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Stewart James Double Ring Ceremony two rings on string in a box, forerunner of Dean Dill's "Dean's Box"
Related to 1957 9
Charles Hudson The Visine Trick all black climax
Inspired byRelated to 1985 506
Dean Dill Four to One four Quarters disappear, a Dollar appears instead
Mar. 1991
Apocalypse (Vol. 14 No. 3)
Dean Dill Four to Two four half dollars disappear, two Dollar Bill appears instead
July 1991
Apocalypse (Vol. 14 No. 7)
Dean Dill Coin Favorite
Jan. 1992
Apocalypse (Vol. 15 No. 1)
Dean Dill Swirl Assembly & Backfire
Jan. 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 1)
Dean Dill, Allan Ackerman The Gem-Money Cards bills are put next to Aces, Gemini Twins
Related toVariations 1994 18
Dean Dill Coin Explosion nine coin climax, tabled
Mar. 1994
Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 3)
Dean Dill Introduction
1997 ii
Dean Dill Dedication
Dean Dill Tonight Show Matrix one-at-a-time matrix followed by backfire
1997 9
Dean Dill Tonight Show Closer peeked selection vanishes and appears folded under a cup, then it penetrates the cup inside an orange
1997 17
Dean Dill Real Magic Sponges walk-around routine, modified thumb-tip
  • Stage I: The Sponge Balls Are Produced
  • Stage II: A Ball Vanishes From Your Right Hand and is Reproduced From Your Pocket
  • Stage II: A Ball Vanishes From Your Right Hand and Appears in Your Left Hand
  • Stage III: A Ball Disappears From the Performer's Hand and Reappears in the Spectator's Hand
1997 22
Dean Dill The Thumb Tip Vanish
1997 23
Dean Dill Bill to Sugar Packet signed
1997 31
Dean Dill In Case of Emergency card tabled, then any card named, "52-on-1" card produced from pocket, then tabled card shown as named card
1997 37
Dean Dill Flying Thought card vanishes from red deck and appears in blue deck at chosen between one and ten number
1997 40
Edward Marlo, Dean Dill ATFUS Steal
1997 42
Dean Dill Pen Thru Bill streamer produced from rolled-up borrowed bill, then pen penetrates it, routine for John Cornelius's "Pen Through Anything"
1997 47
Dean Dill Floating Match folded paper match, using ITR thread reel
1997 55
Dean Dill Coins and Napkin four coins travel under napkin one by one, optionally with a pen light
1997 62
Dean Dill Bonus intro
1997 70
Dean Dill Prayer Production with a laser pointer or flash light
1997 70
Dean Dill Wind Up Production with a laser pointer or flash light
1997 72
Dean Dill Pocket Production hands start empty, with a laser pointer or flash light
1997 74
Dean Dill Push Vanish with a laser pointer or flash light
1997 74
Dean Dill Change Over with a laser pointer or flash light
1997 75
Dean Dill The Switch
1997 77
Dean Dill Spotlight sponge routine with a laser pointer or flash light, using sponge ball with light inside (or D'Light)
1997 78
Michael Weber sinful good feat no details given
Related to 1997 2
Michael Close (reviewer) Blizzard by Dean Dill Jan. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 5)
Michael Close (reviewer) Intimate Miracles: The Magic of Dean Dill by Dean Dill (written by Tim Trono) Dec. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 4)
Michael Close (reviewer) Coin Cascade by Dean Dill June 1998
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 10)
Dean Dill Time Flies Clock Trick plot, with red deck an hour is thought of and corresponding card of clock setup is noted by spectator, cards are re-dealt and there are only eleven, noted card appears reversed in blue deck
Labyrinth (Issue 9)
Michael Close (reviewer) Believe It or Knot by Dean Dill Nov. 1999
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 3)
Larry Jennings Glacier
  • The Jennings Tapes
deck becomes blank except named card, without deck switch
Inspired by Jan. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 1)
Harry Lorayne Billustrious bills are put next to Aces during deal onto table, Royal Flush kicker, Gemini Twins
Inspired byAlso published here 2001 467
Jack Avis Triad three mates found by counting to month, day... of birthday and placing cards there
Related toVariations 2002 199
Lewis Jones Dater base marriage with gemini twins placement, counting to personal numbers
Inspired byRelated to 2002 202
Dean Dill Speaking Volumes
Related to June 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 6)
