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Aaron Fisher Three Kings one of four cards is chosen and use to count down and find a selection (king), the other three change into the missing kings
Variations 2002 94
Allan Hagen Foreword
2017 4
Allan Hagen Completing The Hand two cards chosen, three more cards found to complete a full house, then royal flush located
2017 8
Allan Hagen Friction Toss Royal Flush Revelation
2017 17
Allan Hagen A Very Bold Triumph
2017 20
Allan Hagen The Mirror Change half of the card is covered with reflective surface (mirror, phone screen, ...), it visibly changes
2017 30
Allan Hagen Essay: Storytelling
2017 34
Allan Hagen Special Thanks
2017 38
Allan Hagen Foreword
2017 6
Allan Hagen Formal Vs. Informal
2017 8
Allan Hagen Aces crimps
Inspired by
  • "The Pinch" crimp ("Scarne's Aces", Richard Kaufman, Genii Bash 2012)
2017 12
Allan Hagen Locator Marks for Rider Back, Aristocrats 727, Arrco, New Fan Back
2017 16
Allan Hagen Flexible Methods
2017 23
Allan Hagen X X X X spectator cuts to her four-digit PIN code
2017 26
Allan Hagen Make It Count
2017 34
Allan Hagen Coincidence "(An Alternative Approach To Any Card At Any Number)", stooge
2017 38
Allan Hagen Modified Mnemonica if performing for magicians, see also p. 47
2017 43
Allan Hagen Thanks and Acknowledgements
2017 56
Allan Hagen Take Five Indicator card appears between Jokers, count down to find selection, Jokers transform into other two mates
Inspired byRelated to Apr. 2018
Elixir (Vol. 1 No. 4 (Spring #1))
Mike Helmer Errata credit corrections
Related to 2018
Leaves (Vol. 1 No. 1)