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J. B. Bobo Throwing a Knot
Related to 1947 120
Tony Lopilato The Tony Lopilato Knot dissolving knot
Variations 1948/27 323
Phil Willmarth Introduction
1969 4
Phil Willmarth Part One Gags, Catches, Nonsense chapter intro
1969 5
Phil Willmarth Part Two Handkerchief Folds
1969 24
Phil Willmarth You Always Have A Handkerchief.....! general remarks
1969 24
Phil Willmarth Part Three Impromptu Chapeaugraphy
1969 41
Phil Willmarth Impromptu Chapeaugraphy
  • Little Nell, The Match Girl (Babushka)
  • The Cowboy, The Cowgirl
  • The Indian
  • The Bad Cowboy (The Bandit)
  • The Condemned Man
  • The Bishop
  • Aunt Jemima
  • The soldier (Simple Overseas Cap)
  • The Chef
  • The Robin Hood Hat
  • The Turban
  • The Mickey Mouse Hat
  • The Wounded Soldier
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • The Artist's Beret
  • Grandma's Night Cap
  • Grampa's Night Cap
  • The Crown
  • The Bull Fighter
  • A Devil
  • The Turban (Second Version)
  • The Surgeon
  • Lawrence of Arabia (Second Version)
  • Knotted Grandma's Night Cap
  • The Executioner or Ghost
  • The Baby or Sun Bonnet
  • The Fez
  • The Clown Hat
  • The Pirate
  • The Monk's Cowl
  • Additional Tips and Presentations
1969 41
About the Author on Phil Willmarth
1969 64
Dick Jarrow DeeJay Knot
Related to 1971
Magick (Issue 24)
Phil Willmarth Chapter One: Simple Penetrations ring and rope moves without knots, short history, Liko Pang, Fitch Cheney, Jack Chanin & Stewart James
1975 2
Phil Willmarth Crossed Ends Release ring cannot be taken from rope, then it falls off
1975 6
Phil Willmarth Misdirection Throw On ring is thrown on rope, move
1975 9
Phil Willmarth Direct Throw On ring is thrown on rope, without get-ready
1975 10
Phil Willmarth, Tony Anverdi After-Anverdi Off "Overhanded Anverdi", ring off rope
1975 10
Flip Hallema, Phil Willmarth Another Flip It On ring is thrown in center of the rope
1975 13
Phil Willmarth Swing It Off Right
1975 17
Phil Willmarth Chapter Two: Knot Effects
1975 23
Harlan Tarbell, Stewart James, Phil Willmarth Sefalalja Revisited
1975 23
Phil Willmarth Instantaneous Knot On one handed, ring on knot
1975 25
Dick Jarrow, Phil Willmarth Hindu Ring in Knot ring on rope, knotted
1975 27
Phil Willmarth Hunter Knot Spin Off with Hunter's Bow Knot
1975 29
Phil Willmarth, Burling Hull Pull the Knot & Ring Off
Related to
  • J. G. Thompson, Jr. "Top Secrets of Magic Vol. 2" P. 227
1975 34
Phil Willmarth The Impossible Knot and Ring without letting go of ends
1975 38
Verne Chesbro, Phil Willmarth Chesbro's Knot it Off
1975 39
Verne Chesbro, Phil Willmarth Chesbro's Knot it On
1975 41
Dick Jarrow, Phil Willmarth The "Scissors" Release
1975 42
Phil Willmarth Doubled Rip-Off
1975 43
Phil Willmarth Chapter Three: Open Knot Effects
1975 47
Phil Willmarth, Verne Chesbro Thru-The-Hole On ring is pulled in open knot
Related to
  • J. G. Thompson, Jr. "Top Secrets of Magic Vol. 2"
1975 47
Dick Jarrow, Flip Hallema, Phil Willmarth Deejay Knot On including the variations Backward Deejay, Forward Deejay and the Swinging Deejay
Related to 1975 54
The Appearing Knot flourish one-handed kont
Related to 1976 135
Phil Willmarth Introduction
Bob Read Chicago - January 1979 on Phil Willmarth, Jay Marshall, Jerry Schnepp, The Master Magicians Club, Gene Anderson, Eddie Spence, Ben Martin, George Johnstone, Dick Jarrow