Bob King For Dean bills are put next to Aces, all-Jokers finale
Inspired by 2003 6
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Extreme Dean, Volumes 1-2 by Dean Dill Feb. 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 2)
Danny Orleans (reviewer) Dean's Box by Dean Dill Nov. 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 11)
Michael Weber, Dean Dill A New World very clean procedure
Related to 2005 1
Dean Dill Bonus Routine two-phase routine
Inspired by
  • "Red & Black" (John Kennedy, Genii Vol. 52 No. 9, p. 560)
2005 7
Michael Weber, Dean Dill Here are some things to think about with this deck. various suggestions, applied to Miraskill, separating suits (Out of Escorial)
2005 12
Michael Weber, Dean Dill The Aronson Stack as applied to deck for "A New World"
2005 12
Michael Weber, Dean Dill Background how "A New World" came to be
Related to 2005 13
Michael Weber, Dean Dill Other Sides of A New World more credit information on "A New World"
2005 14
David Oliver (reviewer) A New World by Dean Dill, Michael Weber June 2005
Genii (Vol. 68 No. 6)
Dean Dill Reflection spectator deals through deck and stops anytime, card at that position is predicted with a second deck
Related to Aug. 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Dean Dill Dillicious Dribble cards are dribbled face up and spectator remembers a card, performer names number where card is before spectator announces selection
2006 188
Gene Taylor The Antinomy Perspective
  • Synergy leads to even more Free Stuff
  • A word about subscribing
  • It's still renewal time
  • Close-up greats found in the heart of Ohio
  • Overlap overachieves
  • Found Things
  • A quick "Gaffed Card Corner"
  • Comments on some previously published tricks
Related to Feb. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Dean Dill Ace Packet Equivoque
Also published here
  • "Aces in their Faces", Bob Kohler, 1997
Aug. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Dani DaOrtiz Viajando por E.E.U.U. about the journey though the USA, Miguel Angel Gea, Christian Engblom, Katia, 4F, Vanni Bossi, Alfonso Aceituno, Ed Ellis, Magic Castle, Rafael Benatar, Dean Dill, Johnny Thompson, Penn & Teller, Steve Forte, Michael Weber, Max Maven
El Manuscrito (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Gene Taylor The Antinomy Perspective
  • We Welcome Back a Good Friend of Antinomy
  • Books with an Antinomy Connection
  • Another Suggestion for a Box and Deck to use with Dean Dill's "Reflection"
  • Looy Simonoff - Font of Knowledge
Related to Mar. 2008
Antinomy (Vol. 4 No. 1)
Dean Dill Dean's Dribble performer names position of thought-of card
2009 5
David Regal (reviewer) The Revelation by Dean Dill Aug. 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 8)
Danny Orleans (reviewer) Sports by Dean Dill Jan. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 1)
Martin Kaplan Un paséo por la vida de Dean Dill biographical article on Dean Dill
El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 17)
Dean Dill Reyes Errantes four Kings are placed on four piles, gather on top of one pile and as a kicker the four Aces are found on top of the piles
El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 17)
Dean Dill Call Shot, part I four coins on the table travel from one side to the other one by one
El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 17)
Dean Dill Call Shot Instant four coins travel at once
El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 17)
Danny Orleans (reviewer) Dean's Beads by Dean Dill Aug. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 8)
Tomas Blomberg Lucky 14 spectator finds the four Aces using three previously selected cards
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 2014 117
John Carney In Memoriam: Dean Dill
Apr. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 4)
Dean Dill X-ceptionally Puzzling optical illusion presentation for John Cornelius's Pen Through Bill
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Oct. 2001
2022 16
Dean Dill Fusion Matrix four quarters under cards, three vanish, under fourth card appears a dollar
Also published here
  • MAGIC, May 2002
2022 78
Dean Dill Ditch on Open Pile of Coins
Also published here
  • MAGIC, May 2002
2022 79