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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Dr. Theodore Sack Sack's Spotted Sorcery three phase routine with dice, pips on dice change
Related toVariationsAlso published here June 1948
The Phoenix (Issue 152)
Dick Piser Piser's Flaming Boutonniere handkerchief changes into boutonniere in a flash
Related to Nov. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 242)
Howard A. Adams Gruesome name chosen from list is divined
Variations Dec. 1960
The New Phoenix (Issue 352)
Ernest Heldman Some Gruesome Comments simplification of Adams routine
Inspired by Feb. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 354)
Andrew Kennedy, Ernest Heldman Boot Bill Fold see also p. 286 for additional ideas by Robert Myerson and Ernest Heldman
Nov. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 363)
Ernest Heldman A Hand-Y Bit three body stunts / gags
  • finger are same size
  • arm grows
  • arm shrinks
May 1962
The New Phoenix (Issue 369)
Ernest Heldman Out of this World Clean-up
Fall 1969
Hierophant (Issue 1)