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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Arthur Rasper Karo Dame auf Wanderschaft four blank cards in three glasses each, the Queen of Diamonds travels into chosen glass, then around to another glass, partial rough-smooth
1962 25
Jochen Zmeck Mein Rauh-Glatt-Kümmelblättchen partial rough-smooth
Variations 1962 26
Arthur Rasper Die im Quartett wandernde Karte partial rough-smooth with three sections
Inspired by 1962 27
Arthur Rasper Kartenpaar-Wanderung von Glas zu Glas two Aces in one glass transpose with King and Queen of Clubs in another glass, partial rough-smooth
1962 30
Arthur Rasper Mehrfache Kartenverwandlung four cards transform on both sides multiple times, partial rough-smooth in three sections
1962 6
Arthur Rasper Der Tempel der Venus three cards, some transformations with story presentation, partial rough-smooth in three sections
1962 7
Arthur Rasper Der halbe Zauberspruch three Tens of Hearts, one changes to a King, then it changes back half-way (divided card is shown openly), then back to a Ten
1962 9
Arthur Rasper Die sich drehende Karte three cards, center one turns over, partial rough-smooth
1962 17
Ralph W. Hull Trigon II three cards are selected from a deck and put in three glasses, a spectator then takes three cards from another deck that are put with the first cards, when the pairs are turned over, they match, partial rough-smooth red-blue menetekel
Variations 1962 21
Arthur Rasper Sittenpolizei packet trick with story presentation, pin-up girl on card as finale, partial rough-smooth
1967 14
Arthur Rasper Das Farbkartenmedium five color cards are placed in stand or glasses, spectator gets another five cards and manages to place them to the matching cards, partial rough-smooth
Inspired by 1967 27
Arthur Rasper Der neue Geisterblock blank cards shown from both sides, one chosen, put in envelope with two holes, card marked through holes, yet a message appears on card
Inspired by
  • Out-to-Lunch principle
1967 30