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U. F. Grant "Million Dollar" Bill Mystery two bills are torn, one half of each vanish and appear in envelope
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1943 112
David Hoy The Bold Book Test impromptu, glimpsing information on the fly and miscalling page number
Related toVariations 1963 21
John Bannon Directed Verdict actually "Directed Verdict IV"
Related toVariations 1991 106
Andy (The Jerx) Note Note on spelling/grammatical errors (joke)
2016 ix
Andy (The Jerx) Preface
2016 xi
Andy (The Jerx) Introduction
2016 xvii
Andy (The Jerx) On Presentation
2016 1
John Bannon, Andy (The Jerx) Spectator Cuts The Aces Three Ways Directed Verdict by John Bannon, but provides three very different ways of presenting the same trick

  • The Ocean's Eleven Version
  • The Creepy Child Version (prediction of four cards cut to)
  • Spectator Cuts Their Future (prediction of four cards cut to)
Inspired byRelated to 2016 27
Andy (The Jerx) Bazillion Dollar Bill Mystery Million Dollar Bill Mystery - one half of a dollar bill teleports into a sealed envelope, the other teleports to France
Inspired by 2016 41
Andy (The Jerx) Talisman Presentation for Out of This World, involving lucky coin/talisman
2016 55
Andy (The Jerx) Limitless Ahead One Ahead type of routine, spectator is apparently given heightened senses (hearing, smell etc.), able to guess what magician did
2016 69
Andy (The Jerx) The Revealing Thing Importance of thinking about how to reveal a thought-of word, describes a simple peek for a billet
2016 79
Andy (The Jerx) Passion of Donny Ackerman Divine word written on billet - presentation is about stopping time. Spectator feels a tickle on hand during the moment time stopped
2016 83
Andy (The Jerx) The Miracle Worker Divine word written on billet - presentation involves magician eating and tasting the billet to sense the word
2016 93
Andy (The Jerx) Shutterlock Divine words written on billet - presentation involves taking a group photo of spectators imagining reacting to the words they wrote
2016 97
Andy (The Jerx) Applied Cartomancy Part of a prediction effect for Spectator Cuts the Aces Three Ways (Spectator Cuts Their Future)
Related to 2016 103
Andy (The Jerx) Dream Weavers Brainwave effect dressed up as magician meeting spectator in their dreams - red card found reversed in blue deck sealed in envelope, and vice versa
2016 109
Andy (The Jerx) Third-wave Equivoque Third-wave equivoque is based on the richness of language rather than the ambiguity of action.
2016 123
Andy (The Jerx) The Use You Gambit "Which item do you want to use?" type of sentence used in equivoque to provide specificity
2016 131
David Hoy, Andy (The Jerx) Narrow Your Eyes Presentation for David Hoy's Bold Book Test
Inspired by 2016 137
Andy (The Jerx) The Magician's Role as Moral Arbiter Instructions for an equivoque effect using cards, that uses the book as a prediction (choose you own adventure type of effect).
Related to 2016 143
Andy (The Jerx) And Then There Were None Spectators' bills all have strange writing on them - combined together they form an ominous skull picture
2016 147
Andy (The Jerx) Guided Visualization Equivoque effect with cards, follow through pages in book (choose your own adventure type of effect)
Related to 2016 155
Andy (The Jerx) Cryptophasia Effect where spectator is apparently your long-lost twin, proven by spectator knowing a secret language only known by twins
2016 157
Andy (The Jerx) Dewey Defeats Truman Solutions to common issues magicians have with headline predictions

Issue 1: Too bold a power to claim
Issue 2: What if there's a tragedy that day?
2016 165
Andy (The Jerx) Dear Penthouse Forum Story deck trick about some erotic story, later shown to be prediction on page in a Playboy magazine
2016 173
Andy (The Jerx) Will You Let Me Into Your Dream? Your bizarre dream comes true with a spectator, the whole routine lasts over FIVE DAYS
2016 191
Andy (The Jerx) Reverse Psychology Handling for the spread force added with some psychological subtleties to make it extra fair (allow them to apparently change their mind)
2016 203
Andy (The Jerx) I Know What You Need Magician apparently manipulated the memories of the audience to choose the predicted food item for dinner, uses an app
2016 213
Andy (The Jerx) Hallmark Card torn into pieces, one piece held by spectator. Pieces vanish, restored card found in envelope
2016 229
Andy (The Jerx) The Jerx Torn-Corner Handling Vanish of torn pieces of a card
2016 232
Andy (The Jerx) Multiple Universe Selection Signed card transforms; presentation is about jumping between parallel universes, random objects in a plastic bag change
2016 237
Michael Weber, Andy (The Jerx) Pale Horse and Rider Using Ouija Board to do progressive anagram routines - different handlings and touches
2016 255
Andy (The Jerx) Meta-bored Shuffle-bored presentation
Related to 2016 265
Andy (The Jerx) Toxic Shock Bill vanishes and appears in spectator's vagina
2016 275
Andy (The Jerx) And Now He Is Me Card trick based on reenacting scene from the 1978 movie Magic
2016 283
Andy (The Jerx) The Mad Libs Ploy Spectator randomly chooses words from a deck, predicts an illiusion that the magician's grandfather designed
2016 291
Andy (The Jerx) The Baby Who Knows Friend's unborn baby is clairvoyant, can divine what number is inside the box by kicking the mom
2016 307
Andy (The Jerx) A Very Unusual Camera Phone camera can take pictures a few minutes into the future, predict which cards are dropped face up/down on the floor
2016 313
Andy (The Jerx) Epilogue Describes trick where a card is torn, and restored via "actual" time travel
2016 337
Andy (The Jerx) Acknowledgements
2016 347
Kainoa Harbottle (reviewer) The Jerx, Vol. 1 by Andy (The Jerx) Dec. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 12)
John Lovick (reviewer) The Amateur at the Kitchen Table by Andy (The Jerx) Jan. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 1)
Kainoa Harbottle (reviewer) The JAMM, Issues 1-5 by Andy (The Jerx) Aug. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 8)
Joshua Jay Group Shuffle aka Intercourse Shuffle, cards shuffled together face-up/face-down with spectator
Related toAlso published here 2019 68