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Srechko Howard How to Pop a Floating Deck first top half floats above bottom half, then selection pops outRelated toVariationsAlso published here The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Close-up Fantasies 1 & 2) 247
Kevin Ho Collectors: Redux Flourishy location of three selections, and at the same time producing the four Queens (inspired by Daniel Madison's The Mayhem Theory) Smooth Operations 34
Peter McKinnon The Blackpool Prediction named card apparently travels into card case, only gag message found inside
- WTF!?! (case shown empty in advance)
- BottomFeeder
Related toVariations The Blackpool Prediction 7
Daniel Madison Daniel Madison The Blackpool Prediction 25
Daniel Madison Fully Loaded case appears in spectator's pocket, then gagInspired by The Blackpool Prediction 26
Daniel Madison The One & Only card named, deck shown to be blank except one card, gag message on card The Blackpool Prediction 27
Daniel Madison The Poker Lesson Storytelling stack that explains the rules and different hands of poker Placebo 7
Daniel Madison Perfect Aces Deck is shuffled, spectator says stop four times as magician deals, four cards stopped at are the four Aces Placebo 11
Daniel Madison Shotgun Card pops and flies out of a card springInspired by Placebo 13
Daniel Madison The Middle Deal: The Kennedy Tribute Four Aces placed reversed in four different parts of the deck, dealt out, pseudo center deal demonstration Placebo 15
Daniel Madison The Centre Deal: The Vernon Tribute Selected card is apparently dealt out of the center of the deck, pseudo center deal Placebo 17
Daniel Madison Fall Control Control card to second from bottom of the deck from dribbling cards into a messy spread on the tablecontr Placebo 17
Daniel Madison Bad Aces Deck shuffled, spectator names four numbers, magician deals down to those numbers to find four random cards instead of Aces. But then a prediction previously made is shown to predict those four cardsRelated to Placebo 19
Daniel Madison The Numbers Triumph to reveal the numbers previously named by the spectators in Bad AcesRelated to Placebo 21
Daniel Madison Click Palm Stealing card from center of deck into left hand Gambler's Palm, riskyRelated to Placebo 23
Daniel Madison, Chris Kenner Hotel Palm Stealing card from bottom of deck into modified left hand Gambler's PalmRelated to Placebo 25
Daniel Madison Centre Cop Placing a card from the center of the deck into left hand Gambler's Cop in the action of cutting the deck Placebo 27
Daniel Madison Spread Flick Produce a card by flicking it into the air during Ribbonspread Turnover Placebo 29
Daniel Madison Blackout Shift Using a Scissor Cut to do a secret shift Placebo 31
Daniel Madison Blackout Shift 2 Using a Side Scissor Cut to do a secret shift Placebo 33
Daniel Madison Sharp Punch Using a Sharpie pen cap as a card punch Placebo 35
Daniel Madison FSWE Shift Method to fake an SWE Shift Placebo 37
Daniel Madison Reverse Shuffling Pseudo 'reverse shuffling' the deck using false cuts to maintain new deck order Placebo 39
Daniel Madison Greek Shift Single card shifted to second from bottom or second from top, straddle grip Placebo 41
Daniel Madison Rotation Palm Stealing card out of the middle of the deck on table, in the action of rolling up sleeves Placebo 43
Daniel Madison Back Deal Doing a 'Bottom Deal' with a card in left hand Back Palm, can also be used as a single card switch Placebo 45
Daniel Madison Holdout Deal Doing a 'Bottom Deal' with a card in the left hand sleeve holdout Placebo 47
Daniel Madison Placebo Placebo 49