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Michael Close The MC Spread Double Lift hides back of bottom card throughoutVariations Workers Number 2 40
Michael Close The MC Spread Double Lift additional ideas, no descriptionRelated to Workers Number 5 68
Nick Trost A Simple Coincidence mate of selection turns over in deckVariations Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 33
Sungwon Kim Leaf Boat visual card production, deck held in a two handed S-fan, selection moves under the spread from bottom to top and ends up sticking out of the fan LeafBoat 2
Sungwon Kim Sungwon Control from center to the top, using an S-fan, TPCAlso published here
  • "Sungwon Control" in "Magic Magazine" April, 2012
  • "Joons Control" in in "Magic Magazine" April, 2012
Imagery 2
Sungwon Kim Spread Cull Double Turnover from the centerRelated to Imagery 5
Sungwon Kim Swing Cut Aces four aces appear face up, while cutting the deck in the hands Imagery 7
Sungwon Kim Four Coincidence quartet turnoverInspired by Imagery 10