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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
An Instinct for Cards interlocking chains
Variations 1948 32
Dai Vernon Cold Deck Cut
Related toVariations 1967 168
John Benzais Benzais' Spin-Out
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1967 67
Dai Vernon, Bruce Cervon Devil's Elevator apparent second, third, fourth deals with small packet
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Nov. 1972
Epilogue (Issue 16)
Doug Edwards Double-Card Spin-Out Move Benzais Cut with two cards
Related to 1978 42
William Goodwin Slap Exchange quartet distributed face up in deck changes places with another four-of-a-kind on top of deck once deck is slapped
Variations 1986 8
John Carney Sanverted red Aces come to top multiple times, then Daley's Last
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1991 229
Shane Cobalt, Derrick Chung The Visible Deck peeked at card turns over, a second selection is predicted, fair look, using a special peek-deck pair
2012 2
John Cottle, Ben Joffe Ice Cold Decks six gambling stacks for Texas Hold'em that can be cut, yet the dealer wins, for two, three, four or eight players
Variations Sep. 2017
Operandi (Issue 3)
Derrick Chung Ice Cold Decks - Part 2 Hold'em stack to win with two to six players
Inspired by Dec. 2018
Operandi (Issue 4)
Derrick Chung The Lowdown spectator selects one of four cards, values of other three cards are counted from remainder to find mates
Inspired by
  • Shigeo Futagawa's "Free Choice Coincidence" in "The Lecture Notes of Shigeo Futagawa" 1999
2018 285
Derrick Chung The Final Countdown finding mates of selection, variation of The Lowdown
Also published here 2018 286
Steve Forte CTB Cut/Strip "center, top, bottom", fake running cut to break near bottom
  • technical observations
    • double-cut
    • center packet
    • gaps
    • two distinct phases
Related toAlso published here 2020 83
Derrick Chung Introduction
2022 7
Derrick Chung Deal With The Devil apparent false deals with small packet
  • Phase 1 - Regular Deal
  • Phase 2 - Second Deal
  • Phase 3 - Third Deal
  • Phase 4 - Greek Deal
  • Phase 5 - Bottom Deal
Inspired by 2022 9
Derrick Chung Bushwhacked red Queens come to top of Queen packet multiple times, then packet changes to Aces
Inspired by 2022 19
Derrick Chung Refined Zarrow Block Addition
2022 20
Derrick Chung Slack Exchange Aces distributed reversed in deck change places with Jacks on top of deck
Inspired by 2022 25
Derrick Chung Double Double Aces two cards spin out when cutting tabled deck, they are two Aces, face cards of both packets are other two Aces
2022 33
Derrick Chung Cold Deck Cut Variation incorporating a slip cut displacement
Inspired byRelated to 2022 34
Derrick Chung Double Benzais Cut Production two cards spin out
Inspired byRelated to 2022 36
Derrick Chung The Final Countdown spectator selects one of three cards, values of other two cards are counted from remainder to find mates
Inspired by
  • "Free Choice Coincidence" (Shigeo Futagawa, The Lecture Notes of Shigeo Futagawa, 1999)
Also published here
2022 39
Derrick Chung Killer Instinct card peeked at and deck shuffled by spectator, performer finds and names card, interlocking chains
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Ramjollock" (Benjamin Earl, Past Midnight DVDs)
2022 43
Derrick Chung Na3C6H5O7 recipe for cheese nacho sauce
2022 49
Marc Trudel, Sophie-Anne Vachon The Long Lost Idea... intro on unpublished Ernest Earick material and upcoming books by Derrick Chung about it
Conundrum (Issue 1)
Ernest Earick Ernie's Center Double single card out-jogged, raise rise used to add second card to it
Variations 2022
Conundrum (Issue 1)
Derrick Chung Chung's Center Double Variation single card out-jogged, raise rise used to add second card to it
Inspired by 2022
Conundrum (Issue 1)
Derrick Chung Everyday I'm Shufflin' Rubik's Cube false shuffle
Conundrum (Issue 1)
Derrick Chung, Marc Trudel Derrick Chung
Conundrum (Issue 1)
Derrick Chung My Precious
Conundrum (Issue 1)