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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Edward Marlo Prayer Cull
Variations 1975 106
Darwin Ortiz The One-Handed Poker Deal skill demonstration
Variations 1995 149
Steve Mayhew Freedom Mayhew Poker Deal, face-up cards shuffled in face-down cards, then all reversed cards dealt out, four Ace kicker
VariationsAlso published here 1999 4
Darwin Ortiz God of Gamblers elaborate center deal demo, Steve Mayhew phase
Inspired byRelated to 2002 54
Woody Aragón The Swindle Shuffle full deck false shuffle
Inspired byVariations 2011 91
Darwin Ortiz Fast Company Triumph, second phase effect like "Play It Straight"
Inspired byRelated to 2012 121
Roberto Mansilla Eureka! deck divided and packets shuffled, with three variations
Inspired byVariations 2017 23
Harapan Ong Dude, You're not even Trying competition with spectator who rights half a face-up/face-down mixed deck faster, spectator's end up mixed again while performer's magically unmix
Related to 2018 124
Alexander Hansford, Ponta the Smith, Takeshi Taniguchi, Ben Daggers The Impossible Co. founded by Ponta the Smith, Takeshi Taniguchi, Ben Daggers
The Neat Review (Issue 3 - Tokyo 2020)
Shimpei Katsuragawa, Ben Daggers Drop Shuffle Handling false shuffle, packets dropped onto table, simplified
Inspired by
  • "The Drop Shuffle" (upcoming book "The Elusive Illusive", Ben Daggers)
2022 155
Ben Daggers Introduction
2022 xi
Ben Daggers Tribute performer blindfolds himself by holding hand over eyes, then deck is shuffled with other hand and spectator gets three Aces while performer gets Royal Flush, missing Ace is found palmed in the hand
Inspired by 2022 1
Ben Daggers Top Palm a la Topping the Deck, after riffle shuffle
2022 4
Ben Daggers Soft Centre center deal demo, named card and mate and eventually all cards of same color are dealt out, last part is tossed from the deck into other hand
Inspired byRelated to 2022 17
Ben Daggers Modified Cull from the face
2022 20
Ben Daggers Thinking Like a Layman on getting feedback
2022 31
Ben Daggers Triumph for Two Triumph as competition with spectator, who is quicker to sort the cards, two selections
Related to 2022 37
Ben Daggers, Edward Marlo Prayer Cull Variation
Inspired by 2022 39
Ben Daggers Invisible Sleeves three coins from hand to hand, using a coat hanger, seated
Inspired by
  • Ponta the Smith's "Winged Silver" on "Sick" DVD, 2009.
2022 53
Ben Daggers Tabled Steal to finger palm, while stack of coins is spread on table
2022 55
Ben Daggers Shuttle Pass Variation
2022 56
Ben Daggers Hands Off ACAAN deck shuffled and placed in glass
Inspired by 2022 67
Ben Daggers Overhand False Shuffle back and forth shuffle, optical parts, also to reverse all but one card
2022 71
Ben Daggers Drop Shuffle packets dropped on table from top and bottom of the deck, complete false shuffle
Inspired by 2022 81
Ben Daggers One-Track Mind first is stopped at and other three are taken while cards are spread from hand to hand
2022 93
Ben Daggers Breakless Classic Force at certain positions, multiple cards
2022 96
Ben Daggers On the Classic Force
2022 105
Ben Daggers Mirror, Mirror with wooden mirror frame, spectator mirrors actions
2022 114
Ben Daggers More Mirror perfect match routine, with two decks, mirror presentation
2022 125
Ben Daggers OPOD (Outjogged Pushoff Double)
2022 133
Ben Daggers Technicolour selection is palmed and turns invisible and visible again, then the cards turn over while talking about how the magician glimpses cards, rainbow deck kicker, with variation
  • Phase One: Palming
  • Phase Two: Glimpsing
2022 145
Ben Daggers Recycling Presentations
2022 163
Ben Daggers Uncommon Sense finding several cards using the five senses and several humorous props
  • Part One: Sight
  • Part Two: Hearing
  • Part Three: Smell
  • Part Four: Touch
  • Part Five: Taste
2022 169
Ben Daggers Illusion of Control selection found at certain position, mates produced and after more shuffles deck is found in order
2022 193
Ben Daggers Babel Coins using a coin purse and labelled bottles, seated
2022 203
Ben Daggers, Albert Goshman Toss Vanish
2022 206
Ben Daggers Outroduction
2022 217
Tom Frame (reviewer) The Elusive Illusive by Ben Daggers Feb. 2024
Genii (Vol. 87 No. 2)