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Now You See It! palm section
Related to 1948 92
Arthur Hastings D.F.C
Inspired byRelated toVariations Oct. 1952 1060
Arthur Hastings Spirit Writings writing appears on one of two blank cards
Related toVariations Jan. 1956 150
Arthur Hastings The Study of ESP general comments
  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Precognition
1960 3
Arthur Hastings One out of Five five ESP cards shown and mixed on tray, one chosen and divined or predicted
1960 28
Arthur Hastings ESP Trio ESP deck, spectator cuts to an ESP card which is divined, two more divination sequences
Also published here
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly, Oct. 1956, Vol 14 No. 5
1960 29
Arthur Hastings Close Up Top Change I Le Temps style
1960 30
Arthur Hastings Close Up Top Change II
1960 31
Howard A. Adams Spirit Star selected ESP symbols appear on blank cards
Inspired by May 1961 257
Steve Freeman Black Aces - Red Kings transformation kicker
Inspired by
  • Arthur Hastings item, Ibidem #12
Fall-Spring 1971
Hierophant (Issue 5-6)
Arthur Hastings, Bruce Cervon Turnover Pass Reverse Card is reversed in Center as Deck is turned over
Also published here 1975 36
Bruce Cervon Cervon's Invisible Reverse Card is reversed in Center as Deck is turned over
Related toAlso published here 1988 149
Edward Marlo Packet Switches - First Method handling for drag/peel switch
Inspired by
  • Switch by Arthur Hastings & David Bendix (Hugard's Magic Monthly, Oct. 1956)
Related toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Feb. 1965
1988 128
Jack Carpenter Multiple top switch cards are switched as top card of packet is peeled on deck, see "Errata" in Issue #3 (p. 32) for crediting info
Related to 1994
Labyrinth (Issue 1)
Jack Avis A Tale of Two Slates two miniature slates have writing with two colors, chosen color changes into name of selection
Inspired by 2006 197
David Bendix, Arthur Hastings Close-Up Top Change II sort of Le Temps Switch with one card face up
Also published here
  • "Close-Up Top Change II" (Arthur Hastings & David Bendix, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 14, No. 5, Oct. 1956, p. 481)
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