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Keith "Kip" Pascal Fooling Pavlov dog eats food or not at will Ah-ha! 87
Keith "Kip" Pascal Introduction Coin Snatching 7
Keith "Kip" Pascal History of Coin Snatching References to stealing coins from hands, including pop culture references. Mentions The Amazing Richardson, Bruce Lee and other coin snatchers.Related to Coin Snatching 13
Keith "Kip" Pascal Beginner's Grab Basic, easy technique of snatching coin from spectator's hands Coin Snatching 19
Keith "Kip" Pascal Cheap Shot Snatch technique to deal with hecklers Coin Snatching 31
Keith "Kip" Pascal Kip's Take Variation on Rochester Switch, finesses added (no counting, larger distance) Coin Snatching 55
Keith "Kip" Pascal Creating the Minor Miracle: Performance Tips How to present a coin snatch Coin Snatching 63
P. Dean Fox, Jim Richardson The Upside-Down Impossible Grab Snatch a coin with performer's hand facing upVariations Coin Snatching 73
Keith "Kip" Pascal The Upside-Down Impossible Switch Method to do Upside Down Grab as a switchInspired by Coin Snatching 84
Keith "Kip" Pascal No Telegraphing: Pure Speed How to avoid telegraphing your movements for the coin snatch Coin Snatching 87
Keith "Kip" Pascal Coin-Snatching Tips for Success Tips on improving your coin snatching technique Coin Snatching 97
Keith "Kip" Pascal Just for Magicians How to perform the coin snatch / switch in a magic routine Coin Snatching 111
Keith "Kip" Pascal For Martial Artists (Actually, advice for everyone) How to use coin snatch techniques to improve martial arts Coin Snatching 127
Keith "Kip" Pascal Best Place and Time to Present Coin snatch presentation ideas Coin Snatching 163
Keith "Kip" Pascal Anecdotes Storytelling ideas that can be used to present a coin switch/snatch (stories are fictional) Coin Snatching 177
Keith "Kip" Pascal Bonus #2: Phone Call with Justin Hanes Coin Snatching 197
Keith "Kip" Pascal Guide to Finding Magic and Martial-Arts Resources Coin Snatching 209