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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Dai Vernon The Pull Through Shuffle one shuffle, three-shuffle sequence, Mysterious Kid version with fair cut and delayed strip-out
Related toVariations 1960 43
Guy Hollingworth Regarding the false shuffle. in the hands strip-out shuffle with waterfall
Variations 1999 169
Guy Hollingworth, Dai Vernon In-the-hands Triumph Shuffle
Variations 1999 252
Tom Stone King Castling sandwich-unequal transposition combo, two Kings tabled and other two Kings used to find selection, but they find two Kings and on table is found selection in place of the two other Kings
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 2010 33
Michael Rubinstein Moritz Mueller mini bio
2020 394
Moritz Mueller Slide of Hand Vanish coin slides into back thumb palm and along back of hand
  • As a Complete Vanish
  • Complete Vanish with Short Sleeves
2020 394
Moritz Mueller Transfer to Back Thumb-Palm
2020 394
Moritz Mueller Einleitung
2021 7
Moritz Mueller Vernon is Twisting in His Grave last Ace transforms into selection
2021 10
Moritz Mueller Queens Gambit black Queens tabled, card appears between red Queens, then another card, they're the black Queens and the tabled cards are a single previous selection
Inspired by 2021 22
Moritz Mueller Die Donut-Geschichte on surprise and expectations
2021 29
Moritz Mueller Gedanken zur Falschübergabe
  • Put vs. Take (Puke)
  • Gewicht
    • 1. Der Gesamte Körper
    • 2. Die Arme
    • 3. Die Hände
  • Blick
2021 32
Simon Black, Moritz Mueller S&M Shuffle cards shuffled by dropping packets from in-the-hands spread onto table with both hands, reverse spread
2021 40
Moritz Mueller Just the Two of Us
  • Den Weg nach Hause finden
  • Ein Sonderfall
2021 44
Moritz Mueller S&M Shuffle Key Placement
2021 46
Moritz Mueller Der verschwundene Stift vanishing and reappearing pen
2021 54
Moritz Mueller The Moritzworth Shuffle in the hands strip-out shuffle with waterfall, strip-out delayed by honest cut
Inspired by 2021 62
Moritz Mueller The Moritzworth Triumph in-the-hands
  • Triumph Skript
Inspired by 2021 68
Moritz Mueller Jokers to the Right four cards selected and lost, two appear between the two Jokers and then the Jokers change into the remaining two selections
2021 80
Moritz Mueller Biddle's Nightmare unknown card set aside, then Biddle trick, unknown card turns out to be the selection that has vanished from the packet
2021 90
Moritz Mueller Letzte Gedanken
2021 100
Moritz Mueller Dankeschön an
2021 102