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Charles T. Jordan Chapter I - Trailing the Dovetail Shuffle to its Lair "(with sidelights on one or two other shuffles)"
interlocking chain principle with up to three riffle shuffles
Variations 1919/1920 7
Jon Racherbaumer Ho-Hum Humdinger set-up, application
Inspired byVariations Apr. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Burton S. Sperber Mind Scam two thirds of the deck are shown, performer memorizes the cards and names cards in the third packet
Related to 1979
Magick (Issue 231)
Larry Becker PSI-Stebbins shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted, jumbo cards
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1979 7
Dai Vernon, Alex Elmsley The Rendezvous Force mathematical force, Penelope's Principle with Klondike instead of faro shuffle
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1988 119
Dai Vernon Why am I Here? card found by counting down three times to apparently random values
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1988 122
Larry Becker, Ross Johnson Club Kicker shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted, with jumbo card kicker
Inspired byVariations 1992 285
Bob Longe Strike Three and Out! card found by counting down two times to apparently random values, reprinted from "The Invisible Deck"
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • The Invisible Deck, Bob Longe, 1948
1997 106
Martin Joyal Introduction
1997 ii
Martin Joyal Differences Between a Stack, a System and a Memorized Stack
1997 1
Martin Joyal An Overview of Complete Deck Stacks
  • New Deck Stacks
  • Ordered Values Stacks
  • Ordered Suit Stacks
  • Grouped Value Stacks
  • Grouped Suit Stacks
  • Pair Stacks
  • Divided Stacks
    • The Red-black Divided Stack
    • The Mixed Suit Divided Stack
    • The High-low Divided Stack
    • The Curl-No-Curl Divided Stack
    • The Odd-even Divided Stack
    • The Odd-even Divided Stack with Mixed Colors
    • The Odd-even Divided Stack with Mixed Suits
    • The One-eyed and Two-eyed Divided Stack
  • Red-Black Stacks
  • Pointer Stacks
  • Reflected Stacks
  • Matched Setups
  • One-Two-Four-Eight Stacks
  • Forcing Stacks
    • Card-Forcing Stacks
    • Number-Forcing Stacks
    • Word-Forcing Stacks
  • Stacks used for Revelations
  • Counting and Spelling Stacks
  • Storytelling Stacks
  • Gambling Demonstration Stacks
  • Solitaire Stacks
  • Other Stacks
  • Summary
1997 5
Martin Joyal An Overview of Card Systems
  • System Categories
    • Sequential System Characteristics
    • Ordered System Characteristics
  • Overview of Systems
    • The New Deck System
    • The Grouped Value System
    • The Si Stebbins System
    • The Eight Kings System
    • The Stanyon System (Ellis Stanyon)
    • The Joseph System (Eddie Joseph)
    • The Esscee Prearranged Pack (Stanley Collins)
    • The Harding System (Bart Harding)
    • Jack's Pack (Jack Yates)
    • The Cornelius System (John Cornelius)
    • The Osterlind System (Richard Osterlind)
    • The Boudreau Systems (Leo Boudreau)
    • The No Memory Card Stack (Harry Riser)
    • The Lusthaus System (Robert Lusthaus)
    • The Memory-deck (Lewis Jones)
    • The Reymond System (Patrick Reymond)
    • The Wild System (Boris Wild)
    • Richard's Stack (Richard Uhrich)
1997 27
Martin Joyal An Overview of Memorized Stacks
  • Memorized Stack Characteristics
  • Overview of Memorized Stacks
    • The Nikola Stack (Louis Nikola)
    • The Ireland Stack (Laurie Ireland)
    • The McCaffrey Stack (William McCaffrey)
    • The Steele Stack (Rufus Steele)
    • The Marlo Stack (Ed Marlo)
    • The Skinner Stacks (Michael Skinner)
    • The Aronson Stack (Simon Aronson)
    • The Aldrich Stach (Steve Aldrich)
    • The Rix Stack (Claude Rix)
  • Summary
1997 49
Martin Joyal Looking at the Stack on memorizing decks
  • Replacing Mnemonics with Rules
  • The Difference Between a System and a Memorized Deck
  • Memorization Methods
  • Popular Memorized Stacks
  • An Easy Stack to Memorize
  • Learning with Mnemonics
  • Learning Using Rules
  • Order of Suits
  • Card Numbering
  • Learning Steps: Twelve Hours to Miracles
  • Practical Exercises
  • The Rule of Rules: Master and Do Not Forget
  • A Last Piece of Advice
1997 59
Martin Joyal Memorizing the Stack in CHaSeD Order
1997 71
Martin Joyal Memorizing the Stack in SHoCkeD Order
1997 105
Martin Joyal Customizing the Stack
  • The First Card
  • The Order of Court Cards
  • Using Key Cards
  • Further Modifications
1997 139
Martin Joyal Mesmerizing with the Stack
  • Deception, More Deception and Nothing but Deception
  • Magic Deception!
  • Surprising Deception!
  • Emotional Deception!
  • Well-chosen Deception!
1997 143
Martin Joyal The Lazy Mentalist Returns divination of bunch of cards, deck shuffled by three spectators
Inspired byRelated to 1997 147
Martin Joyal The Poupart Trick deck shuffled by three spectators, pile of card is divined
1997 152
Martin Joyal Patton Pending number of cut off packet used to remember card at position
Inspired by
  • Temple C. Patton's "Twentieth Century Mind Reading" in "Card Tricks Anyone Can Do" 1968.
Related to
1997 156
Martin Joyal Pattonology finding card by spelling answers to questions
Related to 1997 161
Martin Joyal The Humming Speller selection is divined and spelled to
Inspired by 1997 166
Martin Joyal Your Lucky Day! single card prediction, bingo presentation, spectator stops twice, number used to count in other packet
Inspired by 1997 171
Martin Joyal Scratch It dealing cards until stopped, value of bottom card used to count again, one card predicted
Inspired by 1997 175
Martin Joyal Red, White, and Blue with three decks, one deck with number cards
1997 180
Martin Joyal Appendix A: The Making of the Stack
  • The Goal
  • Three Simple Series
  • The Prime Numbers
  • The Order of Suits
  • The Grid
The Middle and the End
  • The Tens Take Fives
  • Aces by the Dozen
  • The Lucky Sevens and the Nines
  • A Few Spot Cards
  • Changing the Order of the Suits
  • The Court Cards
  • The Last Fourteen Cards
  • The Result
1997 193
Martin Joyal Appendix B: The ShuffleMeter
  • A New Deck
  • Is Your Deck Shuffled?
  • A Well-Shuffled Deck
  • The ShuffleMeter
  • The Spreads
  • The Permutations
  • The Distributions
  • The Groups
  • The Breaks
  • The Shuffle Index
  • Sequence Comparison
1997 205
Martin Joyal Bibliography
1997 217
Michael Close (reviewer) The Six-Hour Memorized Deck by Martin Joyal Oct. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 2)