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Robert Albo Foreword
1973 xi
Robert Albo, Eric C. Lewis, David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg The Bambergs and Okito
1973 1
Robert Albo The Substitution Principle
1973 107
Robert Albo, David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg, Eric C. Lewis "Where Did the Ducks Go?" - A Discussion on Origins and Methods on the history of the break-a-way box to make a duck disappear
1973 119
Robert Albo, David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg, Eric C. Lewis Fu-Manchu - History & Show
1973 191
Robert Albo Foreword
1976 xi
Robert Albo, Patrick Page, Marvin Burger Magic Craftsman Past and Present
  • England
  • Germany
  • United States of America
1976 1
Robert Albo, Patrick Page, Marvin Burger Die Box and Chimney Vanishes exploration of various models and methods
  • Apparatus: Dies, Die Shell and Die Boxes
  • Apparatus: Chimneys
Related to 1976 9
Robert Albo, William Doerflinger Foreword poll about 39 best magic books and bibliography by William Doerflinger
(foreword from 1978, even though 1976 and 1977 are also given on copyright and title pages)
1978/76 vii
Robert Albo Rising Card overview over various methods with apparatus
  • Apparatus
  • Mechanical Decks
  • Box Rising Cards
  • Stands
  • Hidden Motor Card Rises
  • Rising Cards in the Hand with Apparatus
  • Rising Card on the Wand
  • Houlette on the Bottle Rising Card
  • Trays
1978/76 3
Albert Goshman Devano Rising Cards entire Goshman routine explained
Also published here 1978/76 5
Robert Albo Card Changing Trays tree types
  • Willman
  • Himber
  • Thayer
1978/76 40
Robert Albo Card Boxes various models
1978/76 42
Die Boxes various models and methods, which did not appear in Vol. II, with playing cards and cages etc.
Related to 1978/76 237
Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on Robert Albo, David Copperfield, Terri Rogers, video tapes
Aug. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 8)
Robert Albo Dedication
1982 vii
Robert Albo Foreword
1982 xi
Robert Albo Magic Collectors on different collections and collectors around the world, Houdini, John McManus, Victor Barbour, Charles Larson, Morris Young, Charles Kalish, Jacque Voignier, Rüdiger Deutsch, Topper Martyn, Edwin Dawes, Robert Lund etc
1982 3
Robert Albo Okito Show on Okito's show performed around 1906 in Europe
  • The Act
1982 11
Theo "Okito" Bamberg "Where Do the Ducks Come From?" production of two ducks, apparatus
Related to 1982 21
Robert Albo The Remainder of the Program more notes on the Okito show
1982 24
Robert Albo Addendum to the Duck Production apparatus, with variations of Norm Nielsen and Eric Lewis
Related to 1982 25
Robert Albo A Brief Outline of Other Okito Programs
  • Early Program (about 1904-06)
  • 1920 (At the Empress Theatre, Brixton, England)
  • 1921. Maskelyne's Theatre
1982 27
Robert Albo The Okito Show on Edmund Spreer, former stage manager of Fu Manchu
1982 28
Robert Albo Rice and Confetti
1982 29
Robert Albo Balls, Bells and Eggs
1982 91
Robert Albo Cups and Balls
1982 131
Robert Albo Additions
1982 169
Robert Albo Color Section
1982 231
Robert Albo Dr. Albo's Collection of Magic Apparatus pictures of tricks by Thayer, Klingl, Bartl, Hofzinser, Eric Lewis, Martinka, Bland, Conradi, Okito, P&L, Abbott, Willmann, Owen, Abbott, Baker, John Gaughan, Burtini, Olson, Roterberg, Hughes
1982 333
Albert Goshman, Robert Albo Rising Cards three selected cards rise from the deck, Devano
Also published here 1985 97