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Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks magische Kraft six ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by writing them on the envelopes with chalk
Related toVariations 1961 Dr. Stanley-Jaks und seine Geheimnisse 92
Al Koran Princess Card Trick...Plus deck shuffled after selections, deck switch
Related toVariations 1968 Al Koran's Professional Presentations 71
Cicardi Hell's Fire! five business cards with words on them, spectator divines them correclty
Inspired by 1972 Magick (Issue 59) 293
Cicardi The Mimic Brain prediction of color, city, and number, on one card, spectator's card in envelope
1972 Magick (Issue 65) 321
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Syd Bergson, Kreskin, Senator Crandall, Cicardi, Ron Wilson
1973 Magick (Issue 69) 344
Cicardi Telep-a-Bill handkerchief switch
1973 Magick (Issue 81) 403
Cicardi Emotions using cards with the words 'quick' and 'dead'
1973 Magick (Issue 91) 452
Cicardi PolaRay! ghost photography, selfie with polaroid camera
1974 Magick (Issue 94) 468
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Harry Loraine, Jerry Lucas, Cicardi, Bill Larsen
1974 Magick (Issue 94) 470
Cicardi Three-Card Epic! on three numbered cards, city, color and playing card
Variations 1974 Magick (Issue 95) 471
Cicardi Set-Up! charter card to quickly stack Eight Kings
1974 Magick (Issue 98) 488
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the Magic Castle, Vic Perry. David Hoy, Ricki Dunn, Falkenstein, Eric Levinson, Cicardi, Jack Kent Tillar
1974 Magick (Issue 106) 530
Cicardi Murder, He Said! cards with different people, prediction, murder theme
1975 Magick (Issue 118) 587
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Karl Fulves, Uri Geller, Cicardi
1975 Magick (Issue 132) 660
Cicardi The Phantini Phenomena prediction of three named letters, inside stapled envelope
1975 Magick (Issue 133) 661
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Orville Meyer, Nathan Stark, Cicardi, Bob Schwarz, Gene Nielsen, Hugh Riley, David Hoy
1976 Magick (Issue 145) 724
Cicardi Brain Shock billet reading, billet put in pocket, reversed
Variations 1976 Magick (Issue 152) 757
Cicardi Up, Up, and Away... lifting someone up who is sitting on a chair, four people with two fingers
1976 Magick (Issue 152) 758
Cicardi Mind Boggler with ten symbol cards, testing spectators abilities of precognition three times
1976 Magick (Issue 152) 759
Cicardi 'Super' Mental Image five ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by drawing the symbols on the envelopes
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1976 Magick (Issue 157) 781
Cicardi Handwriting - A Diagram of the Unconscious
  • No Short Cuts
  • What's It All About?
  • Analysis
  • Examine the Slant
  • Size of Writing
  • The Capital I
  • Ambition
  • Self Confidence
  • Imagination
  • Sex and Age
Related to 1976 Magick (Issue 157) 785
Cicardi More about Handwriting
  • Quick Indicators
  • The Signature
  • The Capital "I"
  • The Tell-Tale "T" Bars
  • The Small "I"
  • Three Zones
  • How to Use the Indicators
Related to 1976 Magick (Issue 159) 795
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony Shiels, Cicardi, Orville Meyer
1976 Magick (Issue 162) 810
Cicardi PSI-Symbols princess card trick with 36 picture cards
Inspired by 1977 Magick (Issue 186) 929
Bobby Hughes Mental Image Outdone! presentation idea for Jaks's Mental Image, five ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by drawing the symbols on the envelopes, last on is predicted
Inspired by 1978 Magick (Issue 201) 1001
Cicardi Mind Snap variation of Koran's binary newspaper
1978 Magick (Issue 218) 1087
Orville Wayne Meyer Brain Shock 2 using the Burling Hull reversible card, inside out fold
Inspired by 1979 Magick (Issue 225) 1123
Cicardi Mind Expander growing head illusion, hypno-disk on device to rotate it
1979 Magick (Issue 240) 1198
Cicardi Secret Word divining secret Mantra from people who practice transcendental medicine
1979 Magick (Issue 241) 1202
Cicardi Challenge of Chance design prediction, probability method
Related to
  • Phil Smith's "Real Deal" in "Mitox" p. 79.
1979 Magick (Issue 244) 1217
Valerie Nielsen, Bascom Jones, Cicardi, Sandy Spillman, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, Adam Weishaupt, Jack Kent Tillar, Diana Zimmerman Wish I Thought of That
  • The Intimate Touch (Cicardi, idea for palmistry)
  • Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (Spillmamn / Weinstein, business card idea)
  • In a Crystal Darkly (Nielsen, idea for crystal balls)
  • Name Dropping (Weishaupt, idea for Tarot readings)
  • Color Coordination (Tillar, idea for Daub)
  • Big Can be Better (Zimmerman on bigger props)
1980 Magick (Issue 263) 1315
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Dick Zimmerman, Steve Aldrich, Cicardi, Magic in the Rockies
1981 Magick (Issue 277) 1384
Cicardi The Mind has a Thousand Eyes
  • Why a Blindfold?
  • What Type to Use?
  • When and Where?
  • Improvised Blindfold
  • Tube Blindfold
  • The Supreme Blindfold
  • Phantini Blindfold
1981 Magick (Issue 279) 1395
Cicardi Eyes of Isis cards with words, several are selected and divined by performer
1981 Magick (Issue 289) 1441
Chris Kenworthy The Cicardi Mosaic ESP symbols drawn on business cards, chosen one is divined in the dark
Oct. 1982 Magick (Issue 311) 1552
Robert Siepielski Coin-tra-Mental prediction of imaginary coin, country, year and which side up
Inspired by May 1983 Magick (Issue 319) 1591
Cicardi Liminal Perception Perception drawing last spectator, as climax to blindfolded Q&A
Nov. 1983 Magick (Issue 325) 1622
Cicardi The Reluctant Psychic climax for Princess Card Trick, person is called to reveal last card
Feb. 1984 Magick (Issue 328) 1638
Paul Curry Probability Zero ten business cards are numbered from one to ten on one side and the cards shuffled and turned over, spectator selects cards and the numbers from one to ten are written on the other side, they match, first in "Sealed Miracles 1", 1944
Related toVariationsAlso published here 2001 Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 139
Barrie Richardson The Simplex Mind-reading Routine spectators fill out cards where more information is requested as audience knows, handwriting analysis presentation
Inspired by
  • "Psigrafico" (Charles Scott aka Cicardi, Magick #412, 1988)
Also published here
  • Club 71, Easter 1999
2005 Act Two 157
Dr. Stanley Jaks Mental Image five ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by writing them on the envelopes with chalk
Related toVariations 2014 The Incredible Dr. Jaks 187