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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Cicardi Three-Card Epic! on three numbered cards, city, color and playing card
Variations 1974 Magick (Issue 95) 471
Thomas Alan Waters Numerology Card in Wallet prediction in envelope, in wallet, nine-force, version of Al Koran's "Five-Star Miracle Card"
Variations 1978 Magick (Issue 205) 1023
Robert Siepielski Card in Wallet prediction of chosen card, multiple out in wallet, linguistic
Inspired by 1978 Magick (Issue 213) 1063
Robert Siepielski The Edge prediction of a ESP symbol, ESP cards are shuffled and one selected
1979 Magick (Issue 223) 1113
Robert Siepielski Sight Unseen drawn ESP symbols on business cards, thought symbol is divined
1979 Magick (Issue 224) 1119
Robert Siepielski Bingo 2 winning at a game of bingo
1979 Magick (Issue 229) 1142
Robert Siepielski Keylock several blank cards in envelopes and and one with a drawn key, key is found and person who chose envelope, metal detector method
1979 Magick (Issue 244) 1219
Robert Siepielski X, Y, & Z justification for writing in the middle for a center tear
1980 Magick (Issue 252) 1258
Robert Siepielski Mental Telepathy Plus! an ESP symbol, a word and a person are written down and placed inside an envelope, all are divined, different methods
1980 Mental Telepathy Plus! 1
Robert Siepielski Variation using John Cornelius' "Pinnacle Pad"
1981 Magick (Issue 298) 1488
Robert Siepielski Names using a magnetic-locking Add-a-Number pad for a Living and Dead routine
June 1982 Magick (Issue 307) 1532
Robert Siepielski Coin-tra-Mental prediction of imaginary coin, country, year and which side up
Inspired by May 1983 Magick (Issue 319) 1591
Robert Siepielski No Sweat Bank Night with envelopes, one check
Jan. 1998 Mind & Magic Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 7) 1