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Gus Davenport, Lewis Ganson Turnover Mover - After Gus Davenport A new look at the Okito Box 32
Gus Davenport Midnite Coin "origin ... is in doubt"
glass in side pocket, coin vanishes and is heard appearing in glass, two methods
The Chronicles (Issue 9) 1145
Jack Avis, Gus Davenport Gus 'N Jack Coin Trick four coins produced from silk one by one Vis à Vis 21
Gus Davenport Thread Vanish sucked into mouth Vis à Vis 21
Gus Davenport Flipping Swindle five cards laid out in cross formation, cards have to be dropped onto the formation so that it is eventually covered completely, with gags Vis à Vis 58