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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
José Carroll Suit Appearance suit produced, changed to other chosen suit
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1988 137
José Carroll Reflections four Aces change six times, Universal Card plot with Aces
VariationsAlso published here 1991 9
Ralph Cos Die Airtight-Section - Der Grundgriff balloon pressed against deck of cards, it shrinks around deck which is apparently now inside the balloon
Inspired byRelated to 1991 20
Chad Long The Shuffling Lesson spectator shuffles and cuts and turns over and gets Aces while performer demonstrates the actions with the other half and gets Kings
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Astonishing Friends)
Gabi Pareras Aparición Flash deck is gently dribbled on the table and the for Aces appear face-up on top
Variations 2003 280
Kiko Pastur Luis Piedrahita - El curioso caso de Luis Piedrahita Cuesta
El Manuscrito (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Kiko Pastur Crítica gea-métrica de "La Esencia II" on La esencia II and on Gea
2009 137
Luis Piedrahita, Kiko Pastur Cards in Balloon balloon pressed against deck of cards, it shrinks around deck which is apparently now inside the balloon
Related to 2010 79
Kiko Pastur On Luis Piedrahita brief anecdote
2011 42
Kiko Pastur ¡Los Reyes Magos son Ficción! on the concepts of Gabi Parera's Fictional Magic and Realistic Magic
El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 15)
Kiko Pastur Prólogo
2014 10
Kiko Pastur Construyendo un Puente Invisible the structure of the show "El Puente Invisible"
2014 15
Kiko Pastur Obertura beginning of the show "El Puente Invisible"
2014 21
Kiko Pastur Ases Soplados Aces are blown out of the deck on by one, two from spread, one in squared deck and one while cards are dribbled
2014 23
Kiko Pastur Nadie Es Invisible Invisible Palm routine with just four Aces
2014 34
Kiko Pastur Card Vanish a la Rub-a-Dub, with reversed card outjogged on face up card
2014 39
Román García Open Travelers Display hand lifted from table, when done again card appears
Related to 2014 41
Kiko Pastur Production of card between spectator's hands
2014 49
Kiko Pastur Serendipia ACAAN done three times with different methods
2014 50
Kiko Pastur La Escalera de Escher four red court cards turn over one by one and then transpose with four Aces on table
2014 64
Kiko Pastur Suit De Alicia suit appearance of named suit, with transformation of suit at the end
Inspired by 2014 72
Kiko Pastur El Conejo Blanco cutting to card
2014 76
Kiko Pastur, John Cornelius La Falsa Tortuga using John Cornelius' Spring Set move from center
2014 77
Kiko Pastur Tweedledee, Tweedledum one handed turnover of card and shooting it to other hand
2014 78
Kiko Pastur Humpty Dumpty one-handed turnover of card, ends up face-up between two halves
2014 79
Kiko Pastur El Sombrerero Loco half of the deck jumps up to other hand, at point of selection
2014 80
Kiko Pastur El Gato de Cheshire card jumps out of fan up into other hand
2014 81
Kiko Pastur, Ken Krenzel, Fred Robinson La Oruga Azul pinky riser, with extra rising action by switching finger
2014 82
Kiko Pastur, Román García La Liebre de Marzo hand lifted from table, when done again card appears
Related to 2014 83
Kiko Pastur El Pájaro Dodo bottom shot
2014 84
Kiko Pastur La Reina Roja production of card with empty hand
2014 86
Kiko Pastur El Rey Blanco Green's Top Shot to Sandwich
2014 88
Kiko Pastur, Román García Peregrinas named card travels to pocket, then card in pocket transpose with four Aces
2014 92
Kiko Pastur El Dorso de Magritte with included mini All Backs routine and production of all suits in order
2014 100
Kiko Pastur Dejazz Vu with Deja Vu presentation, using a watch where handles are always back to zero
2014 120
Kiko Pastur El Caos del Triunfo cards spread in mixed condition on table, then performer runs hand over spread and cards are all back down but selection
2014 130
Kiko Pastur Kaníbales sock produced from cards, and cards from sock as ending
2014 140
Kiko Pastur El Soñador Soñado nine card monte
2014 154
Kiko Pastur Sin-Este Mundo just two piles, without changing color
2014 168
Kiko Pastur A Través del Espejo spectator mirrors actions of performer, both end up with four of a kind
Inspired by 2014 174
Kiko Pastur Solo Imágenes Four Aces change to various cards and back to Aces
Inspired by 2014 182
Kiko Pastur, Gabi Pareras Aparición Flash Variation deck is gently dribbled on the table and the for Aces appear face-up on top
Inspired by 2014 185
Kiko Pastur El Puente Invisible four Aces on table, nine card selected face-up cards change to one complete suit
2014 197
Kiko Pastur Strip-Out Addition
2014 200
Kiko Pastur Mise-En-Scène pictures of the setting of the show
2014 206
Kiko Pastur Rider Técnico technical rider of the show "El Puente Invisible"
  • Cámera
-Pantalla y Proyector
  • Realización de Video
  • Iluminación
  • Sonido
2014 226
Kiko Pastur Mezcla que No Mezcla Plus inspired by Tamariz' "Mezcla que no mezcla", various methods to get deck in anti-faro condition
  • Llevar las cartas a salida lateral
  • Pivotar las cartas
  • Falsa imbricación
  • Variante swing
2014 232
Kiko Pastur Música a la Carta on the music used in "El Puente Invisible", including scores
2014 239
Kiko Pastur Bibliografía
2014 261
Yu Huihang Co-Inky-Dink Spectator and magicians each hold half the deck behind their backs, turn over one card and place in the middle. Both cards are mates
Inspired by 2021 37