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Louis Tannen, Mac McDonald Just a Thumb Tip how McDonald performed the vanishing cigarette with one arm and handling tips for the thumb tip
Aug. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 132)
Dai Vernon, Mac McDonald Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of the deck, repeat
Related toVariations 1957 88
Dai Vernon McDonald's $100 Routine three double facers
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1960 26
Mac McDonald Coin Vanish coin dropped in glass under handkerchief, penetrates glass, see p. 93 for more information
Related to 1962 46
Paul Swinford Thoughts on Vernon's Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of the deck, double facer
Inspired by 1971 5
Mac McDonald, Rolf Andra 100 Dollar-Routine
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 2)
Dai Vernon, Mac McDonald Vernon - McDonald Version Of Piano Trick No. 88
Related to 1972 26
Mac McDonald McDonald's One Armed Four Ace Trick No. 418, not a lot of details
1972 114
C. C. Allen "Just call me Mac..." anecdotes and biographical bit of Mac McDonald
1986 3
C. C. Allen The Magic Business on Mac McDonald selling magic, Lou Tannen, Tommy Martin, Egg on Fan credit
1986 8
C. C. Allen McDonald's Magic several phases of Mac McDonald's magic endeavors
  • The Business to Business Pitch
  • The Hotel Pitch
  • The Society Show
1986 10
C. C. Allen Mac's Tricks on Mac McDonald's pitches
  • Mac's Opening
  • The Box
1986 14
Mac McDonald The Ring and String ring knotted on string under handkerchief, one-handed
1986 17
Mac McDonald Cigarette in Handkerchief tips on the vanish of a lit cigarette in a handkerchief / jacket
1986 18
Mac McDonald, C. C. Allen The Egg on Fan Egg on Fan, with alternative method by Allen
  • Tips for Fanners
1986 19
C. C. Allen The Coffee Vase on an item Mac McDonald apparently used in his Society show
1986 22
Mac McDonald The Weisenheimer Coin rings on paper, one covered with business card, coin vanishes, various ideas
1986 22
Mac McDonald Pitch Tricks several pitch tricks by Mac McDonald, without explanation
  • The Svengali Deck
  • You Do As I Do
  • Rattle Bars
  • 7 Card Monte
Related to 1986 24
Mac McDonald The Coin in Glass presentation for coin vanish, coin dropped in glass under handkerchief
Related to 1986 26
Mac McDonald The $100 Ace Routine brief comments, not technical
Related to 1986 28
Mac McDonald The Big Top production of a baby goat under a handkerchief
1986 29
Mac McDonald The Philosophy of Man aphorisms and quotes on life
1986 33
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Legend of Mac McDonald by Mac McDonald (written by C. C. Allen) Oct. 1987
Epoptica (Issue 10)
Mac McDonald Lost Chord Piano Trick variation
Related to 1989 177
Edward Marlo Seven Card Monte Redux nine ungaffed methods
Inspired by Feb. 1991 1
Alexander de Cova, Dai Vernon Seven-Card-Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of pack, three phases
Inspired byAlso published here 1994 151
Harry Riser Five Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears in deck, two phases, double facer
Inspired by 1996 168
Karl Fulves Further Notes on "Magician Makes Good" and Mac McDonald's $100 Ace Routine
2002 66
Mac McDonald, Dai Vernon La Rutina de los 100 Dolares de Mac Donald three double facers, translation from "Ilusionismo" N° 192, 1963
Also published here 2014 2
Dai Vernon Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of the deck, double facer, from private lecture notes by Ernest Shattock
Related to 2022 73
Tom Gagnon Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of the deck, repeat
Inspired by 2022 75