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Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker Two-Person Telepathy Act
  • What Constitutes a Two-Person Act?
  • The Concept Is Not New
  • Limited by System
  • Simplified and Polished
  • Catching Your Rabbit
  • And Add a Dash of Showmanship
Related to 1978
Magick (Issue 203)
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker Two-Person Telepathy Act - Part Two
  • Bullet-Fast, Bite-Sized
  • Art to Conceal Art
  • A Learning Method that Works
  • All in your Head
  • The Wireless Microphone
  • Magic Hall of Fame
Related to 1978
Magick (Issue 205)
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker The Two-Person Telepathy Act - Part Three
  • Sub-Miniaturization
  • Basic Equipment
  • A Convenient Tool
  • Drawbacks to Electronics
  • Role of the Assistant
Related to 1978
Magick (Issue 207)
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker Tips on Trade Show Techniques
  • Role of the Entertainer
  • Time Becomes a Factor
  • Who is the Contact?
  • Keep Goals in Mind
  • Major Mistakes
  • How Long an Act?
  • Little Things Count
  • Follow Up on Your Contacts
Magick (Issue 277)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tommy and Liz Tucker
Feb. 1982
Magick (Issue 302)
Ted Lesley European Chit-Chat on MOTM, Earl Keyser, Chuck Hickock, Bob Haines, Liz Tucker, Punx, Mental Workshop, Toni Forster, Carlhorst & Moll Meier, Peter Reiss, Reinhard Müller, Fredo Raxon, Hanussen
Sep. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 3)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on Bob Sipielski, Anton Zellman, Felix Greenfield, Jonathan Cooke, Ray Hyman, R. A. Nelson, Jim Magus, Harry Meier, Kurt Bai, Richard Busch, Michel Asselin, Bill Daniels, Liz Tucker, Ken Weber
Dec. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 6)
Elliott Black The President's Message on Liz Tucker, Chuck Hickok
Jan. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 7)
Liz Tucker Open Letter
Feb. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 8)
Liz Tucker Liz Tucker autobiographical notes
Mar. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 9)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on Tom Grossman, Dennis Marks, Liz Tucker, Farvel the Marvel, Ron and Nancy Spencer, Allen Swift
Apr. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 10)
Ted Lesley European Chit Chat on MOTM, Ralph & Robin Monserrat, Liz Tucker, Luciano Pavarotti
Aug. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 2)
Jim Magus The 1993 Meeting of the Minds: Day 2 on Herb Dewey, Leo Boudreau, Ford Kross, Ted Lesley, Liz Tucker, Roy Miller, Gary Dudash, Marc Sky, Jonathan Cooke, Carl Herron, Ken Weber, Ken Chandler, Mark Salem, Ralph Monserrat, Bastille
Aug. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 2)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on Richard Osterlind, Richard Mark, Michel Asselin, Jim Magus, Jack Camp, Bob Sipielski, Larry Becker, Phil Willmarth, Bob Lynn, Tony Andruzzi, Liz Tucker, Ted Lesley
Sep. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 3)
Michael Close (reviewer) A Conversation with Liz Tucker by Liz Tucker Aug. 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 12)