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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Theodore Annemann The Gambler in Person pick-up stackVariations Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 372
Dai Vernon Vernon's Aces aces separated in four piles, brought together to top via faroVariations Close-up Card Magic 162
Alex Elmsley Binary Translocations 1) to bring top card to any position with faros
2) to bring card to top with 2^x cards
3) variation of 2)
Related toVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 311
Pepe Lirrojo The Strange Coincidence Using a mixed deck of cards (red and blue backs), one spectator freely cuts off a number of cards from the top of the deck. Two cards are freely selected from the remainder which ultimately reveal the number of cards cut, the number of reds and blacks, and the colors of the backs of the cards that were cut.Related to
  • 8th Unsolved Card Problem (Hofzinser, Kartenkunste, 1910)
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 10 102
Pepe Lirrojo Tienes dos Opciones - A.C.A.A.N. impromptu Penelope Principle Panpharos 21
Pepe Lirrojo, Lewis Jones Tus Cartas Deseadas - Localización named quartet is found on top of four packets, when they are removed, second named quartet is foundInspired by
  • Lewis Jones' "Aces in a Hurry"
Panpharos 24
Pepe Lirrojo Pick Up Stack con Faros pick-up stack and faro stackingInspired by Panpharos 27
Pepe Lirrojo Asamblea Total aces separated in four piles, brought together to top via faro, deck is arranged by quartets as climaxInspired by Panpharos 30
Pepe Lirrojo Firmadas al Bolsillo four cards change into four signed selections, then selections are found in pocket Panpharos 32
Pepe Lirrojo Mensajes Mezclados different messages on different sides, general historical remarksInspired by
  • Miguel Angel Gea's "Mensajes"
Panpharos 37
Pepe Lirrojo P.A.D.O.I. two deck routine, open prediction, two cards spelled two, deck in order and selection vanishes Panpharos 41
Pepe Lirrojo A.C.A.A.N. Teórico Inspired by Panpharos 47
Pepe Lirrojo Bibliografia books on Faro Panpharos 49
Pepe Lirrojo Introducción - Antes de Empezar Panpharos 6
Pepe Lirrojo La Mezcla Faro . ¿Qué es la mezcla faro? (what is the faro shuffle?)
- Origen de la mezcla faro (origin of the faro shuffle)
- Tecnicismos de la mezcla faro (technical terms of the faro shuffle)
- Clasificación según como se realiza mezcla faro
Panpharos 8
Pepe Lirrojo Mezcla en las Manos in the hands faro Panpharos 10
Pepe Lirrojo Mezcla en la Mesa Panpharos 11
Pepe Lirrojo Mezcla a una sola Mano one-handed faro on the table, brief Panpharos 12
Pepe Lirrojo Mezcla por Riffleo perfecta brief, perfect riffle shuffle Panpharos 12
Pepe Lirrojo Trifaro brief, on the trifaro Panpharos 12
Pepe Lirrojo Antifaro en Mesa on the antifaro on the table Panpharos 13
Pepe Lirrojo Antifaro en Manos brief, on Christian Engblom's Antifaro Panpharos 13
Pepe Lirrojo Tipos de Mezcla Faro faro types
- Faro Parcial (partial faro)
- Faro Parcial con Residuo (partial faro with rest)
- Faro Perfecta (perfect faro)
- Modalidades de la Mezcla Faro Perfecta
- Faro Interior (Faro In)
- Faro Exterior (Faro Out)
- Faro Encerrada (Straddle Faro)
- Faro Incompleta (Incomplete Faro)
Panpharos 13
Pepe Lirrojo Empalme desde salto Le Paul palm while doing LePaul spread pass Panpharos 18
Pepe Lirrojo Empalme a la Faro palming while springing the cards after a faro Panpharos 19