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Steve "Banachek" Shaw, Gerry McCambridge McCambridge Stage Routine
1992/1999 21
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Psychokinetic Silverware by Gerry McCambridge, Steve "Banachek" Shaw Aug. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 8)
Joseph Atmore Gerry McCambridge: Redefining the Mentalist
Nov. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 3)
Gerry McCambridge Preface
2017 xix
Gerry McCambridge Introduction
2017 xxiii
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 1: Acquiring the Information
  • Before you Arrive at the Venue
  • Pre-show On-Location Gathering
  • During the Performance
2017 3
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 2: Using the Information
  • Structured Feedback
  • Improvisational Feedback
2017 9
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 3: Making Leap of Faith Guesses cold reading and learning info about audience members in the moment
2017 15
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 4: Dilute your Misses covering up for “misses” during cold reading
2017 21
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 5: Using the Dual Reality making it seem to audience as if performer knows more info about spectator than he possibly could have
2017 25
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 6: Using Cancelling Methods
  • Pre-Show Patter
  • Onstage Patter
2017 29
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 7: The Blindfold general info about using blindfolds
  • Straight-ahead or Sideward Peek
  • Straight-down Peek
2017 37
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 8: Duct Taping your Eyes details of specific blindfold technique using half-dollars in eyes, duct tape and blindfold on top
2017 41
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 9: How to Begin Doing Q&A general advice
2017 55
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 10: Selecting Audience Members
  • Gender Selecting
  • Avoid Drunks
  • Check if they Need Glasses to Read
  • Required Skills
2017 61
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 11: Consider the Venue
2017 67
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 12: Using a Disclaimer
2017 71
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 13: Thirteen Performing Tips general advice
2017 75
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 14: Summary brief outline of info covered in book
2017 81
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 15: Omni Glance three spectators, one thinks of name, one thinks of time and one draws picture, performer correctly gets name, sets a watch to correct time and draws matching picture
Also published here
  • Roy Miller's Mental Montage
2017 85
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 16: Triple Match performer reads spectator thinking of three pieces of info written down by audience (social security number, a playing card and two geometric shapes), performer divines them all
Also published here
  • Roy Miller’s Mental Montage
2017 103
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 17: Three Index Card Q&A performer divines info from three spectators, routine for when audience is too big to distribute slips to everyone or for a short show
2017 111
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 18: Performing Q&A on TV general advice
  • Working the TV Host
  • Working a Guest in the Green Room
  • Working the Audience
  • scanned copy of “Permission to Tape Release” form
2017 125
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 19: Practice Slips examples of filled-out slips from audience and comments on how to go about revealing the info, many more practice slips without any comments
2017 137