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Steve "Banachek" Shaw, Gerry McCambridge McCambridge Stage Routine
1992/1999 21
Gerry McCambridge (reviewer) Cassette Tape Prediction by Kerry Pollock July 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 1)
Gerry McCambridge (reviewer) Prediction Cassette Sep. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 3)
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Psychokinetic Silverware by Gerry McCambridge, Steve "Banachek" Shaw Aug. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 8)
Joseph Atmore Gerry McCambridge: Redefining the Mentalist
Nov. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 3)
Gerry McCambridge Preface
2017 xix
Gerry McCambridge Introduction
2017 xxiii
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 1: Acquiring the Information
  • Before you Arrive at the Venue
  • Pre-show On-Location Gathering
  • During the Performance
2017 3
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 2: Using the Information
  • Structured Feedback
  • Improvisational Feedback
2017 9
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 3: Making Leap of Faith Guesses cold reading and learning info about audience members in the moment
2017 15
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 4: Dilute your Misses covering up for “misses” during cold reading
2017 21
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 5: Using the Dual Reality making it seem to audience as if performer knows more info about spectator than he possibly could have
2017 25
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 6: Using Cancelling Methods
  • Pre-Show Patter
  • Onstage Patter
2017 29
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 7: The Blindfold general info about using blindfolds
  • Straight-ahead or Sideward Peek
  • Straight-down Peek
2017 37
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 8: Duct Taping your Eyes details of specific blindfold technique using half-dollars in eyes, duct tape and blindfold on top
2017 41
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 9: How to Begin Doing Q&A general advice
2017 55
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 10: Selecting Audience Members
  • Gender Selecting
  • Avoid Drunks
  • Check if they Need Glasses to Read
  • Required Skills
2017 61
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 11: Consider the Venue
2017 67
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 12: Using a Disclaimer
2017 71
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 13: Thirteen Performing Tips general advice
2017 75
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 14: Summary brief outline of info covered in book
2017 81
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 15: Omni Glance three spectators, one thinks of name, one thinks of time and one draws picture, performer correctly gets name, sets a watch to correct time and draws matching picture
Also published here
  • Roy Miller's Mental Montage
2017 85
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 16: Triple Match performer reads spectator thinking of three pieces of info written down by audience (social security number, a playing card and two geometric shapes), performer divines them all
Also published here
  • Roy Miller’s Mental Montage
2017 103
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 17: Three Index Card Q&A performer divines info from three spectators, routine for when audience is too big to distribute slips to everyone or for a short show
2017 111
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 18: Performing Q&A on TV general advice
  • Working the TV Host
  • Working a Guest in the Green Room
  • Working the Audience
  • scanned copy of “Permission to Tape Release” form
2017 125
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 19: Practice Slips examples of filled-out slips from audience and comments on how to go about revealing the info, many more practice slips without any comments
2017 137