Mar. 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Phil Willmarth Biddle-Kardyro Cased mixture between biddle trick and "Card Case"
Inspired by Aug. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 8)
Phil Willmarth James Patrick Ryan - "Darling of the Geritol Set"
1981 1
Phil Willmarth From the Author
1981 4
Phil Willmarth Bar Magic on bar magic, Jim Ryan and Matt Schulien
1981 19
Phil Willmarth The Missionary Who Came As Dinner
1984 71
R. C. Buff Hitch A Spectator several knots quickly united behind back
Related to 1984 8
Phil Willmarth The Acrobat knot appears in rope
Also published here 1984 13
Phil Willmarth New One Hand Knot - With Ring
1984 14
Larry West, Phil Willmarth Larry West Twisting the Aces first one after the other, then until all Aces are face up
1984 16
Don Tanner, Trevor Lewis, Phil Willmarth Six Card Mental Test Again! billet in envelope prediction
Variations 1984 20
Stephen Minch Plagiarists three predictions of symbols on a board, humorous and clever presentation
Inspired by 1984 49
Phil Willmarth Lecture Bonus two tricks from planned "The Ring & Rope Book — Volume Two"
1984 (ca.) 5
Phil Willmarth Walk It Down and Off rope tied in loop
1984 (ca.) 5
Phil Willmarth Knot Catch! rope tied in loop
1984 (ca.) 5
Phil Willmarth Introduction
1989 1
Phil Willmarth Getting Started preparing a rope
1989 3
Phil Willmarth The Portable Knot (Two-Handed Tony Lopilato Knot) complicated dissolving knot bundle
Inspired byRelated to 1989 6
Phil Willmarth The Fisherman's Knot flourish knot
1989 12
Phil Willmarth The Robin Hood Knot flourish knot, follow up for Robin Hood Knot
1989 16
J. B. Bobo, Phil Willmarth The Strike Knot (Throwing a Knot) flourish one-handed kont
Related to 1989 21
Phil Willmarth The Acrobat knot appears in rope
Also published here 1989 23
Phil Willmarth The High Diver flourish knot
1989 24
Phil Willmarth The Cowboy Knot flourish knot
1989 25
Flip Hallema, Phil Willmarth The Model T Ford Knot flourish one-handed
1989 29
Phil Willmarth The Airplane Knot flourish knot
1989 31
Phil Willmarth The Willmarth Snap Knot (Throwing a Loop) one-handed flourish knot
1989 34
Phil Willmarth A Phil Willmarth Idea pseudo duplicate to pocket/wallet
1991 36
Phil Willmarth Foreword about apparatus magic
1995 vii
Phil Willmarth Afterword
1995 123
Phil Willmarth Bibliography books referenced during text
1995 125
Karl Fulves The one sided paddle "Methods?"
paddle becomes invisible when other side is shown, posed as problem
Variations 1996 54
Phil Willmarth, Ronald J. Dayton Letters with method for paddle problem
Inspired by 1997 155
Phil Willmarth, Eugene Burger Signed Bill In Matchbox seated at table
2000 47
Phil Willmarth Introduction
2009 1
Phil Willmarth Note on Reading this Book
2009 22
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #56 on 4F, Shigeo Futagawa, El Escorial, Joe Mogar, Phil Willmarth
2012 xiv
Phil Willmarth, Steve Beam, Gene Anderson, Dick Cook, Tim Ellis, Antony Gerard Prologue various anecdotes on 4F, the Forks Hotel and Eddie Fechter
  • I Remember the Forks (Dick Cook)
  • A Few FFFF Pranks & Flops (Steve Beam)
  • Garnack vs. Obie's New Table (Gene Anderson)
  • The Toast (Antony Gerard)
  • Chicken Legs (Steve Beam)
  • A Special FFFF (Phil Willmarth)
  • Door #2 (Steve Beam)
  • Cleaning Out My Cardcase (Tim Ellis)
2012 12
Phil Willmarth "Hi!" Sign with names on each side
Inspired by
  • Milbourne Christopher's "Highway Sign"
2012 283