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Kent Arthur Eerie Cards using eight cards, card finally spelled to
Related toVariations 1940
The Jinx (Issue 101)
Alex Elmsley Mathematics & Mentalism one of sixteen cards thought of with its position, during reverse faros the spectator says in which half his card is, selection ends up on top (and force card brought to original position)
Related toVariationsAlso published here Sep. 1958
Ibidem (Issue 14)
Larry Jennings Prefiguration impromptu
Related toVariations 1986 156
Edward Marlo Math Applied sixteen cards and reverse faros, four effects
Related to 1990 55
Paul Rylander Different View
  • Letters
Related to Oct. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Graham Stringer, Richard Myer, Chris "Doc" Dixon, Kevin Baker Rylander Refuted
  • Letters
Related to Dec. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 4)
Justin Higham The Illogical Dribble Force
  • The Basic Move
Related toVariationsAlso published here 2007 3
Kevin Baker Illogical Prefiguration set-up
Inspired byVariations 2007 8
Kevin Baker Illogcial Hofzinser
2007 9
Justin Higham Palm-Replacement IDF hides back-color
Inspired byVariations 2007 10
Kevin Baker Casual Palm-Replacement IDF hides back-color
Inspired byVariations 2007 11
Justin Higham, Kevin Baker, Benjamin Earl Other Ideas
Related to 2007 14
Justin Higham, Kevin Baker The NoBo Lie Detector "No" = Bottom
  • First Version
  • Second Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Third Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Fourth Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Fifth Version
  • Sixth Version
  • Seventh Version
  • Eighth Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Ninth Version
  • Tenth Version (Kevin Baker)
Inspired by
  • Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks, pp. 130-133
Related toVariations
2008 57
Justin Higham Casual Longitudinal Palm-Replacement IDF
Inspired by 2009 11
Justin Higham Casual Palm-Replacement Second-Deal IDF for odd-backed card
Inspired by 2009 11
Kevin Baker K.B. Illogical Dribble Force
  • Handling One
  • Handling Two
Related to 2009 16
Kevin Baker Impromptu Illogical Prefiguration
  • First Version
  • Second Version
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2009 20
Kevin Baker Flip-Over Dribble Force
Related to 2009 30
Justin Higham Slide-Around Top/Bottom Dribble Force
Inspired byRelated to 2009 30
Justin Higham Pseudo Card-Cheating Switch - Basic Move as tabled packet is picked up, immediate clean-up with deck
Inspired byVariations 2011 2
Kevin Baker No-Palm Method
Inspired byRelated to 2011 6
Justin Higham End Notes more comments and variations on previous material
Related to 2011 24
Justin Higham, Will Houstoun Casual Palm-Replacement Switch
  • Illogical CPR Switch
  • 1-of-2 CPR Switch
  • 2-for-2 Spread Version (Will Houstoun)
  • 1-of-2 Spread Version
  • 1-of-2 Squared Version
  • Modified CPR Switch (Will Houstoun)
Inspired by 2011 15
Justin Higham, Kevin Baker Pseudo-Extraction Moves card stabbed in deck, stab card and card below it (really coming from bottom) removed
  • No. 1
  • No. 2 (Kevin Baker)
  • No. 3
2012 4
Kevin Baker One-Ahead Double Prophecy
  • One-Minute Double Prophecy
2012 16
Justin Higham Unimpaired Prefiguration
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2013 23
Joseph Barry Illogical Undercut Force
Related to 2013 35
Justin Higham Skype Detector eight cards binary sorting
Related to 2015 24
Justin Higham Limited-Selection NoBo
Inspired by 2015 25
Justin Higham Quicksilver "Six or seven (or more) fours of a kind and other poker hands are produced from a genuinely shuffled deck."
  • Phase One (Eight-Card Spread-Separation Cull)
  • Phase Two (Prefigured Full House Poker Deal)
  • Phase Three (Improvised)
  • Phase Four (Impromptu Illogical Prefiguration / Unimpaired Prefiguration)
  • Phase Five (Alternative for the Streamlined Overhand Cull-Stack)
  • Phase Six (Improvised, 100% Production)
  • End Notes
  • Credits
  • Final Thoughts
Related to 2021 20
Justin Higham Double-Crossed Aces performer cuts deck into four packets in square formation, top cards are shown to be indifferent, then they change to Aces, using pick-up from wrong packets
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2023 4
Kevin Baker Double Double-Cross performer cuts deck into four packets in square formation, top cards are shown to be Kings, then they change to Aces, using pick-up from wrong packets, with optional double change
Inspired by 2023 2