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 82
John Scarne, Karl Fulves Spell Purple No. 42, red or black spelled and a card of that color comes up, finished with purple and purple is written on the card, or it is inked in purple Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 82
Karl Fulves A Word in Thousands No. 45, this book is a force-book with "has" as every fifth word at the start of each chapterRelated to Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 87
Karl Fulves Rising-Card Tricks chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 90
Karl Fulves The Color-Changing Deck chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 102
Bill Simon, William P. Miesel, Karl Fulves The Forgetful Gambler No. 54, deck shuffled face-up/face-down, they right themselves except for Royal Flush, rest of deck changes back color Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 107
Karl Fulves 52-Card Monte No. 55, gag presentation with two single cards and rest of deck as third card, color changing deck kickerAlso published here Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 111
Karl Fulves Guessing the Colors chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 114
Karl Fulves Out of This World No. 56, handling with glasses and cardboard dividers Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 114
Karl Fulves Before The Shuffle chapter 1 intro, on Fulves' background in riffle shuffle work Setting Up Exercises 1
Karl Fulves Practice Is Perfect on practicing Setting Up Exercises 2
Karl Fulves What This Is Not pseudo/fake vs. real methods, brief explanation of stacking with transfer cuts Setting Up Exercises 2
Karl Fulves Tells All tells in riffle shuffle work Setting Up Exercises 3
Karl Fulves In Conclusion Setting Up Exercises 4
Karl Fulves Terms of Engagement chapter 2 intro, on practicing riffle shuffle work, surface, consistency, ... Setting Up Exercises 5
Karl Fulves The standard grip Setting Up Exercises 7
Karl Fulves Refinements Setting Up Exercises 8
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #1 exercise Setting Up Exercises 10
Karl Fulves Stretch Test exercise with rubber band Setting Up Exercises 11
Karl Fulves Not By The Book chapter 3 intro Setting Up Exercises 12
Karl Fulves Fake Poker three Aces on top, fourth Ace randomly placed in second hand and dropped on top, one riffle shuffle, performer gets four aces when dealt for two Setting Up Exercises 13
Karl Fulves 5 As 5 Count as Stacking Related to Setting Up Exercises 13
Darwin Ortiz Against all Odds spectator puts card in correct position in new pack orderRelated to Cardshark 20
Karl Fulves Four In One four-of-a-kind on top, one riffle shuffle to stack for 4 players, with false dealing Setting Up Exercises 15