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Fred Fletcher Cherry Red Blues same card from red and blue deck are exchanged and put reversed in the other deck, then they travel back to the original pack, red-blue double backer
The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 111) 447
Fred Fletcher Bottoms Up off-beat card at small number
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 161) 647
Fred Fletcher ABC three cards, falsely credited to Rusduck, see p. 687
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 169) 677
Fred Fletcher Lexicon-Found alphabet cards, selected cards form a name
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 178) 712
Fred Fletcher Telexicon spectator cuts to several ABC cards and forms a word with them, performer divines it
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 182) 728
Fred Fletcher Mystery card put between red threes, ends up between black threes, in the pack
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 197) 787
Fred Fletcher Eye Cue code for cards
The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 223) 892
Fred Fletcher The Circle or Pass the Cards ten people are standing in a circle, all are holding a playing card and while performer looks away, spectators can pass their cards along, divination of how many passes
The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 248) 992
Fred Fletcher Mentalexicon word is divined, with alphabet cards and a range of sixteen words
The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 255) 1019