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Kennedy Smith Preface
1982 1
Kennedy Smith Introduction
1982 3
Kennedy Smith Cube Through the Hat shell and cover
1982 5
Kennedy Smith Smarty Cube hole in tray, cube in box put on top, colored spots fall through hole (smarties), cube is now black, black hole presentation
1982 7
Kennedy Smith A Long Shot cube mixed by spectator, performer deals out nine color cards in a square, the layout matches a side of the cube, cube partially fixed
1982 10
Kennedy Smith Clip It cube mixed by spectator, string of linked colored paper clips chosen, the color sequence of the clips matches a side of the cube, cube partially fixed
1982 13
Kennedy Smith Rubik Paint cube mixed by spectator, performer paints with transparent paint on white paper and a 3x3 color layout appears, the layout matches a side of the cube, cube partially fixed
1982 15
Kennedy Smith Sympathetic Cubes spectator and performer each mix a cube, their patterns match, partially fixed cubes
1982 16
Kennedy Smith A Rubik for your Thoughts spectator mixed cube and looks on one side, performer divines color layout, partially fixed cube
1982 19
Kennedy Smith Fly Away Spots mixed cube covered with handkerchief, spots of chosen color (with cards) fly off when handkerchief is removed
1982 21
Kennedy Smith A Rubik Production cube from handkerchief
1982 23
Kennedy Smith Some Ideas on Sleights with miniature cubes
  • Palms
  • Palm porper
  • Finger Palm
  • Thumb Palm
  • Back Palm
  • The French Drop
  • The Pinch (false transfer)
  • Acquittal 1 (change-over palm to show hands empty)
  • Acquittal 2 (change-over palm with another visible cube)
1982 25
Kennedy Smith A Routine with Rubik Cubes small cube produced from playing card, manipulation routine with multiple cubes, hook cube
1982 29
Kennedy Smith The Dehydrated Rubiks three different sized rubik's cubes vanish, spots appear on a handkerchief, cubes reappear flatted on a tray, nesting cubes
1982 33
Kennedy Smith Rubik's Handkerchief rubik's cube spots appear on handkerchief
1982 34
Kennedy Smith My Mind's a Blank cube mixed by spectator, color chosen from color cards, a side almost changes to chosen color, then cube becomes all black in confetti shower
1982 38
Kennedy Smith Cube Through Table
1982 41
Kennedy Smith The Rationalised Rubik cube solves itself under newspaper cover, with lose cube spots on table as misdirection
1982 43