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Steve "Banachek" Shaw Psychokinetic Time introduction and history Psychokinetic Time 1
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Psychokinetic Time handle on watch is moved by named number Psychokinetic Time 3
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Forcing the Time forcing a time Psychokinetic Time 15
Steve "Banachek" Shaw, Gerry McCambridge McCambridge Stage Routine Psychokinetic Time 21
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Simple Watch Tricks Psychokinetic Time 22
Steve "Banachek" Shaw This and That Psychokinetic Touches 1
Steve "Banachek" Shaw History of Touches Psychokinetic Touches 3
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Psychokinetic Touches spectator feels tapping sensations on his shoulder even though a second spectator has been touchedRelated to Psychokinetic Touches 4
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Comedy - Club - Routine presentation for Key-R-Rect, with lots of gags, and apparently divining spectator's phone number Mind & Magic Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 8) 1
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Foreword Building Blocks 9
Luke Jermay, Steve "Banachek" Shaw The 'Old Witchdoctor' suggestion of cause and effect, silent script Building Blocks 28
Luke Jermay The Kats Kradle spectator marks a body part on a piece of paper, PK sensation and revealing of additional informationInspired by Building Blocks 75
Luke Jermay PK Lipstick mixture of Banachek's PK Touches and ashes to palm (with lipstick)Inspired by The Coral Fang 30