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Karl Germain Comedy Version of Germain Cord Effect
Related to 1941/27 149
Joseph L. Barnett Strung! string is cut and restored, with finger ring
Related toAlso published here Mar. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 79)
Cut and Restored String multi strands cord, separated in center and twisted again
Related to Jan. 1945 95
Martin Gardner Fir You! making a christmas tree from paper
Related to Dec. 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 271)
Gene Anderson Foreword
1968 xi
Gene Anderson About Gene Anderson
1968 xiv
Gene Anderson Extra! Extra! A Verbal Pantomime With Newspapers (Winner of The Originality Trophy Texas Association of Magicians, 1964) - a full act with newspapers
Related to 1968 1
Gene Anderson The Five-Pointed Star How to tear a star-shaped hole in newspaper
Related to 1968 3
Gene Anderson The Chapeau Newspaper hat that transforms into multiple shapes: Mortar Board, Admiral's Hat, Napoleon's Hat, Hood, Sombrero, Cowboy Hat
Related to 1968 3
Gene Anderson The Ship's Wheel and Paper Dolls How to tear a ship's wheel / ring of paper dolls
Related toAlso published here 1968 11
Ken Bowell Squircle Cut a circle, but unfolds into square, see "Gene Anderson - The Book" for credit information
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1968 11
Gene Anderson Fir Tree
Related toAlso published here 1968 11
Gene Anderson Torn Message Finale Tear message into newspaper
Related to 1968 11
Gene Anderson Rubber Cement How rubber cement can be used
1968 97
Gene Anderson Afghan Bands Mobius strip routine
1968 119
Gene Anderson The Torn and Restored Newspaper Analysis of basic methods
1968 135
Gene Anderson Historical Methods Description of different methods (Al Baker, Slydini, Page, Elmsley, Grant, Neil Foster)
1968 135
Gene Anderson Gene Anderson's Torn and Restored Newspaper With Flash Restoration Flash restoration
Related to 1968 142
Gene Anderson These are the Jokes! One-liners for newspaper magic routines
1968 163
Gene Anderson Making the Most of the Newspaper Tearing Trick Other patter ideas and tips to enhance your routine
1968 165
Gene Anderson Recommended Reading on Paper Magic
1968 166
Gene Anderson Gene Anderson's Fantastic Routine variation of Roydon's Fantastic, four cards penetrate two pieces of cardboard one by one
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70)
Van Cleve, Gene Anderson Permissive Signs comedy routine with permissive signs
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70)
Van Cleve Electric Cucumber comedy prop, cucumber with electric switch, with patter ideas by Gene Anderson, Dick Zimmerman and Leon Leon
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70)
Roy Johnson, Peter Warlock On the Slate two signed slates with different symbols, one put under spectator's foot and one in envelope, symbols change places, flap
Variations 1971 53
Gene Anderson Der Teilzeit-Profi on being a part-time pro
Also published here
  • Genii, June 1977
July 1978
Intermagic (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Bob Read Chicago - January 1979 on Phil Willmarth, Jay Marshall, Jerry Schnepp, The Master Magicians Club, Gene Anderson, Eddie Spence, Ben Martin, George Johnstone, Dick Jarrow
Mar. 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Peter Wilker, Jean de Merry MRS - CMS Zürich 13.-15. März 1981 report of Swiss national convention, Willy Peter, Philius, Almeico, Jean Garance, Edi Künzler, Marius, Ruedi Bucher, Pavel, Orsani, Böttcher, Haraldini, Claus Stub, Theo Timmermann, Viennamagic, Gene Anderson, Geoffrey Buckinham, Peter Gloviczki, Roberto Giobbi, Christian Scherer, Cherry Maxim, Alessandro de Luca, Curtini und Diana, Macao, Juliani
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 42 No. 3)
