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George G. Kaplan The Calcutta Mystery (First Version) two card prediction written with different colored pencils, one ahead
Inspired by
  • "The Bombay Mystery" (George Kaplan, marketed)
1948 The Fine Art of Magic 148
Chester "Dr. DeMille" Miller Miller's Miracle as explained by North Bigbee, sent prediction in bill tube
Related to 1972 Magick (Issue 51) 253
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Eye of Alessini prediction of a country, in bull-dog clip, with small globe
1972 Magick (Issue 60) 299
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Any Number, Any Time! number cards from one to twenty, one card face down as prediction
1972 Magick (Issue 64) 318
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Poor Man's Prediction Chest bill tube in locked chest, prediction in capsule
Related to 1973 Magick (Issue 69) 341
Dr. Dan J. Alessini The Spirit Behind the Wheel prediction of a number miniature roulette wheel, business card in envelope
1973 Magick (Issue 72) 357
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Tissue Teaser rolled-up tissue paper travels to second paper ball in spectator's hand, different colors
1973 Magick (Issue 77) 382
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Let's Make a Trade! box with slid, to put bills inside, five keys
1973 Magick (Issue 83) 411
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Ghost Card card travels to pocket twice, duplicates
1974 Magick (Issue 95) 472
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Oh! Calcutta! two cards predicted, with two different colored pens
Inspired by 1974 Magick (Issue 100) 499
Dr. Dan J. Alessini, Marvin Berman Neighbors! pile of business cards, spectator places prediction next to his own card
1974 Magick (Issue 113) 563
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Gold... coin changes from silver to gold
1975 Magick (Issue 122) 608
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Match several matchbooks, spectator removes a match from one and performer divines which matchbook
1975 Magick (Issue 139) 692
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Four-Oh! prediction of single card, one of seven, Himber wallet
1976 Magick (Issue 145) 722
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Bank Night four envelopes, with Himber Wallet
1976 Magick (Issue 150) 748
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Choice ten cards, card with odd colored sticker is selected
1976 Magick (Issue 159) 792
Dr. Dan J. Alessini The Bold... cards with drawn symbols and words, spectator finds other spectator's selection
1977 Magick (Issue 175) 873
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Stuck! two numbered envelopes, change as prediction matches change from spectator
1977 Magick (Issue 180) 898
Dr. Dan J. Alessini PSI-Key key turns over on hand, then it is twisted
Inspired by
  • Henk Vermeyden's Skeleton Key
1978 Magick (Issue 205) 1021
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Ringer medium at other end divines cards
1978 Magick (Issue 213) 1062
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Force Field matching ESP, symbols drawn on paper and rolled up, spectator choses pellets and card with same deisgn
1978 Magick (Issue 214) 1069
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Psi-Keys with three locks, Key-r-rect presentation
1978 Magick (Issue 219) 1093
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Bingo prediction held with bulldog clip, number on bingo cards
1978 Magick (Issue 221) 1101
Dr. Dan J. Alessini SH-H-! 25 number card with numbers from one to five, spectator divines if numbers match or not
1979 Magick (Issue 233) 1161
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Credit Check prediction in form of X on one of five credit cards, erasable ink
1980 Magick (Issue 255) 1273
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Image transmitting one out of ten symbols to medium
1980 Magick (Issue 259) 1292
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Mind's Eye prediction of a name, removable ink
1980 Magick (Issue 268) 1338
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Peg O'Mind spectator solves puzzle, prediction of ending
1981 Magick (Issue 280) 1399
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Word Finder using a dictionary and index cards with numbers
Sep. 1982 Magick (Issue 310) 1548
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Skulduggery writing of person in one of several envelopes, skull on chain sticks to that envelope
June 1983 Magick (Issue 320) 1598
Dr. Dan J. Alessini 1984 one of six chips is chosen, only one with an X on the back, dry erase marker
Sep. 1983 Magick (Issue 323) 1612
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Odyssey 2 card is pinned at one of ten position, marked with x on the back as prediction, 2001 Space Odyssey theme
Jan. 1984 Magick (Issue 327) 1632
Dr. Dan J. Alessini CONTESSA Card Trick!
Apr. 1984 Magick (Issue 330) 1649
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Ninth House picture cards, spectator thinks of a number and remembers card at position, performer puts that card in pocket
July 1984 Magick (Issue 335) 1672
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Psi-Kazoo different colored Kazoo (instruments), chosen one is predicted in envelope, humorous routine
Nov. 1984 Magick (Issue 342) 1709
Lee Jacobs, Robert Orben, Jamy Ian Swiss, Michel Huot, Mike Rogers, Chris Wasshuber, Tim Brown, Dr. Dan J. Alessini, Jay Schuermann, Phil Gladden Messages
Apr. 2001 Genii (Vol. 64 No. 4) 12