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Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks unheimliches Hellsehschreiben writing duplication, blindfolded on blackboardRelated to Dr. Stanley-Jaks und seine Geheimnisse 154
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Holograph Homology Signature Duplication Test, with ideas by Al Mann to pracitse itRelated to The Incredible Dr. Stanley Jaks 7
Robert L. Bluemle Preface on the genesis of this book The Incredible Dr. Jaks xi
Robert L. Bluemle Jaks to Open on Dr. Stanley Jaks The Incredible Dr. Jaks 1
Robert L. Bluemle Jaks in the Box Dr. Stanley Jaks time in Switzerland after the escape from Germany The Incredible Dr. Jaks 5
Robert L. Bluemle The Book of Mysteries Stanley Jaks Book of Mysteries with lots of picture of Ken Klosterman's exemplar The Incredible Dr. Jaks 15
Robert L. Bluemle Jaks be Nimble Stanley Jaks relocates to the US The Incredible Dr. Jaks 25
Robert L. Bluemle Curiosities of the Mind Stanley Jaks demonstrations of the "Curiosities of the Mind" The Incredible Dr. Jaks 35
Robert L. Bluemle Jaks Signature Effect on Stanley Jaks signature duplicationRelated to The Incredible Dr. Jaks 51
Robert L. Bluemle Jaks Jumps Over the Candlestick on Stanley Jaks passing The Incredible Dr. Jaks 85
Robert L. Bluemle Epilogue on what happened to Stanley Jaks's library and magic paraphernalia after his death The Incredible Dr. Jaks 91
Robert L. Bluemle Introduction to the Jaks Effects The Incredible Dr. Jaks 93