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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Bob Read The Incredible Bottle Production under handkerchief
Related toVariations 1973 10
Cardini Cardini's Rising Card floats up into hand, write-up by Milton Tropp
Related to 1976
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #6)
Dai Vernon Five Coins and a Glass full routine
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1987 191
Dai Vernon Silk and Silver production, vanish, reproduction
Related toVariations 1987 208
Arturo de Ascanio Alternating the Colors three phases
Inspired byRelated to 2008 64
Woody Aragón, Ricardo Rodriguez An Interview
2011 307
Ricardo Rodriguez El Chico de la Bufanda
2013 11
Miguel Diaz, Carlos Vinuesa, Ricardo Rodriguez La fórmula de "Alternado los colores" historical notes on the formula for Ascanio's Alternating the Colors
Related to 2015 21
Ricardo Rodriguez Introducción introduction to the new and extended edition of "Magia de altura" from 2008
2021 xi
Ricardo Rodriguez Dedicatoria dedication
2021 3
Ricardo Rodriguez Prefacio
2021 9
Ricardo Rodriguez La cobertura "Desde el punto de vista de la construcción", on the chop cup
2021 11
Ricardo Rodriguez El cubilete stand-up Chop Cup routine
2021 13
Ricardo Rodriguez La magia con historia on storytelling magic, patter
2021 27
Ricardo Rodriguez La carta en la cartera
2021 31
Ricardo Rodriguez La propuesta conciliadora on three different performing styles
  • A. La magia como posibilidad
  • B. La magia realista
  • C. La magia ficcional
  • Planos
Related to
  • Ricardo Rodriguez "Un intento de conciliación" in "La Circular de la Escuela Mágica de Madrid" N°286. 2002.
2021 45
Ricardo Rodriguez En todas partes... y en alguna selection torn at the end
2021 53
David Williamson, Ricardo Rodriguez Top Change
2021 62
Ricardo Rodriguez Creatividad, originalidad... y otras patologias on creativity
2021 75
Ricardo Rodriguez Predicción abierta o el oráculo boards with automatic writing, in one the name of a selected Spanish playing card can be found, ambigram kicker and prediction also on piece of paper
2021 77
Ricardo Rodriguez 1-3+2=0 surrealistic silk routine, silks appear and vanish in hand to make sense to mathematic equation
2021 89
Ricardo Rodriguez Epilogo
2021 99
Ricardo Rodriguez Aguas pantanosas on logic and paradoxes
2021 105
Ricardo Rodriguez Caudales por cabales multi-phase coin routine, three coins are produced, travel and vanish, using a glass and handkerchief
Inspired by 2021 109
Ricardo Rodriguez Ritmo y compás on working with a metronome, rhythm in technique and routine
2021 139
Ricardo Rodriguez Magias parciales de los relatos de Borges on Magic and Jorge Luis Borges
  • A. Obra ensayistica
  • B. Relatos
  • Objetos mágicos
Also published here
  • "La Circular de la Escuela Mágica de Madrid" N°270. 2001.
2021 143
Ricardo Rodriguez Arte de cartografia cards with islands are shuffled and when laid out into a matrix form picture of a person
2021 151
Ricardo Rodriguez Adaptaciones
2021 161
Ricardo Rodriguez Cartas Ascendentes effect introduction, rising card inspired by an unpublished method by Tamariz
2021 164
Ricardo Rodriguez La ironia de los vivos muertos y los muertos vivos six rising cards, Tamariz variation of the Cardini gimmick
Related to 2021 167
Ricardo Rodriguez Audi spectatores
2021 189
Ricardo Rodriguez Botellas effect introduction, on the production of a bottle
Related to 2021 191
Ricardo Rodriguez ¡Ven Gabino! stand-up bottle production, with handkerchief
2021 193
Ricardo Rodriguez Palabras finales
2021 199