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S. W. Erdnase The Divining Rod blindfoldedRelated to The Expert at the Card Table 174
Alexander Hansford Kez Dearmer intro The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 22
Kez Dearmer The Divining Brush translating a magic explanation into a pseudo textbook explanation of painting using the example of the Erdnase effectRelated to The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 24
Alexander Hansford About the Contributors mini bios and contact information for all eight contributors, Paavan Buddhdev, Rory Aadams, Alexander Hansford, Justin Higham, Andrew Frost, Kez Dearmer, Stephen Long, Derren Brown The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 13
Kez Dearmer Some notes on card handling and painting The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 30