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Jean-Pierre Vallarino Hypnotic Rumba Count Rumba Count variation, using two identical cards to hide four other cards
VariationsAlso published here 1993 15
David Regal Lucky Seven
Related to 2002 10
Jacques Terrien Twice two sets of Aces, a suit is chosen and it is shown that it was predicted with each Ace packet, repeated with another suit, "Eight-card brainwave"
Nov. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Jacques Terrien Hypnotic Rumba Count Variation three-card version
Inspired by Nov. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Jacques Terrien Monte Mix-Up monte routine with four cards, two cards ends up in performer's sleeve
Dec. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. Annual 2006)
Jacques Terrien The Monte Move odd fake exchange of two cards
Dec. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. Annual 2006)
Jacques Terrien The Missing Card unknown card placed under wallet, card selected by dealing and stopping at a card and taking its suit, then spelling to another card to arrive at a value, that card is found inside wallet and unknown card is blank, four-way out
Related to Oct. 2007
Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. 3)
Jacques Terrien Rap Aces selection travels to Aces as kicker to Jazz Aces routine
Aug. 2008
Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. Annual 2007)