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Darwin Ortiz Greek Poker poker stacking triumph, color changing deck kickerVariations Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 66
Antonio Zuccaro Introduction Finding The Center 9
Antonio Zuccaro The Get Ready How to get ready for the Ultimate Delayed Action Center Deal Finding The Center 15
Antonio Zuccaro Tabled Get Ready Tabled get-ready method for the Ultimate Delayed Action Center Deal Finding The Center 27
Antonio Zuccaro The Deal The Ultimate Delayed Action Center Deal: Stud center and draw center methods described Finding The Center 31
Antonio Zuccaro The Fine Points Describes Dom Paolino's technique, named The Fabulous Center Deal (Genii, vol. 31, no. 2, p. 91)Related to Finding The Center 37
Antonio Zuccaro Trust Everyone, But Always Cut the Cards Center deal demonstration, four Aces are cut into deck. Spectator gets three Ace, last Ace given to performer for royal flush ending Finding The Center 49
Antonio Zuccaro (Pseudo) Marked Deck Routine Performer demonstrates how marked decks can be used in a game (deck is turned face up) - cuts to four Aces, center deals four Aces, before color changing deck ending as a kickerInspired by Finding The Center 59
Antonio Zuccaro Conclusions Finding The Center 77
Antonio Zuccaro Special Thanks Finding The Center 79