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Michael Murray Dave's Pin giving details of personal Pin information from five people without naming the exact code, here called "the Hoy Principle"
A Piece Of My Mind 112
Michael Murray Picasso thought of animals are divined, using the Triangle / Circle force as a start
A Piece Of My Mind 118
Michael Murray Why Write Down a Thought? thoughts on using billets, justification
A Piece Of My Mind 126
Michael Murray The Circle of Truth thought of word is found on business card in performer's wallet
A Piece Of My Mind 130
Michael Murray Crossword prediction of a word on a piece of paper
A Piece Of My Mind 136
Michael Murray The Racquet Switch using trouser pocket
A Piece Of My Mind 139
Michael Murray What are Principles? chapter intro
A Piece Of My Mind 146
Michael Murray Small but Deadly Book Break Turnover Glimpse, verbal convincer for covering the peek, Marlo / Tenkai / Buckley Book Turnover Glimpse
A Piece Of My Mind 148
Michael Murray The Universal Force Technique using six numbered business cards to force an object
  • The Gypsy Peek
Inspired by
  • Ken Dyne's "iThought So"
Related to
A Piece Of My Mind 151
Michael Murray Cal-Ender divination of a number typed in on an iPhone calculator
Inspired by
  • Kenton Knepper's "Kenton's Calculation" in Peter Turner's "Isabella Star 2"
A Piece Of My Mind 158
Michael Murray Springboard spectator forms a card by compare it with his selection
  • The Knowing
  • The Killer (approach to Kenton Knepper's "Kolossal Killer")
  • Duplopia (approach to Paul Vigil's "Duplopia")
  • Springback
  • Invisible Deck Application
  • Springboard for the Stage
  • Increasing Accuracy
  • Springboard Suit Exchange for Perfectionists
  • Back Tracking
  • Other Applications
  • Watch This
  • Springboard & Letters
  • Springboard & Colours
  • Closing Thoughts
A Piece Of My Mind 164
Michael Murray Thought Unlinking principle, spectator has two pieces of information in mind, the are revealed apparently unlinked to each other
  • The Mother of all Book Tests
  • Precognition 365
  • Multi-Dimensional / Real Die
A Piece Of My Mind 184
Michael Murray The Comparative Uncertainty Principle (CUP's), system to detect if someone is thinking of a long or a short word
Related to
  • CUP's in Peter Turner's "Isabella Star 2"
A Piece Of My Mind 192
Michael Murray My Bookless Booktest prediction written on billet inside wallet
A Piece Of My Mind 199
Michael Murray Un-Real question on business card which one spectator should read, divining who has read the question, principle
Related to
  • Atlas Brookings "The Real Thing" and Patrick Redford's "Prevaricator"
A Piece Of My Mind 208
Michael Murray The Boomerang Force verbally forcing a certain even number between one and five, allowing the spectator to change his mind twice
A Piece Of My Mind 214
Michael Murray The Pandora Reading System using Pandora charm bracelets for readings
A Piece Of My Mind 222
Michael Murray Animal Instincts divination of drawn symbol, more features attached to be used for a reading
A Piece Of My Mind 226
Michael Murray Personal Identification Number apparently divining the PIN code of a spectator
Inspired by
  • "Subtle Telephone" in Banachek's "Psychologcial Subtleties 1"
A Piece Of My Mind 230
Michael Murray Consulting the News two words are selected from a book and used to find a word which combines selected ones, prediction
Inspired by
  • Atlas Brookings' book test in "The Real Thing"
A Piece Of My Mind 234
Michael Murray, Stephen Shaw Once Removed deck is divided into three piles, spectator removes a card and its mate, two cards are divined, two different stacks explained
A Piece Of My Mind 242
Michael Murray Thanks & Praise
A Piece Of My Mind 263
Colin McLeod Diced Thoughts die is rolled in a cup, each number stands for a feeling and people think of a memory, memory is divined, using Craig Filicetti's Real Dice
Related to Divine 130
Michael Murray About the Author
A Piece Of My Mind 12
Michael Murray Tattle Tailed two spectators get a set of five ESP cards, first one symbol match and in second phase all match
Inspired by
  • Peter Turner's "Tattle Tail" in "Bigger Fish"
A Piece Of My Mind 18
Michael Murray A Brave New World cards shuffled face up into face down, then sorted by spectator into two piles
Inspired by
  • David Cushing's "Mad World"
A Piece Of My Mind 28
Michael Murray ATM (Actual Thought Manipulation) divination of an emotion and apparently of spectator's PIN number
Inspired by
  • Haim Goldenberg's "Cryptext"
Related to
  • Michael Murray's "Your (Redundant) Number" in "Psychological Subtleties 3"
A Piece Of My Mind 38
Michael Murray Boomerang Forcing Technique verbally forcing a certain even number between one and five
A Piece Of My Mind 43
Michael Murray Sublime Influence Evolution some cards with numbers are selected and mixed, number matches reversed logo of Pepsi
A Piece Of My Mind 54
Michael Murray Daylight Robbery cracking the code of spectator's phone
Inspired by
  • Myke Phillips & Salah Aazedine's "iUnlock Your Mind"
A Piece Of My Mind 62
Michael Murray Between the Lines a story/scene is created, torn page matches with the decisions of spectator
A Piece Of My Mind 72
Michael Murray, Jonathan Pickard Word Force position on a torn page, held by spectator
A Piece Of My Mind 82
Michael Murray The Inversion Technique changing perception of a trick, e.g. spectator divines thoughts of performer
A Piece Of My Mind 92
Michael Murray Making Mentalism Memorable on people taking photographs to make the moments more memorable
A Piece Of My Mind 96
Michael Murray On the Level on getting a feeling what people believe in the beginning of the show
A Piece Of My Mind 100
Michael Murray Spectator as Mind Reader
A Piece Of My Mind 104
Michael Murray What Does a Mentalist Do? verbal introduction to increase cooperation
A Piece Of My Mind 110
Lewis Jones Second Thoughts Magician devines a thought-of card while spectator holds the deck.
Related to Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 9 74