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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi The Double Cut Variations Card College — Volume 1 95
Tommy Wonder The Two-Pocket Deck Switch Related toVariations The Books of Wonder — Volume 1 152
Dan Buck, Dave Buck, Chad Nelson Shake & Bake Anniversary Waltz Organic 44
Chad Nelson Introduction Double Your Pleasure 1
Chad Nelson Conditioned Transposition spectator puts card in back pocket, it transposes with another card Double Your Pleasure 2
Chad Nelson Married and Single Double Your Pleasure 7
Chad Nelson Two free top and bottom cards transform from indifferent card to selections, Clip Shift Double Your Pleasure 15
Chad Nelson Introduction Strolling Controls 1
Chad Nelson Peep Control card peeked at and then cut into center, spectator pushes it inInspired by Strolling Controls 5
Chad Nelson Wonder Control bold and top/bottom discrepant dribble force and controlInspired by Strolling Controls 7
Chad Nelson Tip Control top/bottom discrepant, spectator pushes it in Strolling Controls 11