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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Johnny Cooper Flash Vanish guinea pigs appear from box
1974 60
Johnny Cooper To my Magical Friends
1980 5
Johnny Cooper Suggested Cigarette Routine production routine of lit and unlit cigarettes from air and silk
1980 6
Johnny Cooper Cigarette Vanisher pull set-up
1980 12
Johnny Cooper Entertaining Kids with Balloons
1980 14
Johnny Cooper How to make Animals from Balloons dog, giraffe
1980 18
Johnny Cooper The Three Bears Professor s Nightmare patter for children's audience
1980 20
Johnny Cooper Kooper's Konfusing Kards packet trick with Aces, red and blue backs, spectator cannot follow the suits
1980 22
Johnny Cooper Folding Steal card folded in half and palmed off
1980 23
Johnny Cooper I Fooled Magicians with this One
1980 28
Johnny Cooper Surprise Finish to the Vanishing Cane Trick cane rolled in newspaper, vanishes, newspaper rolled up again and wine poured out of it
1980 30
Johnny Cooper Cups and Balls - the way I do it with sponge balls
1980 31
Johnny Cooper Torn and Restored £1 Note quickie
1980 36
Johnny Cooper Ten Minute Routine with Three Kids dye tube routine with additional props (change bag, funny funnel, break-away wand)
1980 37
Johnny Cooper The Bottle Vanish rubber bottle
1980 41
Johnny Cooper Drink from Hat hat taken from head and full glass taken from it
1980 42
Johnny Cooper The Hat Spin flourish
1980 44
Johnny Cooper Liquid in Newspaper liquid poured in newspaper, vanishes, reappears
1980 45
Johnny Cooper Cane Flourish
1980 50
Johnny Cooper Wrist Penetration Trick chopper design
1980 53
Johnny Cooper No Show if Wet...
1980 59