Willy "Tex Williams" Peter München Magisch - Kongress des MZvD 1981 on the German magic convention in Munich, Jochen Zmeck, Bill Stickland, Peter Kersten, Harry Lorayne, Warren Stephens, Edwin Hooper, Camilo, Roy Johnson, Dai Vernon, Mr. Black und Ursula, Sebastian, Eckhard Böttcher, Theo Bauer, Mr. Bogo, Gene Anderson, Piet Forton, Tantor, Die 2 Erinos, Daviso, Terry Herbert, Robert Lundell, Peps Zoller, Sepp Viellechner, Duo Absolon, Ray Speedy, Glenn Falkenstein & Frances Willard, Dieter Ebel, Pinelli, Günter Puchinger, Siegfried, Edwin Hooper, Bill Larsen, Rudolf Braunmüller, Armin Rieck, Werner Hornung
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 42 No. 6)
Gene Anderson Son of Morning burning match vanishes in fist
1982 53
Patrick Page The Lighted Match Vanish
Related toAlso published here 1984 14
Gene Anderson Emcee
  • Letters
Nov. 1991
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Joseph C. Bauer Communicate With Power Using Your Voice
Related to Dec. 1991
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Alexander de Cova Purist Transposition blank cards signed by two spectator, transposition between cards in glass and wallet
Inspired by
  • Gene Anderson (Part Time Pro)
Also published here
1992 56
Gene Anderson Voice
  • Letters
Related to Jan. 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Richard Kaufman, Eugene Burger, Max Howard, Stephen Minch, Johnny Thompson, Jon Racherbaumer, Mark Kornhauser, Peter Samelson The Great Patter Debate: Richard Kaufman vs. Eugene Burger
  • Part I - Argument
  • Part II - Response
  • Part III - Discussion
  • Part IV - Conclusion
Related to Apr. 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 8)
Bob Steiner, Chuck Romano, Sam Farber, Mike Caveney, Mike Rogers, Richard Ogar, Gene Anderson, Andy Dallas Patter Debate
  • Letters
Related to May 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Finally Gene Anderson & Dan Garrett photograph
Related to July 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 11)
Gene Anderson, Dan Harlan Penned In dollar bill changes into piece of paper and will be found in pen, held by spectator
Mar. 1994
The Minotaur (Vol. 6 No. 1)
Alan Shaxon, Robert Harbin Die Spielkarte in der Flasche card travels inside empty whiskey bottle which is inside cigar box
VariationsAlso published here 1994 37
Mike Caveney The Tina Lenert You Don't Know
Related to Nov. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 3)
John R. Pullum, Gene Anderson Tina
  • Letters
Related to Jan. 1996
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 5)
Nick Trost Automatic Lie Speller Lie Detector with verification
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1997 155
Rolando H. Santos, Tony Blanco, Bill McIlhany, Richard Kaufman, Gene Anderson, Giovanni Livera, Bob Durante, Bob Rees, Rick Wilcox Messages
Nov. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 11)
Alexander de Cova, Gene Anderson Der "10-Punkte-Plan" nach Gene Anderson
Also published here 2002 2
Alexander de Cova, Gene Anderson Der "10-Punkte-Plan" nach Gene Anderson
Also published here 2003 8
Jay Sankey Geometrick round hole changes into square hole, using $100 Bill Switch
Related to 2004 77
Danny Orleans (reviewer) PictoTranspo by Gene Anderson May 2005
Genii (Vol. 68 No. 5)
Trevor Lewis Gypsy Thread
Related to 2009 89
Jamy Ian Swiss (reviewer) Newspaper Magic by Gene Anderson (written by Frances Ireland Marshall) July 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 7)
Philip Reed Willmarth, Steve Beam, Gene Anderson, Dick Cook, Tim Ellis, Antony Gerard Prologue various anecdotes on 4F, the Forks Hotel and Eddie Fechter
  • I Remember the Forks (Dick Cook)
  • A Few FFFF Pranks & Flops (Steve Beam)
  • Garnack vs. Obie's New Table (Gene Anderson)
  • The Toast (Antony Gerard)
  • Chicken Legs (Steve Beam)
  • A Special FFFF (Phil Willmarth)
  • Door #2 (Steve Beam)
  • Cleaning Out My Cardcase (Tim Ellis)
2012 12
Gene Anderson Acknowledgments
2016 6
Gene Anderson Convention Conversations
2016 6
Gene Anderson Introduction
2016 10
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on why Roy Benson's Zipper Banana is funny
Related to
  • Levent & Todd Karr's "Roy Benson By Starlight" p. 156.
