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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
S. W. Erdnase Sixth Method "Transformations. Two Hands"
featuring unusual palm
Related toVariations 1902 154
Edward Victor The Expert Deal four Aces, the Royal Flush
Variations 1937 19
Cliff Green The Phoenix Aces Aces lost in deck are produced from empty hands one by one
Related toVariations 1961 39
Richard Kaufman, Cliff Green Phoenix Reborn aces lost in deck, aces appear one by one in empty hands
Inspired byVariations 1979 142
Frederick Braue FB Side Steal "I think that this is the perfect pass, although I have used it only in the past week."
referenced Erdnase Palm from center (1936)
Inspired byAlso published here 1985 12
Davide Costi, Toni Mantovani David's Reverse Matrix
VariationsAlso published here 1987 64
Johnny "J.J." Johnston Editorial The Magic Circle, Carlos Vaquera's coin vanish
Oct. 1988
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Carlos Vaquera The Lateral Palm Catch
1995 ca. 15
Carlos Vaquera The Lateral Palm Catch
1998 ca. 12
Carlos Vaquera A Magic Genius on Juan Tamariz
Oct. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 10)
Juan Gallego Luque, Miguel Ángel Gea Y Más Nombres on Joaquin Navajas, Alberto Cuartero, Manuel Cuesta, Luis Boyano, Juan Escolano, Luis Arza, Juan José Hidalgo, Paco Rodas, Faustino Palmero, Manolo Tena, Justo Alvarez Ascaso, Anthony Blake, Ignacio Grassa, May Roger, Juan Gurrea, Rafael Benatar, Donald Lehn, Ramón Riobóo, Armando Gómez, José de la Torre, Juan Mayoral, Paco Herrero, Sebastián Pons, Jorge Haddad, Alberto Reyes, Charly Miret, Carlos Vaquera
2003 97
David Solomon Dave's Game Gemini Twins with dollar bills as markers with royal flush kicker
Inspired byVariations 2004 186
Carlos Vaquera, Tommy Wonder Tommy Wonder interview from 1997
Related to Sep. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 9)
Richard Kaufman Genii Speaks
Related to Oct. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 10)
John Bannon Three-Part Harmony
  • Dealing With It
performer produces the Kings, spectator cuts four piles on table, a King is placed on each pile, they assemble on one pile, Aces are found on other piles
Inspired by
  • "Vivace" (Aldo Colombini, Carlos Vaquera, Baroque Cards, 2006)
May 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 5)
Carlos Vaquera Inspiration by way of introduction
2019 11
Carlos Vaquera Special mentions...
2019 13
Carlos Vaquera The Queens' Shadows red Queens travel to the top of cut deck, black Queens appear and all assemble on top of one pile, Aces appearanc as additional climax
2019 19
Carlos Vaquera A Fine New Trick two cards change places and then transform into nines, based on a french pun
2019 25
Carlos Vaquera Franco triumph, first Aces are cut to, then spectator stops at a face-down card which turns out to be selection, rest of the deck all found in same orientation
2019 29
Carlos Vaquera Les Pensées deck shuffled face up into face-down, selection rises from deck and all other cards end up facing same way
2019 34
Carlos Vaquera Every Which Way
2019 39
Carlos Vaquera On the Craftsman on being a craftsman vs. an artist
2019 45
Carlos Vaquera Running Pack selection appears between two Queens, repeated with Queens inside case, then Queens and cards travel on and under card case one by one
2019 49
Carlos Vaquera Black Jack black Twos as markers with royal flush kicker
Inspired by 2019 53
Carlos Vaquera, Edward Victor A Hell of a Poker Game four Aces with Royal Flush kicker
Inspired by 2019 57
Carlos Vaquera On the Expert Teacher on finding and having a teacher
2019 63
Carlos Vaquera Clones three blank cards change into selection, then turn blank and into second selection
2019 65
Carlos Vaquera Traveling Signatures two packets of blank cards, signatures travel from packet to packet several times
2019 69
Carlos Vaquera Weighted Cards face up Eight placed face-up among four twos and penetrates cards one by one and eventually ends up on top, Twos change to Queens as kicker
2019 77
Carlos Vaquera, Arturo de Ascanio Las Palmas Spread Variation with outjogged card
2019 79
Carlos Vaquera Cards to Pocket two card transposition with pocket, followed by a card to pocket sequence, entire deck travels to pocket as climax
2019 83
Carlos Vaquera On Naturalness
  • Another reality
  • Our two kinds of "naturalness"
  • Understanding versus letting yourself go
  • Rituals
2019 87
