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Ian Adair Mr. Fox ... Mr. E ... Mr. Enthusiasm on Karrell Fox
Another Book 25
Ian Adair Bill Gags more gags and bits of business with bills
  • Holey Money
  • Try and Catch Me...Note
  • Tissue Notes
  • Going Places
  • Irish Fake Note
  • Genuine Note
  • Another Note
  • Burnt Note
  • Breeding Note!
  • Acrobatic Note
  • Budding Pound Note
  • I Money
  • Anti Royalist
  • Heavy Spender
  • Pools Money
  • Money Talks
Another Book 78
Ian Adair Striptease Lady as a climax naked queen appears, moveable have card to hide other card
The Three Card Monte as Entertainment 37
Ian Adair The Sound of Music video casette put in its case, it vanishes and in its place is a dancing ballerina puppet
Virtual Foolery 4