2016 11
Gene Anderson Star of the Show cutting a star with one cut
  • A. The mighty template
  • B. Folding the star
  • C. Performance
  • D. Impromptu star
  • E. Gene's script
  • F. Star from "restored" newspaper
  • G. Many "stars"
Related to 2016 13
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool anecdote of a gig
2016 16
Gene Anderson Picto Transpo performer draws spectator and vice versa on poster boards, signed pictures change places in envelopes
  • A. Performance
  • B. Introduction
  • C. Set-up and handling
  • D. Gene's script
  • E. Props
Inspired by 2016 17
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool anecdote of performing Picto Transpo
2016 20
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool anecdote of performing Picto Transpo
2016 21
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool anecdote of performing Picto Transpo and Persi Diaconis
2016 23
Gene Anderson Anderson Die Box with Gospel Magic parody presentation
  • A. Props
  • B. Gene's script
  • C. Final message
2016 32
Gene Anderson Vanishing Match vanish of burning match
  • A. Performance
  • B. Gene's script
Related to 2016 39
Gene Anderson, Jim Hooper, Roy Johnson Nemo Jumbo Rising Card with houlette, card rises from envelope, two phases
  • A. Sneak preview
  • B. Background and credits
  • C. Introduction
  • D. Gene's Script
  • E. Rapid prototype
  • F. The props
  • G. Thread preparation
  • H. Thread management
  • I. Understanding thread
  • J. Initial set-up and first card rise
  • K. Second card rise
  • L. Striking and resetting
  • M. The quest for thread
Variations 2016 41
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool anecdote of Nemo Rising Card, Mac King and Greg Frewin
2016 44
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool anecdote on working with thread
2016 54
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool anecdote on catching fish
2016 60
Gene Anderson Tables different table designs
  • A. Roll-on tables
  • B. Lightweight traveling table
  • C. Parlor "close-up" table
  • D. Portable podium
  • E. Microphone stand table
2016 61
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Earl Ray Wilcox
2016 63
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool anecdote of FFFF 2005
2016 66
Gene Anderson Card in Bottle selection vanishes between two Jokers and appears in bottle inside cigar boxes, which has been shown empty in the beginning
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Cards, bottles and boxes
  • C. Table
  • D. Gene's script
  • E. Servante
  • F. Epilogue
Inspired by 2016 67
Gene Anderson The Pajama Cord Trick rope cut into three pieces, lengths change and after ends are knotted it restores again
  • A. Performance
  • B. Props and set-up
  • C. Gene's script
2016 76
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Joe Riding
2016 83
Gene Anderson Tying the "Pop" Knot knot jumps from rope when pulled
2016 86
Gene Anderson The Newspaper Act entire newspaper act, including folding and cutting designs and tricks with newspaper
  • A. How it all began
  • B. The act
  • C. Set-up
  • D. Gene's script
  • E. Music
  • F. Keeping Current
  • G. Storing the prepared act
Related to 2016 90
Gene Anderson Star of David - The Six-Pointed Star cut from newspaper, two cuts
  • A. "Clean copy" pages
  • B. Folding the pages
  • C. Performance
  • D. Presentation possibilities
2016 102
Gene Anderson Peace Symbol cut from newspaper, one cut A. Folding the newspaper B. Performance
2016 105
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on teaching the Peace Symbol to Doug Henning
2016 106
Ken Bowell, Gene Anderson Squircle circle cut into newspaper, when unfolded it is a square, with credit information
  • A. Selecting newspaper pages
  • B. Preparing Squircle's pages
  • C. Storing the prepared Squircle
  • D. Performance
Related toAlso published here 2016 107
Gene Anderson Wastebasket basket attached to trousers to store crumbled and cut paper
2016 112
Gene Anderson Chapeaugraphy - Forty Years to Make a Hat chapeaugraphy act with newspaper
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Getting Started
  • C. Creases and stiffeners
  • D. Preparing the Mortarboard
  • E. Making the tassel
  • F. Finishing the folds
  • G. Performance
  • H. Gene's classic origami hats
2016 113
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on perfecting the Stetson crease
2016 121
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on lecturing at Magic Inc.
2016 131
Gene Anderson Ship's Wheel & Dolls cutting dolls and a ship's wheel from newspaper
  • A. Preparing the pages
  • B. Performance
Related to
  • Vin Carey's "Easy Do' Paper Act", 1941.
Also published here
2016 132
Gene Anderson Corn Stalk newspaper tree
  • A. Preparation
  • B. Performance
Also published here 2016 134
Gene Anderson Hello Trick word "hello" shall be cut from paper, but then it is hell, then "O" appears on wrong end and finally with another cut it is restored to the other end
  • A. Clippo times two
  • B. Getting started
  • C. Newspaper
  • D. Props
  • E. Glue lines
  • F. Folding the Hello strip for performance
  • G. Performance, Phase I "cutting" Hell
  • H. Performance, Phase 2 - cutting the "O" for O Hell
  • I. Performance, Phase 3 - Clippo cut for Hello
  • J. Gene's script
  • K. Rubber cement
  • L. The history of Clippo
2016 137
Gene Anderson Torn Message message torn into newspaper
  • A. Finale message
  • B. Introduction
  • C. Preparing the papers
  • D. Preparing the message
  • E. Performance
  • F. Production Run
  • G. Gene's script
  • H. Newspaper article
Inspired by
  • Jean Hugard's "Paper Tearing Extraordinary" in "Hugard's Magic Monthly" February, 1957.
