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Martin Gardner Fir You! making a christmas tree from paperRelated to The Phoenix 251 - 300 (Issue 271) 1082
Gene Anderson About Gene Anderson Newspaper Magic xiv
Gene Anderson Foreword Newspaper Magic xi
Gene Anderson Extra! Extra! A Verbal Pantomime With Newspapers (Winner of The Originality Trophy Texas Association of Magicians, 1964) - a full act with newspapersRelated to Newspaper Magic 1
Gene Anderson The Five-Pointed Star How to tear a star-shaped hole in newspaperRelated to Newspaper Magic 3
Gene Anderson The Chapeau Newspaper hat that transforms into multiple shapes: Mortar Board, Admiral's Hat, Napoleon's Hat, Hood, Sombrero, Cowboy HatRelated to Newspaper Magic 3
Gene Anderson The Ship's Wheel and Paper Dolls How to tear a ship's wheel / ring of paper dollsRelated to Newspaper Magic 11
Ken Brooke Squircle Cut a circle, but unfolds into squareRelated toVariations Newspaper Magic 11
Gene Anderson Fir Tree Related to Newspaper Magic 11
Gene Anderson Torn Message Finale Tear message into newspaperRelated to Newspaper Magic 11
Gene Anderson Rubber Cement How rubber cement can be used Newspaper Magic 97
Gene Anderson Afghan Bands Mobius strip routine Newspaper Magic 119
Gene Anderson The Torn and Restored Newspaper Analysis of basic methods Newspaper Magic 135
Gene Anderson Historical Methods Description of different methods (Al Baker, Slydini, Page, Elmsley, Grant, Neil Foster) Newspaper Magic 135
Gene Anderson Gene Anderson's Torn and Restored Newspaper With Flash Restoration Flash restoration Newspaper Magic 142
Gene Anderson These are the Jokes! One-liners for newspaper magic routines Newspaper Magic 163
Gene Anderson Making the Most of the Newspaper Tearing Trick Other patter ideas and tips to enhance your routine Newspaper Magic 165
Gene Anderson Recommended Reading on Paper Magic Newspaper Magic 166
Gene Anderson Son of Morning burning match vanishes in fist Fork Full of Appetizers 53
Alexander de Cova Purist Transposition blank cards signed by two spectator, transposition between cards in glass and walletInspired by
  • Gene Anderson (Part Time Pro)
Ein Profi packt aus... 56
Gene Anderson, Dan Harlan Penned In dollar bill changes into piece of paper and will be found in pen, held by spectator The Minotaur (Vol. 6, No. 1) 8
Alexander de Cova, Gene Anderson Der "10-Punkte-Plan" nach Gene Anderson D-E-C-O-V-A Formel 8