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Michael F. Zens Quadruple Poker Trick
Related toVariations 1937 369
David Williamson He Who Spelt It, Dealt It spectator succeeds whereas magician fails
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1989 54
Ryan Swigert Kickback two cards found with sandwich cards, when they are turned over, they are the actual sandwich cards which have changed into selections when looking back
VariationsAlso published here Dec. 2001
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 4)
Dustin Stinett (reviewer) Recall by Tom Crosbie Sep. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 9)
Tom Crosbie Introduction
2013 6
Tom Crosbie Telephonopathy or "The Little Black Book Test" knowing personal phone book by heart, names and corresponding numbers
Inspired by
  • Mel Mellers' "Business Cards Warm Up"
2013 8
Tom Crosbie Raphael Plus cards dealt according to thought-of card, divination
Inspired by
  • Rafael Benatar's handling of Frank Garcia's "Miracle Speller"
2013 18
Tom Crosbie From Spain With Love gambling routine, Aces appear, case vanishes, false dealing part and four Royal Flushes and rest of the deck in order as climax
2013 23
Tom Crosbie Falcon Production flourish production of four Aces, in the hands
2013 25
Tom Crosbie What's Wrong With 3-Fly?
  • What's Wrong With: The Effect?
  • What's Wrong With: The Method?
  • What's Wrong With: The Routine?
  • What's Wrong With: The Jokes?
  • What's Wrong With: The Magic?
2013 32
Tom Crosbie No Fly! coin travels from one hand to the other
2013 38
Tom Crosbie L.D.S. - Long Distance Second long distance spinner, second card
2013 41
Tom Crosbie Ring on Ribbon ring penetrates ribbon
2013 43
Tom Crosbie Hawkwind Prediction card in wallet as prediction, wrong card but correct prediction written on back, when turned over again it is signed selection
Inspired by
  • Simon Aronson's "Side-Swiped"
2013 47
Tom Crosbie Going Downs'! coin switch
2013 54
Tom Crosbie Dos Bolas (Two Scoops - Concept!) card signed by two people, when torn in halves, one part has red back and other has blue back
Inspired by
  • David Regal's "Two Scoops"
2013 56
Tom Crosbie Crozbottle production of a bottle using a handkerchief, without jacket, bottle vanish as a bonus
2013 61
Tom Crosbie Transparent Triumph named card triumph
2013 65
Tom Crosbie Napkin Coin Vanish coin vanish from silk, muscle pass with handkerchief
2013 69
Tom Crosbie O.T.T. Control to the top, Tilt without Tilt
2013 71
Tom Crosbie Magic for the Deaf spelling as presentation to produce and vanish coin, jumbo coin finish
2013 76
Tom Crosbie Perfect Card to Pocket signed card to insight pocket, using a note pad
Also published here
  • in Tom Crosbie's "Perception is Reallity" 2009.
2013 82
Tom Crosbie Nusquam Vanish & Hibernation Change muscle pass sleeving, and change using sleeving
2013 91
Tom Crosbie Shuttle Pass Variations
  • Intro
  • Act I: Space Shuttle Pass
  • Act II: The All Access Pass
2013 98
Tom Crosbie Cubed³ repeated card under box, entire deck under box, then card is found folded inside nest of card cases
2013 103
Tom Crosbie Kickback Collectors collectors, when repeated Aces and selections change places
Inspired by 2013 128
Tom Crosbie The Golden Peanut! (A Fun bit of Business) bar bet, card has to be flicked from card box so it bounces from wall and is caught
2013 134
Tom Crosbie Introduction
2013 137
Tom Crosbie Other Stacks to Consider
  • Mnemonica - Juan Tamariz
  • Aronson - Simon Aronson
  • Card Kindergarten - Michael Weber
  • B. W. Instant Memorised Deck - Boris Wild
  • Memorised Breakthrough Card System - Richard Osterlind
2013 138
Tom Crosbie What is The Shadow Stack?
  • 13 Main Features
  • Learning the Stack
  • Using the Shadow Stack
2013 144
Tom Crosbie How to Short a Card
2013 149
Tom Crosbie Tricks
2013 152
Tom Crosbie, Mike Rose Recall - Card at Any Number card name on piece of paper in wallet
2013 153
Tom Crosbie Any Called For Poker Hand
Inspired by 2013 160
Tom Crosbie Spelling Tricks
  • Single Card Spelling Tricks
2013 165
Tom Crosbie SpellMaster spelling card, other cards with same value produced as kicker
  • Advanced 4 of a Kind Production
2013 167
Tom Crosbie Waking up in Vegas storytelling trick with the Shadow stack
2013 171
Tom Crosbie Everyday I'm Shufflin' spades and diamonds end up in order
2013 174
Tom Crosbie Shuffle by Numbers duplicate of last card in wallet, phone number on back matches sequence
2013 177
Tom Crosbie A Stacked Princess
2013 182
Tom Crosbie Guest Contributions intro
2013 183
Tom Stone, Tom Crosbie Pump Deck divination of card
2013 189
Tom Crosbie He Who Spelled It Dealt It Williamson's routine set-up included in shadow stack
Inspired by 2013 192
Dani DaOrtiz, Tom Crosbie Think of A Card! DaOrtiz routine included in Shadow Stack, divination of card
2013 195
Tom Crosbie Epilogue
2013 200