2016 158
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool using the Torn Message at a symposium
2016 159
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Doug Henning's wedding
2016 162
Gene Anderson The Part-Time Pro
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Magic Castle debut
  • C. Getting your act together
  • D. Letters of Agreement
2016 165
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on doing the medicine pitch
2016 168
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Professor Creep and Friend
2016 173
Gene Anderson Marko message appears on strip of paper
  • A. Gene's script
  • B. Preparation
  • C. Additional routines
Inspired by
  • Percy Bee's "Cecil, the Educated Chalk" in "Linking Ring" December, 1968.
2016 183
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on "Marko", appearing ghost on paper
2016 188
Gene Anderson Knot Dr. Seuss big knot is formed, falls of rope and performer is left with short piece of rope, Pavel's Krazy Knot
  • A. Background and Credits
  • B. The poem
  • C. Gene's script
  • D. Materials and tools
  • F. Seuss book
2016 189
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Anderson's "Graduation" party
2016 195
Gene Anderson, Karl Germain String Thing restoration of cut string
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Preparation
  • B. Gene's routine and script
  • C. String holder
Related to 2016 196
Gene Anderson, Tadashi Tokieda Precocious Paper Chain
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Preview to precocious
  • C. The Möbius strip
  • D. The precocious Möbius strip
  • E. Gene's presentation
2016 199
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Tadashi Tokieda
2016 201
Gene Anderson Gene's Egg Bag Routine based on Charlie Miller and Ken Brooke
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Personalizing the routine
  • C. Gene's script
  • D. Egg bag and egg
2016 203
Gene Anderson The Hindu Thread Trick
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Hind Thread or Gypsy Thread... what's in a name?
  • C. Gene's presentation and script
  • D. Preparation
Related to 2016 212
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Doug Henning performing the Hindu thread
2016 216
Gene Anderson Si Stebbins Card Routine multiphase routine, missing cards divined by riffling the deck, by listening, named card is found, speller
  • A. Stacking the deck
  • B. Charlier False Haymow Shuffle
  • C. Gene's routine and script for the Si Stebbins stack
  • D. Resetting the deck
  • E. About Si Stebbins
2016 217
Gene Anderson, Charlier Charlier False Haymow Shuffle
2016 218
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Ed Watkins and Si Stebbins
2016 219
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Nick Trost's Lie Speller and Dennis Loomis
2016 223
Gene Anderson, Dennis Loomis, Nick Trost The Lie Speller
Inspired by 2016 223
Gene Anderson The Tear Through Time - History and Evolution of the Torn & Restored Newspaper
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Cortini
  • C. Benno Pantel
  • D. Carl Brema
  • E. Janos Bartl & D. J. Stringer
  • F. Al Baker
  • G. Al Koran
  • H. Gene Anderson
  • I. Doug Henning
2016 226
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Wittus Witt
2016 227
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Charlie Miller seeing the T&R Newspaper for the first time
2016 232
Gene Anderson Gene Anderson's Torn & Restored Newspaper flash restoration
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Gene's script
  • C. Preparing the newspaper
  • D. Colored pages
  • E. Newspaper page sizes
  • F. Folding the newspaper
  • G. The Clip
  • H. Setting up for performance
  • I. Showing the pages
  • J. Tearing the newspaper
  • K. Restoration
  • L. Showing the pages
  • M. Resetting the T&R newspaper
Related to 2016 234
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on Willard the Wizard and Frances Willard
2016 240
Gene Anderson The Gene Pool on a tip by Bob Fitch
2016 246
John Lovick (reviewer) Gene Anderson: The Book by Gene Anderson June 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 6)
Alexander de Cova NEMO Jumbo Rising Cards with houlette, card rises from envelope
Inspired by 2016 235
Alexander de Cova Der Masterplan
  • Ziele setzen
  • Das Archiv
    • Das Dilemma
  • Die Zen-Lösung
  • Archivstruktur
  • Die acht Lebensphasen eines Archivbestandteils
  • Wissensaufbewahrung
  • Notizbücher
    • Tipps zum Notizbuch
  • Das Masterbuch
  • Gene Andersons Tricklisten
  • Physical Storage
  • Selektieren
  • Die Können-Wissen-Gabel
  • Die Selektionsliste
  • Checkliste Neuzugang Archiv
  • Die Bullshit List (BSL)
  • Beschaffung
  • Alte Zeitschriften
  • Buchempfehlungen
  • Die Schritte im Überblick
  • Ein Programm
    • Die Struktur
    • Die Auswahl der Tricks
    • Storyboard
    • Die Sieben Tricks
    • Halbtöne
    • Die Stoffsammlung
  • Eröffnungstricks
  • Humoristische Tricks
  • Tricks für den Mittelteil
  • Featuretricks
  • Schlusstricks
2016 247
Alexander de Cova, Gene Anderson Der "10-Punkte-Plan" nach Gene Anderson
Also published here 2016 290