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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Roy Walton The Paint Brush Change
  • As a Colour Change and Appearance
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1975 Some Late Extra Card Tricks 12
Michael Ammar Pop-Out Production with Double Card
Related toVariations 1988 Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2 No. 4,5&6) 27
Doug Conn The Double Play Production also with double
Related toVariations 1999 Tricks of my Trade 167
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) 52 Pieces of Paper by Idan Kaufman Feb. 2015 Genii (Vol. 78 No. 2) 80
Idan Kaufman Introduction
2020 Palmoholic 4
Idan Kaufman Lapping Switch card in left hand is turned over with right hand
2020 Palmoholic 11
Idan Kaufman Gordon Force riffle force of card that starts in left-hand classic palm
2020 Palmoholic 13
Idan Kaufman Messy Injog establishing an in-jog of selected card after in-the-hands spread
2020 Palmoholic 16
Idan Kaufman KaPalm Production half cut off and slapped back, previously palmed card appears face-up between halves
  • Basic Mechanics
  • With a Cut
  • In the Hands
  • Two Card Production
  • Four Card Production
Variations 2020 Palmoholic 21
Idan Kaufman Color Changes using the KaPalm Production
  • On the Table
  • In the Hands
  • Production & Change
Inspired by 2020 Palmoholic 26
Idan Kaufman Circle Production palmed card produced sticking out of deck, also with double
  • Mechanics
  • Double Lift
  • Two-Card Production
Inspired byRelated to 2020 Palmoholic 30
Idan Kaufman OHTP Four Card Production "One Hand Top Palm", in the hands
  • Ambitious Climax
2020 Palmoholic 33
Idan Kaufman Excalibur in the hands
2020 Palmoholic 35
Idan Kaufman Flip Flop Production in the hands
2020 Palmoholic 37
Idan Kaufman Flo Replacement palm replacement at end of Flo flourish, also as transformation
Inspired by
  • "Flo" (Lee Asher, download)
2020 Palmoholic 41
Idan Kaufman Not a Paintbrush Change single card before and after, one card starts in palm
  • Multiple Cards Change
Inspired by 2020 Palmoholic 44
Idan Kaufman PTP Change "Palm to Palm", sandwich card changes visually, a card starts and ends in palm
2020 Palmoholic 47
Idan Kaufman KaPalm Simple Sandwich sandwich cards isolated on case, selection appears between them
2020 Palmoholic 51
Idan Kaufman Flash Transposition four to one transposition, using KaPalm Production
2020 Palmoholic 55
Idan Kaufman Card Across Knee card travels from top of one knee to the other
2020 Palmoholic 58
Idan Kaufman References
2020 Palmoholic 62