Carlos Vaquera Damask while trying to find selection Ace of Spades appears several times and is always placed on the table, cards turn out to be the four Aces and they change into Queens, Triumph and transformation back to Aces as kicker
2019 93
Carlos Vaquera The Queens' Return Queens switch places with three indifferent cards, repeated
2019 99
Carlos Vaquera Indifferent-Aces-Queens Transposition single card transposes with Aces, Aces change into Queens
2019 103
Carlos Vaquera Countdown Ace to Four of Hearts and Ace to Four of Spades, cards change places one by one and rise up in the packet
2019 108
Carlos Vaquera On Music
  • Musical accompaniment
2019 115
Carlos Vaquera Traveling Aces - Invisible Palming Aces change to Queens as kicker
2019 121
Carlos Vaquera Leading Ladies Slow Motion assembly, in last phase all cards travel from leader packet to last Queen
2019 127
Carlos Vaquera Day and Night 4x4, three phases, mixing phase in the middle
2019 135
Carlos Vaquera Les Rouges et les Noires 4x4, four phases one extra card
2019 141
Carlos Vaquera On Creativity
  • A four-step guide to becoming creative
  • Time limits
  • Not being happy with just one positive response
2019 147
Carlos Vaquera Collec-Ace-tion Aces vanish and appear one by one face up in deck, with Collectors a climax
2019 155
Carlos Vaquera Catch Collectors three selections vanish one by one and appear trapped between four-of-a-kind
2019 161
Carlos Vaquera Speedy Sandwich selection found sandwiched, then Queens turn into mates of selection form four-of-a-kind
2019 165
Carlos Vaquera Sandwich à Trois selections appear between black Aces, then changes to second and third selection, Aces changes to first and second selection as a kicker
2019 171
Carlos Vaquera Delayed Sandwich searchers, indifferent card changes to sandwiched card and back as kicker
2019 177
Carlos Vaquera On Stage Fright
  • The theory of stage fright
  • Stage fright and its many incarnations
  • The nerve center
  • Good nerves and bad nerves
  • Symptoms of suffering
  • Bad solutions
  • Good solutions
  • The orthosympathetic system
  • The parasympathetic system
  • The power of imagination
  • Visualization and anchoring
  • The protective bubble
  • Your subconscious and the job it does
  • Autosuggestion
2019 183
Carlos Vaquera The Takeover Card top and bottom cards turn out to be the selections, the four cards change to Aces, four card repeat sequence ending with selection
2019 199
Carlos Vaquera, Jack Carpenter Diminishing Lift Sequence 5 as 4
2019 204
Carlos Vaquera Topsy-Turvy out-jogged face-down card with face-up card over deck, repeated
Inspired by
  • Dan & Dave Buck's "TiVo 2.0" on "Trilogy" (DVD)
2019 207
Carlos Vaquera Escorial flashy card production
2019 215
Carlos Vaquera A Melody for Two Playing Cards two card transpo, one card inside performer's pocket
2019 219
Carlos Vaquera On Eight Tenets of Magic
2019 221
Carlos Vaquera All Backs All Blanks, printing
2019 229
Carlos Vaquera The New Phoenix Has Arrived! Aces are produced from empty hands one by one
Inspired by 2019 235
Carlos Vaquera Jacks of All Trades two cards change places and change into Jacks, coins appear under cards as kicker, with variation
2019 243
Carlos Vaquera The Traveling Coin coin vanishes and appears in shirt fold
2019 247
Carlos Vaquera On Practice
2019 249
Carlos Vaquera Chiromancy production of three coins, then they travel to spectator's hand one by one
2019 259
Carlos Vaquera Coins through Table four coins, can be done standing up
2019 261
Carlos Vaquera Matrix - Premier four coins four cards with backfire ending, repeated with four coins and two cards
2019 265
Carlos Vaquera Matrix - Deuxième
Inspired by 2019 271
Carlos Vaquera, Jean-Pierre Vallarino Matrix - Troisième
2019 275
Carlos Vaquera Conclusion
2019 279
Carlos Vaquera My Fan Control fanning cards and closing fan again while retaining jog, classic handling
2019 283
Carlos Vaquera The All-Square Control retaining jog during all-around square-up, with addition of turning deck face-up
2019 285
Carlos Vaquera My Side Steal same es FB Side Steal, no credit
Related toAlso published here 2019 289
Carlos Vaquera My Add-On Moves two variation
2019 293
Carlos Vaquera Matrix - Quatrième
2019 297
David Britland (reviewer) The Illusioneer by Carlos Vaquera June 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 6)
Carlos Vaquera Matrix Premier four coins assemble under one card with backfire, first with four cards, then again with two cards
Also published here
  • The Illusioneer
2020 18
Carlos Vaquera Laydown Steal without thumb
2020 18
Carlos Vaquera Introduction
2022 xiv