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Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, Marc Salem
Magick (Issue 187)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein The Psych-Key follow-up for moving key, key under handkerchief moves, Glorpy
Magick (Issue 243)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein Back-Up business card used to stab into the deck
Magick (Issue 258)
Valerie Nielsen, Bascom Jones, Charles "Cicardi" Scott, Sandy Spillman, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, Adam Weishaupt, Jack Kent Tillar, Diana Zimmerman Wish I Thought of That
  • The Intimate Touch (Cicardi, idea for palmistry)
  • Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (Spillmamn / Weinstein, business card idea)
  • In a Crystal Darkly (Nielsen, idea for crystal balls)
  • Name Dropping (Weishaupt, idea for Tarot readings)
  • Color Coordination (Tillar, idea for Daub)
  • Big Can be Better (Zimmerman on bigger props)
Magick (Issue 263)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein Hand of Darkness selection is divined as is position of the card in the deck
Magick (Issue 284)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein Midnight Reader mailed type-writer prediction, mailed to hotel or restaurant
Aug. 1982
Magick (Issue 309)
Robert Cassidy Pendulum Power! spectator holds pendulum and performer asks questions, card is divined, then sealed selection is divined using the pendulum by the performer
Related toAlso published here Oct. 1982
Magick (Issue 311)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein It Takes Two to Make An Interview on giving interviews
  • The Secret of Houdini
  • The Personality Interview
  • Always Have a Game Plan
  • Practice
  • Take Charge... And Keep It
  • Off-The-Record Comments
  • You're Always on Stage
  • Slow Down
  • Anticipate the Zinger
  • Provide Pictures
Sep. 1982
Magick (Issue 311)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein Random Access using several book test, one-ahead prediction routine
July 1983
Magick (Issue 321)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein Media Delight pre-show for TV, using picture cards
Feb. 1984
Magick (Issue 328)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein Card Sensor spectator divines unknown card using a pendulum
Related to Jan. 1993
Magick (Issue 483)
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein (reviewer) Performance Review as Larry Weinstein, on Ted Saint James aka Ted Karmilovich Sep. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 3)